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Descent of the Demon God


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The leader of the thousand demons, the Demon God Chun YeoWoon. Due to an unfortunate accident, he had been sent to the distant future.The Gate has opened, the future is now in chaos. The fight to return back into the past begins....


Chapter 0 Prologue: Day of the Future

My name, Chun Yeowun.
The twenty-fourth lord of the Sky Demon Order.
The title could be a bit exaggerated, but in Murim, I am called the Demon God.
To reach this point, I had to go through an extraordinary process of growth.
There’s a secret that the members of the Sky Demon Order or the other people of Murim don’t know.
It was the Nano Machine.
With the help of 'Nano', the 7th generation and strongest Nano Machine injected into my body by my descendant from the future, I managed to become stronger at an unimaginable pace and created organizations which slowly ruled over the Cult and then became the Lord of the Sky Demon Order.
I was told that there are multiple time axes in the world.
Of course, there’s no way I would know about the other time axes apart from the one I lived in.
There’s a reason why I chose to say this.
The descendant from the distant future knows of the ‘Blade God’ who possibly has a connection to a large conglomerate called the Blade Six, or in my time, it was called the Blade God Six Martial Clan, which is rumored to control the future.
However, there was a hidden secret to that fact.
This Blade God is known to be the strongest immortal, a person who traveled from the future to the past just like my descendant, and he’s the one who changed the past by twisting the actual time axis.
My descendant came to the past to correct that warped time.
The Blade God, who was unaware of the existence of another time traveler, started to be cautious of my rapid growth and tried to get rid of me, which failed.
It was because I was beyond what he could handle and reached the Heavenly Master Level along with Nano by my side.
I wanted to chase after my ambition to unify the entire Murim after eliminating the Blade God and create an era of the Sky Demon Order, once again.
But, things never go as planned.
An UN-affiliated armed group, which called themselves the Time Patrol or TP, which regulated time travel, noticed the existence of my descendant and then tried to retrieve the Nano Machine from my body.
Normally, they had the technology to track down the Nano Machine.
However, the Nano Machine in my body is a technology made by the future Sky Demon Order, the Sky Corporation. It’s the 7th generation Nano Machine which is made of the strongest metal known as Gatelinium.
The Time Patrol accidentally noticed it while they were pursuing my descendant Chun Mu-seong.
They tried various means to catch me, and when it became difficult for them, they brought in their Special Forces who were experienced.
I tried to stop them from pursuing anymore by annihilating the squad and making it look like my descendant was dead due to the pursuit.
And there came the variable in my plan.
The Blade God popped up and tried to take over the Time Jet, the time-traveling aircraft the TP used.
He, who realized that my current self couldn’t be taken down by him, decided to go to the past.
Due to that, I had to board the Time Jet and stop him. I managed to eliminate the Blade God.
But that was where the real problem arose.
The only surviving Time Jet pilot broke the main board of the jet.
Chun Yeowun ran to the cockpit.
‘Nano. Can you hack this and get me out of here safely.’
[There is damage to the main board, so it may be difficult to adjust with hacking.]
‘You have to do something. Or we’ll both die.’
[Will try hacking. Please place your palm on the cockpit board.]
Chun Yeowun hastily placed his right palm on the board.
The glove of the Nano Suit was on his right hand, and a line of light came out of it and penetrated into the broken board.
[Entering the backup system.]
Along with Nano’s voice, Chun Yeowun’s ears could pick up the ice cracking.
It could be dangerous if he didn’t hurry.
He was waiting with impatient eyes when the LED lights of the Time Jet, which had flickered continuously, came on.
Whoong! Beep! Beep!
At the same time, the buttons on the main board of the cockpit also lit up.
Some didn’t come on, but it seemed like everything was working normally.
‘Nano? Done?’
[It seems that the coordinate setting device has been damaged, so we will have to crash land out of the space and time flow.]
‘What are you saying?’
[Means to land in a different space and time than the user’s.]
Chun Yeowun’s face hardened.
As Nano said that, it meant that he could enter a time that he had no idea about.
The sound of cracking ice could be heard.
They were out of time.
At this rate, the jet would break apart.
‘Mun Ku.’
At that moment, in Chun Yeowun’s mind, he saw an image of Mun Ku with a child.
If he died, he would never get to see them again.
Biting his lip, Chun Yeowun determined, ordered Nano.
“Go ahead!”
[Yes. Escaping the flow of space and time.]
As soon as Nano finished speaking, The Time Jet shook.
The space flow was made up of five different colored lines that could be seen through the front glass of the cockpit. For a second, the Time Jet escaped.
Strong pressure rose, just like it did when the jet entered the flow.
Chun Yeowun grabbed the handle on the cockpit board and held onto it.
If he let go of the main board, the connection Nano had with the jet would break.
Clank! Clank!
He tried not to move as much as possible, and the space outside the window made of five colors changed.
It was then.
They exited the flow, and the ice broke.
At the same time, Chun Yeowun’s body, which was holding the board, was sucked out of the jet with tremendous force.
[Opening Gatelinium Nano Suit!]
The Nano Suit opened up around Chun Yeowun’s body.
He didn’t even realize that the suit had unfolded, but the suit seemed red.
And in some parts, it was a mixture of blue.
‘Where am I?’
[In the mesosphere at an altitude of 60km.]
Higher than the stratosphere.
The same area that the Time Jet had to be to enter the space and time flow.
He decided to go back to the Time Jet.
However, the Time Jet, which was becoming small as he was moving down, exploded.
If Chun Yeowun was a little late, he would have died in the explosion.
He had no choice but to go down now.
‘Nano, flight mode.’
[Switching to flight mode.]
Chun Yeowun's body quickly moved towards land.
The outer part of the Nano Suit, which was dyed red, slowly returned to its original color as he got closer to land.
How long was it?
Chun Yeowun could finally see land.
However, it wasn’t the land of Jianghu which was full of greenery.
[Altitude 15km.]
[Altitude 14.5km.]
[Altitude 13km.]
As he descended, he saw large buildings.
‘What… the hell?’
There were grasses and mountains around.
There were trees, but it was more like a grey world.
Buildings which had square roofs, and not tiled houses, Chun Yeowun’s body was getting close to the ground.
[Altitude 300m.]
Upon entering that point, Chun Yeowun descended onto a huge building.
Chun Yeowun’s eyes widened at the transparent walls the building had.
He was moving quickly, but he could see a lot of people inside the transparent walls.
[Will land soon, altitude of 100m.]
Chun Yeowun’s body soon landed on the dark grey ground.
He stood up, straightening himself.
The helmet of the Nano Suit lifted up as he saw the new world, which was surrounded by buildings.
This wasn’t the world he knew.
“A-A man fell from above!”
“It looked like he fell from the building?”
“Now! A superhero landing? Are they filming for the Man of Steel?”
People in clothes which he had never seen before were looking at Chun Yeowun, who was equally shocked.
He was wary of their sudden appearance.
‘Where is this?’
As he looked around with confused eyes, Nano answered him.
[Detected Wi-Fi signal. The age of the coordinates is… AD. Year. 2069.02.19]

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The leader of the thousand demons, the Demon God Chun YeoWoon. Due to an unfortunate accident, he had been sent to the distant future.The Gate has opened, the future is now in chaos. The fight to return back into the past begins....

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