Novel Name : A Man Like None Other

Chapter 3226

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A Man Like None Other -Test Cade glanced at Jared, and in response, Jared took out an
alchemist token from his Storage Ring. This token had been obtained during his time in Jipsdale.

Seeing Jared’s alchemist token, the female alchemist nodded and began gathering various herbs
according to the prescription.

Soon, she had prepared all the required herbs and said, “Mr. Seizon, most of the mystical herbs
needed according to the prescription are here. However, there’s one ingredient, Rooster’s Crow, which
we don’t have. It’s quite rare and precious, so you’ll need to go to Jubilante for it.” “We’ll have to pay
Jubilante a visit?” Cade’s expression turned somewhat uncomfortable upon hearing this.

Perplexed, Jared asked, “What’s wrong?

Does Jubilante not sell mystical herbs?” “Mr. Chance, you may not be aware of this, but despite selling
various mystical herbs, Jubilante doesn’t allow just anyone to buy them. Even if you’re an alchemist,
you need to undergo his assessments. Only if you pass can you purchase the herbs from him. I’ve
heard that Jubilante’s assessments are particularly tough. I’m afraid…” Cade trailed off, but it was clear
he was worried that Jared might not pass Jubilante’s tests.

“Take me there so I can try my luck. Let’s see if I can pass the assessment,” Jared said.

He wasn’t overly confident that he could pass Jubilante’s assessment, considering Jubilante’s likely
expertise in alchemy.

“Okay, then.” Cade nodded. After packing the various mystical herbs, Cade led Jared away from the
Alchemist Guild toward a magnificent mansion behind it.

As they approached the entrance, Jared noticed a gathering of people, all dressed as alchemists.

Cade explained, “Mr. Chance, this is where Jubilante resides. To buy mystical herbs directly from him,
one must pass through a series of assessments,” Cade explained. “These people are here for the
assessment. If one can meet Jubilante and purchase herbs, it’s a considerable achievement in the
alchemist community.” Per Jared’s observation, those participating in the assessment were mostly
older and more experienced alchemists. Those lacking substantial alchemical experience or expertise
didn’t dare to take part in such evaluations.

“Let’s go inside and take a look,” Jared suggested, heading toward Jubilante’s mansion.

“Hey, what are you doing? Don’t you see there are so many people? Stop pushing.” “What are you
doing here, young man?

You’re not here for the assessment, are you?” “This is Jubilante’s assessment, not a game. You better
leave quickly.” Many alchemists mocked Jared, mainly because of his young age. Even if he
possessed some knowledge in alchemy or medicine, it was unlikely to be substantial.

“The Seizon family invited this alchemist. Who says that young people cannot participate in the
assessment?” Cade spoke up.

Seeing Cade, the alchemists ceased their comments as a form of respect to the Seizon family. As
everyone fell silent, Jared walked into Jubilante’s mansion.

As soon as he stepped inside, Jared felt a wave of spatial fluctuations, indicating the presence of an
illusion array. Meanwhile, several dejected alchemists slowly revealed themselves.

“Ah, even the first stage is so difficult. Who can pass it?” “Indeed, even Jubilante himself might struggle
to pass.” “Trying to distinguish various mystical herbs based on their shapes, colors, and scents in the
illusionary realm is extremely challenging.” The alchemists were heard complaining. Listening to their

comments, Jared understood that alchemists had to identify various mystical herbs based on their
shapes, colors, and scents inside the illusion array.

For Jared, this wasn’t particularly difficult. In his consciousness field, he had the Holy Guide to Pill
Crafting and the Golden Tome.

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