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My Doomsday Territory


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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

In the dark, Tang Yu slowly opened up his eyes, a burst of soreness crept from his body.
He barely propped himself up, dust mixed with a few fine gravel stones fell from his body.
“Am I … still alive?”
In his memory, as the wave of demonic beast broke through the shelter’s defense line, countless survivors screamed and went silent. The whole world was dyed in blood.
This was the doomsday! It started about a month ago.
Back then, he was about to graduate. He had found a job and was waiting for his official appointment, but little did he know that a disaster would suddenly occur.
Bloody red fog dyed the sky, and a giant rift appeared from the earth. The creature named the demonic beast crawled out of the abyss’ crack and slaughtered humans.
This was a crack of the abyss, the mark of the doomsday!
On that fateful day, Tang Yu happened to be in the school, witnessing the earth cracked open and devoured the whole building.
The teachers and students around him were completely scared, they were shredded into pieces by the howling demonic beasts.
At that time, he was still far away from the entrance of the abyss, he was lucky enough to evade the first wave of demonic beasts.
After encountering a pack of survivors who had fled, after several twists and turns, he finally came here, at a small shelter.
The number of demonic beasts was endless, they clearly overpowered the human military forces. Thus the humans retreated, and they could only defend some important places.
The shelter, the last line of defense for mankind.
This shelter was built on the basis of a resort village, with thousands of survivors resided in it. It was, without a doubt, the safest place in maybe a dozen or twenty years.
Although they were nowhere near safe like the larger shelter protected by the military, such a shelter, armed with guns, ammunition, and hunters, was built in an area further away from the cracks of the abyss.
They quickly defeated the demonic beasts who invaded the shelter from time to time.
He had originally thought this way, knowing that the wave of the demonic beast was surging and flooding the shelter, he suddenly realized that this shelter was too fragile in the first place.
Tang Yu looked around.
On both sides, the collapsed house formed a chamfer. He wasn’t buried, but instead avoided a catastrophe.
He raised his bloody hand.
That wasn’t his own blood, but there was an unlucky soul beside him, an iron tube pierced through his chest and lungs. His blood streamed down, staining the earth.
He wasn’t the only one.
Through the cracks, Tang Yu could see the mountain of corpses on the ground outside.
Compared to this unlucky person pierced by an iron pipe, those people outside were even more miserable.
Tang Yu felt grateful.
He was lucky enough to survive. However, it’s no use. As an ordinary person, he had neither weapons nor awakened ability. Even the weakest demonic beast would kill him in an instant.
“It would be nice if I were a hunter…”
A hunter could awaken immediately on their own. In worst cases, they might also be awakened under the pressure of adversity. They had the required self-protection ability to survive the doomsday.
There were also people with ordinary qualifications who couldn’t awaken on their own, which wasn’t a problem.
The shelter had a special auxiliary awakening device that could help survivors awakens.
Tang Yu was ashamed because his qualifications were the worst as he did not qualify for an awakening.
There’s a lot of ordinary people like him. Once danger approached, it’s practically a death sentence.
“So, all I can do is waiting for a slow and miserable death?” Tang Yu whispered.
Even though his heart didn’t want to admit it, he had no choice but to acknowledge his fate.
Suddenly something lifted up his spirits.
“Ding Dong! The Lord of The End System has been activated. Please ask the Lord to build the lord castle as soon as possible to establish the territory.”
What was that sound?!
He heard something just now, could it be that he was discovered by the demonic beast? Or maybe it’s just hallucination?
“Ding Dong! Lord, please build the lord castle as soon as possible …”
The voice only came from his mind.
This time, Tang Yu was convinced that this mysterious voice did exist.
The voice was mechanical, it repeatedly circulated in his mind. He soon found out that he could either block the sound or ask some questions inside his mind.
Although the information received was limited, at least he had answers.
Tang Yu remembered the name Lord of the End, a game he spent time playing before the end of the world. He was thrilled as he was not a stranger to the system. He was even familiar with it. He could pull out hundreds of stories with the systems in his mind.
In an instant, he thought of the plot of these stories, the philosophy, life, and finally the game.
The Lord of the End was a third-rate strategy game with western fantasy world background. The story revolved around the post-apocalyptic earth, where humans struggled to survive. The castles were built by players for mankind.
It told the world was ruined, and humans were about to go extinct. The castles were built for mankind by the players to retain the final Eternal Fire, and players need to…
Tang Yu shook his head, how could he even thought about the game story in such a dire situation!
System. Since you are a system, will you be able to awaken me?”
“What about give me a few bodyguards or call a group of men?”
Tang Yu went silent.
“Well, that doesn’t matter. Now give me a solution to the current crisis!”
“Ding Dong! When building the castle of the Lord, two puppet guards are included, which can solve the current crisis of the Lord.”
“That’s enough! Build it immediately, now!”
“Ding Dong! To build the lord castle, the Lord needs to choose the building site and pay 100 units of spirit stone. The system detected that the Lord does not possess the required spirit stone, hence it is impossible to build the lord castle.”
Tang Yu was out of words.
Most systems usually sent out resource packs to players. This system was broken, no resource packs, even the player had to build a base on their own with no resources provided. There wasn’t a strategy game like this for so many years!
Great. Now, where should he go to gather 100 units of spirit stone?
Spirit stone was an extremely valuable material source. There’s a small probability of condensation within the demonic beast. It was also said that there were some naturally born spirit stone veins in the wild. But it’s not an easy thing to obtain, only elite combatants or even hunters could get them. Whereas Tang Yu was only a lowly bottom survivor, let alone having a spirit stone, he had never even seen it before.
Under normal circumstances, he could never get it.
But now…
Tang Yu thought carefully, and there was indeed a silver lining…
The shelter had been breached so there should have been some spirit stone laying around in the former hunters’ residence.
He wasn’t sure if there’s even enough 100 spirit stone nearby, but this was his only hope, he had to fight!
After taking care of complicated thoughts, he took a deep breath.
“Hunters and top-priority refugees live on the hillside villas, which belongs in the central area I escaped from. Now I am close to it. Not far from the villa area, this is an advantage but also a disadvantage.”
Tang Yu smiled bitterly, he had no weapon, and he’s weak. It was a terrible start. The broken system was the only thing he could rely on right now.
He patted his cheeks, his eyes glowed with determination.
Fortunately, the stones were not pressed firmly where they were buried. Tang Yu looked around and observed the environment outside. Finally, he found a relatively large gap and drilled his way out.
The front area was an open space, a large number of houses and tents was built there. But of course, now it looked like a complete mess, with mutilated corpses scattered everywhere. The pungent smell of blood pierced his nose.
The carcass of the demonic beast was rarely seen. Tang Yu knew the entire shelter was attacked, and they barely had any resistance.
Holding his breath, he groped forward. He had to check several times every time he stepped forward.
The scorching sun hung high, sweat slipped from the tip of his nose, dripped on the ground, and was quickly evaporated into thin air. Tang Yu gasped carefully. Fortunately, the number of demonic beasts was even less than he had expected. Along the way, he only saw one or two demonic beasts from afar, he lowered his head, not knowing what to do.
Bypassing the ruins and hiding in the grass, Tang Yu did his best to avoid the demonic beasts. Fortunately, the whole shelter had just gone through the slaughter. Blood covered his scents. The demonic beast lost its most advantageous tracking weapon.
Step by step, gradually, the villa area was getting closer.

