Novel Name : The First Heir

Chapter 4240

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Merring was the state right at the heart of the white tiger royal family territory.

At this time, Merring was involved in a tug-of-war between the Blood Moon Alliance and the white tiger
royal family. However, as the Blood Moon Alliance comprised various countries and forces, they gained
the upper hand over the white tiger royal family. They had more locals in that state joining the alliance.

No one was willing to pay tribute to another party all the time, and these forces were no exception.
Moreover, Eastbrook City was unique because of Sublime Tower.

Sublime Tower could help people comprehend the laws and path order. Many people visited Sublime
Tower every day, nine-star practitioners and pseudo holy beings alike.

However, Sublime Tower was quite peculiar too. It would only help someone comprehend the power of
three laws or path orders. Once this limit was reached, this person would be thrown out of the tower,
which many people lamented in secret. This was also why many talents in the white tiger royal family
had little expectations for this place.

The Starfall Continent was extremely vast. Philip took three days to travel from Guan to reach the
entrance to Eastbrook City.

Jagoan stood at the city gates with a hint of emotion in his eyes at the sight of the majestic gates.

“It certainly lives up to its name as the heart of Merring. This place is spectacular.”

Next to him, Haley smiled and said, “This title only appeared in recent years. Although Sublime Tower
has been in Eastbrook City for many years, the people in the city didn’t know the function of the tower at
all. It wasn’t until a thousand years ago when someone took control of Sublime Tower by mistake that
everyone knew of its existence…”

“Since then, the number of visitors to Eastbrook City increased, which also led to the rapid development
of this city. After all, population is a major sign of development anywhere. With more people, the speed of
development will increase, and vice versa.”

Jagoan nodded in understanding. Then, he looked up and said, “Let’s go in and see what Eastbrook City
looks like.”

Then, he headed inside while Haley followed suit.

Eastbrook City was somewhat different from other futuristic cities where advanced technology could be
seen in all corners. Overall, the city retained a classic look that seemed to have been passed down since
ancient times.

According to Haley, all the changes in Eastbrook City were due to the person in charge of Sublime
Tower, who was later appointed as mayor of the city by the white tiger royal family. As this person
referred this style, everyone adopted it.

Most importantly, there was no underground city in Eastbrook City!

All the citizens who lived underground were brought to the surface by the other party. However, it was
rumored that this person had modified the underground level. It was just that no one knew the details.
That person has been dead for a century, and no one has managed to figure out the situation.

As soon as Jagoan and Haley entered the city, a lively atmosphere greeted them. Numerous people
roamed the street. Small booths were set up on both sides of the street, similar to the sights that Jagoan
had seen in his ancestral land. It gave him a sense of nostalgia.

I feel like going home now…

Jagoan sighed inwardly but quickly shook his head.

He could not return to his ancestral land at this stage, and there was no way to go home either. He had
too many things to do now.

After the ancient ruins of White Imperial City, the distribution rights of the stone of path order would follow
closely. This was related to Jagoan’s future practice, so he could not drop his guard at all.

The competition for the god position would follow next. His mother had paved the way for him. If Jagoan
failed to get something in this event, it would be such a letdown.

Thinking of this, Jagoan could not help but sigh in nostalgia.

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