Novel Name : Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy

Chapter 1287

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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1287

Bonnie almost dropped her phone when she heard this.

Neil was missing?

Bonnie bit down on her lip and forced herself to calm down. “When was this, and how did this happen? “

Theo let out an exhale and explained, “Neil has been in the hospital with me. His broken leg still hasn’t
recovered yet, so Luna got someone to make him a special wheelchair so he can move around freely.

“Today, the wheelchair finally arrived at the hospital, so he tried to get in touch with Luna to tell her the
good news, but he couldn’t get through to her at all.

“After that, Luna’s phone was picked up by a nurse, and the nurse told him that Luna’s fallen ill, that
she’s in a grave condition now…

“I wanted to visit her today with Neil, but I left for a short while to buy him lunch and returned, he was
nowhere to be found!

“Can you help me find him? I don’t feel like contacting Joshua about this…“

Bonnie gripped her phone tightly and snickered. “ Even if you contact him now, I don’t think he’ll have the
time to track down Neil for you. Don’t worry; I ‘ll send some people to look for him now! “

With that, she got into the car and started calling her employees.

Nigel and Nellie, who had been sitting in the backseat all this while, overheard everything Theo had said.

The two of them exchanged glances.

Nellie turned on her communication device and tried to call Neil.

Meanwhile, Nigel turned on his laptop and obtained security footage in an attempt to track Neil’s location.

By the time Bonnie finished making her calls, Nigel had already managed to track down where Neil had

“Aunty Bonnie, Neil found a nurse to drive him out of the hospital. They went south from Sunset
Avenue… then headed east…“

All of a sudden, Nigel widened his eyes in shock. “ Neil’s heading toward Blue Bay Villa! “

Bonnie felt her skin crawl.

Why did Neil go to Blue Bay Villa instead of Luna’s hospital when he found out Luna had fallen sick?

Bonnie knew that it was not because Neil was stupid, but instead because of his intelligence!

He had gone to Blue Bay Villa to find Joshua and Aura!

As soon as she thought of this, Bonnie’s heart leaped into her throat.

After all, despite having concrete evidence that Aura almost killed Nigel and Nellie, Joshua still ignored

Aura’s wrongdoings. If Neil went to confront them about this…

There was no telling who Joshua would believe!

Bonnie could feel a headache coming on as soon as she thought of this.

She immediately turned the car around and sped in the direction of Blue Bay Villa, with Nigel and Nellie
riding in the backseat.

When the three of them arrived at Blue Bay Villa, an ambulance was already parked at the front door.

A doctor was rushing toward the front door, clutching a first-aid kit in his hands.

Bonnie quickly sprinted over to stop him. “Has something happened here, doctor?“

“Yes! “ The doctor was so anxious that his entire head was covered in sweat. “I heard a six-year-old child
assaulted someone with a knife! Children nowadays are growing more and more outrageous! “

With that, he shoved Bonnie out of the way and strode into the house.

Bonnie’s entire body stiffened.

A six-year-old child committed assault…

“It must be Neil,“ Nellie piped up as she frowned and dragged Bonnie through the front door. “Neil has
learned lots of bad stuff from Aura. Daddy’s injury on the beach was also Neil’s doing.“

Nigel, however, frowned and shook his head. “Neil isn’t such a bad person. There must be more to this
that we don’t know.“

Neil was his brother; Nigel knew him better than anyone else. How could someone as kind as Neil
possibly hurt anyone?

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