Tang Yu approaching the villa area, the surrounding environment was even more messed up. Destroyed houses could be seen everywhere.
The black traces after the explosion, the craters left by the bullets, the broken walls, all indicated that there had been a fierce battle here.
Tang Yu saw many corpses, both human awakeners and demonic beasts, mixed together like a field of death.
He stepped forward carefully, crouching and groping.
The pungent smell of blood pierced his nose, blood stained his hand. But Tang Yu didn’t care, he was rummaging half-crazy and half calm.
A Type 54 pistol.
With two bullets left inside.
In addition to the dagger he found halfway through, he was lucky enough to find a decent weapon. Deep down, he knew that these weapons were ineffective in dealing with demonic beasts, but the cold weight of the gun still increased Tang Yu’s sense of security.
He also saw several firearms and weapons from afar. They all looked intact, but they were all in open spaces. Getting them was even more risky and dangerous. Carefully Tang Yu set collecting spirit stone as the first goal, he didn’t want to get too involved in danger.

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On doomsday, Tang Yu unexpectedly got the Lord of the End System, he remained very calm.Lack of experts? I will construct a pub so I can make ten draws in a row;   Lack of food? I can’t be too cheap with the large pack full of food supplies sent from the market;Lack of safety? Arrow Tower, Mage Tower Artillery and all kinds of automatic defence buildings. Having many isn’t too many;Lack of equipment? Workshop production must produce high-quality items. Sir, would you like one? We are having a 20% discount special at nine!………… In short, this is a story of Great Lord Tang building up his territory, attacking some monsters, and ripping off…… Cough, making some money at the same time....

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