Love in full bloom

Love in full bloom


: Lu Xiaoguo

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Chapter I will marry instead of her

Hotel Jen Room 1202

Mo Qinyu put the takeout box on the ground to knock the door, just finding that the door was open and
left a gap.

She knocked the door politely,” Hello, this is your takeout.”

There was no replying in the room, only a cold wind blew through the gab with a frozen feeling.

She couldn’t help shivering and raised her voice,” Anybody here? Here is your takeout!”

It was still quiet inside.

She pushed the door carefully and peered inside, it was dark, no light and she couldn’t see anything.

Was the tenant out?

She was about to take out the phone to call to ask the condition, suddenly, a strong arm stretched out
from the door and pulled her in.

It was just like a storm to involve her in, she felt a strong sick and dizzy, when she returned to herself,
she had been pressed on the sofa by a big “mountain”.

No light, everywhere is darkness. Mo Qinyu couldn’t see his face clearly, only a pair of cold eyes were
shining with cold light in the darkness.

Her intuition told her that it was a man, and he was a strong man.

She wanted to pushed him away, however, the moment she touched his skin, she trembled and
withdrew her hands immediately as if she was pricked .

He had no clothes on and his skin was burning like fire.

She was panic-stricken and terrified now, trying her best to keep calm.

“I...I’m here to deliver the takeout. Abalone mushroom and chicken rice, lotus root and sparerib soup.
It’s in total of...32 yuan.”

Her voice was still trembling lightly though she tried to control her stiff tongue.

“I’m not interested in that, I want to eat you!”

The man’s voice was low and hoarse, his body was so close to her, she only felt a hot gas covered her

Through the thin clothes, she could even feel his massive muscles, just hard as stones!

He seemed to be drunk now, if he became mad, it was so easy to tear her and eat her!

“I...My skin is rough and my flesh is thick, it’s disgusting. What’s more, I have diseases, very serious
infections, that’s...AIDS, if you eat me, you would be infected. Your takeout is outside now, i take it in
for you, Okay?”

She begged him with a gentle tone. To escape from a drunkard, she must outwit him and avoid

provoking him.

The man sneers,” Imp! Don’t talk nonsense now, it’s you sent yourself to me!’

With that, he tore her clothes roughly.

He has endured for a long time.

Mo Qinyu realized his intention. She was so frightened that she began hitting and kicking him with all
her strength regardless of other things, just wanted to free herself.

But it was obviously no use.

Her struggles were peanuts for the man.

“Please, let me go, okay? I’m here just to deliver your food, please...” she cried and implored him

“ Are you playing Cat and Mouse?”

Her cries annoyed the man, he pinched her chin and tightened a little, “Hum!” she snorted with pain.

“I do deliver food here. You must be drunken now and have a fever, I...I will get you a glass of ice water
and help you to calm down, Okay ?” she sobbed.

The man’s hot breath scattered on her face, which almost burned her cheek,”I don’t want ice, I only
want you now!”

Only her can put out the fire.

He gasped when he talked to her, his reason had already been swallowed up.

“Please, let me go, I didn’t see anything, I don’t know who you are, I would forget the thing today !”she
was like a lamb caught by a lion, trembling in panic violently.

She was so scared now! But she could do nothing but beg.

The man snorted, “don’t say nonsense words now.” he lowered his head and put a gag on her mouth.

A sharp pain came over her and she was almost fainted.

Her heart has fallen into the abyss, falling, falling constantly and without an end... finally it hit on a rock
and smashed to pieces.

She knew that she has lost her most precious thing. Tears fell down drop by drop in despair.

In the darkness, she couldn’t see anything, only a huge shadow moving on her body for a long time
before he stopped.

The room was still dark, the man lay beside her , as if he had fallen asleep after satisfaction, or maybe
because of the alcohol.

She struggled to get up and find the clothes scattered on the ground, then put on them and escaped
from the hell...

She didn’t know how she came back her apartment, the phone was ringing, after a long time, she
returned to herself and picked up the phone.

“Qinyu, Hurry up, xiaowu is not good now!” her mother’s voice comes to her.

She was shocked by the information, then jumped up from the floor and rushed out before she could
digest the pain.

In the ward, her uncle and aunt were also here.

“How about Xiaowu?” she asked anxiously.

“Two hours ago, his heart rate stopped suddenly, fortunately, the doctor rescued him in time, he is
recovered now.” her mom sobbed.

Mo Qinyu hugged her. Her mother was a frail woman who could be helpless once had an accident.

“Xiaoyu, your brother has been lying here for three years, we don’t know when he can wake up. To
keep him alive, you have been in heavy debt, have you thought about what you will do in the future?”
her uncle signed.

“If you marry to Qin family, everything will be solved.” her aunt took his words hurriedly.

In order to persuade her to replace her daughter Mo Mengshan to marry to the Qin family, they had
persuaded for several times.

“The son of Qin family is not only ugly, but also has many quirks, he liked man not woman, if Xiaoyu
marries him, she would jump into the hell!” Mo Qinyu’s father shook his head hard, he couldn’t hurt her

“The most important thing now is curing Xiaowu, Qin family is rich and powerful, if Xiaoyu marry him,
they must call the best doctor for Xiaowu, maybe he would wake up in the future.” the aunt curled her

Qin Moyu tightened her fists and compressed her red lips into a straight line. She had already decided.

“ Dad, Mom, I am willing to marry to Qin family.”

As long as they can save her brother, she can accept it even ask her to jump into the mountain of fire.

“Great! I will inform Qin family now!” her aunt smiled with an ineffable meaning flashed in her eyes.


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Read Love in full bloom by Lu Xiaoguo. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereBefore the wedding......

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