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Chapter 586 A Wonderful Surprise

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After the game was over, the lights in the hall lit up. And the host invited the two teams to the stage
after congratulating the winners

Matthew and his parents took a seat in the first row. People around them began to whisper in surprise,
and they only stopped when Team Wolf showed up on stage

The stage was well-lit, but the auditorium was dark. So, Tammy had no idea her parents, whom she
hadn’t seen in a long time, had arrived on the scene

Standing on the stage, Tammy smiled while waving at the audience

She sparkled like a diamond, and nothing seemed to be able to dim her light

Meanwhile, Anna looked at Tammy as if she were her biggest fan. She felt proud of Tammy from the
bottom of her heart

Initially, Anna was furious when she learned that Tammy wanted to become an e-sports player.
However, she began to regret it after Tammy became aworldchampion. —/f/ stopped her back then, |
would have stopped her from succeeding. Thank goodness | didn’t doso, Annathought to herself. As for
Wayne, he was also staring at Tammy intently as if he couldn’t see anyone else on the stage

Soon, it was Tammy’s turn to give her acceptance speech. She coughed a few times after she picked
up the microphone. A few seconds later, she started her speech jokingly. “In fact, | never imagined |
could be an e-sports player because | was the only failure in my family. | hated studying and always
failed my exams. Now, I’m glad I’m not the black sheep in my family anymore. Above all, I’d like to
thank my brother. | would

not have become a professional e-sports player if he had not given me the opportunity. I’d also like to
thank my parents for allowing me to do whatever | want. I’m thankful for having cool parents like them.

They don’t have high expectations of me because they only want me to be happy

Their love has given me courage. I’d also like to thank Team Wolf. You guys are all incredible. You’ve
shown me what a great team is, and I’ll always be a part of it. I’d also like to thank Dominic, my teacher,
for introducing me to this industry. He taught me how to play the game and tons of practical tactics.
Finally, I’d like to thank my fans and family for your support and love. You gave me the confidence and
strength to believe in myself. Thank you all. | love you!”

Anna was moved to tears after hearing Tammy’s words. She became much colder after becoming a
doctor, and she had forgotten how gentle she had once been. But when she saw Tammy, her heart
melted. Tammy not only didn’t blame Anna but also thanked her. Anna was happier than she had ever

Because the Carousel Group was one of the sponsors, Matthew had to go up on stage to present the
award to the winning team. “Everyone knows that | am Amber’s brother, aka the ‘best brother in the
world,”‘ he said after presenting the award

Hearing that, the audience began to laugh. What Tammy said on the air before quickly became a
catchphrase in the gaming community. People

often use the phrase “the best brother in the world” to praise others

always felt that she was complimenting me in front of you guys on purpose. In this way, | have no
reason to refuse to help her,” Matthew continued

Everyone laughed once more

can’t believe our son is so funny!” Anna said, poking Wayne with her

585 A Wonderful Surprise I] elbow

“It’s because he loves Tammy as much as | do,” Wayne exclaimed proudly

“She raised everyone’s expectations of me. | had no choice but to continue helping her to meet your
expectations,” With a smile, Matthew added

“You were supposed to do that!” A girl in the audience shouted

“You’re right!” With a smile, Matthew said. And the girl jumped for joy when Matthew proved her words

Then Matthew continued, “My sister didn’t have a single advertising contract a few years ago. She and
her assistant said they wished to promote my company’s new energy vehicle. ‘Wait until you get a
world championship; That’s what | told them back then. | had no idea she’d be successful two years
later. And now, | couldn’t get them to endorse the new energy vehicle, but our group’s new gaming
laptop is the best choice. So, I’m going to let Team Wolf be the promoters.”

Matthew had made this decision long ago, and he only revealed it now because he wanted to surprise
Tammy. After hearing Matthew’s words, Tammy’s teammates froze. They only realized what that meant
after a while. Then ty gathered around Tammy and threw her up in the air joyfully

The atmosphere became more lively than ever. “The best brother in the world!” exclaimed one
audience member. People then started chanting this phrase

Overcome with mixed emotions, Anna began to cry. “Why are you crying?” Wayne asked, wiping away
her tears

“I’m so happy to have these two wonderful children. | haven’t seen them in a long time, but they’ve
matured into responsible adults. | feel we

585 A Wonderful Surprise Ww are bad parents.”

“Don’t you think you’re lucky? You met me, and then you have such wonderful children like Matthew
and Tammy.”

“No, you’re the lucky one. You met a wonderful woman like me, and | gave birth to a twin for you!”

“Yeah. Thank you, Anna. We are lucky to have each other!”

The award ceremony lasted half an hour. Martin suggested that everyone stand up so that Tammy
won’t see Anna and Wayne

A few minutes later, Tammy finally left backstage, followed by Alicia, who was carrying her bag. The
moment she saw Peace, Tammy ran up to her and said proudly, “I’m brilliant, aren’t 1?”

Peace tightly hugged Tammy and said, “You’re incredible, Tammy

You’re the world champion now. I’m so proud of you!”

Then Emily hugged them both, saying, “| want to hug the champion too. Come on, guys! Line up
behind me if you want to hug the champion.”

Hearing that, Anna and Wayne moved silently to the end of the line. At the same time, Tammy hugged
each of them one by one. When she saw her parents, she asked Martin, “Am | dreaming? Martin, can
you see them?”

“You can pinch yourself to see if it hurts,” Martin joked. And Tammy began crying after heavily pinching
her thigh

With a worried face, Anna hugged Tammy and asked, “What’s wrong, honey? Did you pinch yourself
too hard? Does it hurt?”

Wayne mumbled, “My daughter is still that cute little fool.”

Martin asked, “Why are you crying, Tammy? You’re the world

champion now. You made it!”

Tammy hugged her parents tightly. “Why didn’t you tell me you were here?”

“We wanted to give you a surprise! Are you surprised?”

Then Matthew chimed in, “I reserved a large private room at the Carousel Hotel. I’m throwing a party
for Tammy and to welcome my parents home. Let’s go!”

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