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Read THE AWAKENING by Alexx Andria. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereA love so fierce it h......


Chapter Chapter-1-

Cassidy couldn’t escape the feeling she was being watched.

And it wasn’t the first time she’d felt this way.

A shiver of apprehension crawled up her spine and rattled her skull as she hurriedly walked home. The
walking path was illuminated by the barest of street lamps — budget cuts within the city had eliminated
bulb replacement — and it was her bad luck that she didn’t own a car and so had to walk home from
the university.

Normally, she enjoyed the time to herself to walk home. But lately, she couldn’t shake the feeling that
eyes were on her, watching her every move.

Of course, the dreams didn’t help either.

For the past week, she’d woken out of a deep, almost drugged sleep, sweat-soaked and achy as if
eaten by a fever, and oddly, aroused.

It was disconcerting and a bit embarrassing considering the men in her dreams weren’t exactly men but
more like beasts.

Thank God she lived alone. She’d hate to have to explain her behavior when she didn’t have a clue
what was going on with her body or her mind.

The bite in the air signaled snow was coming and she pulled her scarf tighter around her neck to ward
off the cold. Almost home, she noted with relief, when the old apartment building loomed in the

A sound, much like that of a coyote or wolf, echoed in the night and she startled at the mournful sound.
What the hell?

She quickened her step, her heart thundering in her chest. Probably someone’s dog, she told herself
when her imagination threatened to run away with her.

It’s not like there were actual wolves running around the city. The idea was ridiculous.

So stop freaking out.

But even as the stern advice seemed rational, she continued to jump at the shadows from the moving
foliage, until when she stepped onto the paved parking lot of her building, she broke out into a run,
slamming into her front door and fumbling with the keys to let herself in.

She slid the bolt and leaned against her door to release a shaky laugh.

God, Cassidy…get a grip. No one is out there.

Willing her heart to slow down, she took several deep, calming breaths and when she was sufficiently
recovered, she tossed her backpack to the table and went straight to the kitchen. She was starved. No,
she was beyond starved. She was ravenous.

Cassidy cracked her fridge and peered inside, her eyes lighting on the package of raw hamburger
she’d purchased yesterday on impulse.

For a weird moment, she pictured herself ripping into the package and devouring the raw meat,
slurping the blood as it ran in rivulets down her forearms.

Shocked and disgusted at the errant thought, she deliberately shut the door and grabbed a box of
cheese crackers.

Maybe she had the bird flu or something, she thought as she munched on the crackers and tried to
ignore how the cheesy taste was starting to make her a little nauseous.

She wanted meat, not wheat.

Damn it, she thought, returning the box to the cupboard. Her stomach cramped from hunger and she
almost doubled over from the pain.

Fuck! What was wrong with her?

Was her stomach caving in? This had to be some kind of weird virus.

Great timing. When she should be cramming for finals, she was doubled over like she was dying. It
wasn’t likely her professors were going to care about her stomach issues when she came to class

She inched her way to the kitchenette table her mom had given her before leaving for college and
levered herself into the chair.

For a brief moment, the pain subsided enough for her to take a deep breath. It felt like that time she got
food poisoning while on vacation with her parents in the Bahamas. Her stomach cramped and
clenched, threatening to expel everything in her body at once.

The pain came in waves that built with each crest.

She wracked her brain, trying to remember when she could’ve eaten something bad but for the life of
her, she couldn’t think of anything out of the ordinary.

Could it have been that burrito from the taco truck that was always parked by the university?


The pain shot spikes of red-hot agony twisting through her body and she collapsed with a cry to the
tiled kitchen floor. She writhed, knowing she needed a hospital, but she couldn’t reach her cell phone.

Oh God, she was going to die on her kitchen floor. Cassidy struggled to rise to her feet, or at least
climb to her knees, but she blacked out before she succeeded.

Her last thought before total oblivion was, damn, she should’ve been friendlier with her neighbors. Now,
no one was going to find her body until it started to stink.

The only saving grace? At least she didn’t have a cat to worry about eating her carcass.


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Read THE AWAKENING by Alexx Andria. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereA love so fierce it h......

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