The Inverted Dragon's Scale

The Inverted Dragon's Scale


: 柳下挥

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000 – Prologue
The rain poured down like a waterfall. Lightning tore apart the sky, causing cracks upon cracks to appear in the sky.
Black clouds covered the sky and hurricane-like wind howled. It was as if the entire world was about to undergo an apocalypse, being completely drowned by the rain.
Zi Chen hospital. Lu Xingkong, the head of the Lu family stood beside the luxury window of the resting room, looking at the strange weather outside. He said with a serious expression: “When a noble person is born, there is sure to be wind and rain. I wonder how Xiaoyu is doing?”
“Father, nothing will happen.”Lu Qingmeng said comfortingly. “The Zi Chen hospital is the best hospital in Tiandu, and Qin Xiaoluo is the best maternity doctor in the entire kingdom.”
Lu Xingkong pointed at the black and white balls of light intersecting in the sky and said with a smile: “Two dragons swallowing a pearl*, an abnormal apparition. This little kid can cause such a large disturbance just by being born, then what about after? The grandson of Lu Xingkong is sure to cause great things.”
“It’s best if he isn’t a lazy fellow.” Lu Qingmeng said teasingly.
“He dares.” Liu Qingkong said with a cold and serious glare. “The Lu family doesn’t need trash.”
Another bolt of lightning streaked across, causing a pain in the eardrums and the shivering of their bodies.
If not for the fact that both Liu Qingmeng and Liu Qingkong had techniques inherited from their family, they would both be thrown to the ground by this sudden bolt of lightning.
The beasts in the forest were silent, the demons in the abyss bowing their heads.
Stars suddenly appeared above the torrential rain. The Milky Way was like a silver chain, spanning time and space, appearing in the sky.
This was chaos of time and space. It was something against the laws of Heaven.
The black and white globes in the sky began to rapidly fall down, exploding on the hospital. A golden colour illuminated the entire expanse of Heaven and Earth, then disappeared.
A mournful cried out from the delivery room, then the excited voice of the maternity doctor Qin Xiaoluo could be heard. “He’s born, he’s born–”
Liu Qingkong was immediately overjoyed but before a smile could fully form in his face, he could hear a sharp scream. “What happened?”
“Let me look.” Lu Xingming said, rushing towards the delivery room.
“What’s the situation?” Liu Qingkong said in a low voice.
“His skin is as black as coal. His eyes are blind, there is no way he can open it. All his apertures are bleeding and the pulse of his heart is extremely weak, I fear—“ The eyes of Lu Xingming was wet, hardly able to form words.
Lu Qingkong slapped the coffee table in front of him, the thousand-year-old red sandalwood table made from the hands of a master being instantly crushed into pieces.
“The deceitful Heavens is oppressing our Lu family.”
Lu Qingkong did not speak. After a long time, he asked in a long voice: “I’ve heard that a servant girl has just given birth to a girl?”
“That’s right, she is Xiaoyu’s servant.” Lu Xingming suddenly widened his eyes, his face filled with shock. “Father, you—“
“Swap them.”
“Father, he is still the flesh and bones of the Lu family. He is your true grandson…”
“I’ve already said, our Lu family doesn’t need trash.” Lu Qingkong strictly shouted. “Do you really want the outside world to know that a deformed child was born in the Lu family? Do you really want people to know, that the grandson of Lu Qingkong and the son of Lu Xingming was —struck by lightning?”
“But what about Xiaoyu…”
“She’s tired, she should rest.” The voice of Lu Qingkong lowered by a lot. “You go accompany her.”
Lu Xingming bowed his head, walking outside. His originally tall body was bent by the harsh and cruel reality.
“She’s called Lu Qiji**.” Lu Qingkong suddenly shouted.
“The name of the girl is to be called Lu Qiji, this is the name I have chosen for her.” Lu Qingkong said. “Tomorrow morning, bring her out to receive the compliments and glory.”
“Yes father.” Lu Qingming said with a hoarse voice.
His son—
No, he never had a son before.
His daughter was called Lu Qiji.
*It’s some sort of eclipse.
** Lu Qiji, the second part of her name can also be interpreted as ‘opportunity’.

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Born naturally defective but possessed by the spirit of a divine dragon. Inheriting the divine dragon’s will and power, growing scales and magical claws, imperial waters containing the breath of the dragon, travelling through clouds and summoning rain, an invincible physical body. In this world and era, countless men dream of slaying dragons. Li Mu Yang has always lived a hard life....

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Author: 柳下挥

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