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: Summer Night Spring Wind

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

East Blue, a particular sea.
A young man was standing on a ship quietly looking at the azure world of the sea. A thin layer of transparent fog was covering the surface of the sea. The wind was blowing over, carrying the fragrance of the air.
The young man’s name was Leiyin. A sixteen-year-old high school student who had somehow crossed over into this world a month or so ago while watching One Piece.
In his previous life, he was from an average family. He had an average height and average in almost everything. The only thing that stood out was his good looks, which weren’t so obvious.
He thought that he would be able to achieve great things by crossing into this world. However, he was welcomed by a tragic fate that made him confused.
The other people usually crossed over as either direct family members of senior marine officials such as Sengoku and Monkey D. Garp or as the sworn brothers of Pirate King Gol D. Roger.
But what about Leiyin?
He was arrested on a pirate ship and became a low-ranking worker. He did menial and odd jobs like repairing ships, dropping anchors, hoisting sails, and carrying heavy loads.
This wasn’t yet the sad part.
The ship’s captain was [Joker] Buggy, the superhuman whose ability to split his body with the devil fruit’s power.
Right now, he was labeled with a bounty of six million baileys, which considered a not so famous pirate.
The so-called Buggy, who possessed notable physical durability with a bounty of fifteen million baileys, was a thing of the future…
A loud “pop” sounded, Leiyin was slapped on the head.
He covered his head and turned to see a big, fat man was staring at him fiercely. His name was Tom, an ordinary member of the Buggy Pirate. He was full of brute strength and liked to bully the weak.
Tom said, “Kid, you’ve got a lot of free time. Have you finished filling the ammunition that Captain Buggy asked? How can you still have the leisure to look at the sea here?”
Leiyin didn’t say anything. He was silently driven down to the cabin below deck by this guy, where he continued to reload Buggy’s ammunition.
It wasn’t that Leiyin was afraid to fight back; rather, there’s nothing really he can do about it.
He simply couldn’t beat this guy. He remembered the day after he was captured, Tom bullied him.
He fought back, but he was pushed to the ground and beaten up by this guy. It wasn’t until last week that his injuries from Tom’s beating got better.
Although Leiyin wasn’t afraid of the world, he understood that a hero would suffer immediate loss.
With his current unarmed state, fighting Tom forcefully would be useless except for adding a few more wounds on his body.
“When I become stronger, I will not let you go!” Leiyin thought darkly.
However, how could he become strong? This was the problem. Power didn’t fall from the sky like a pie.
By the way, the power in this world could be roughly divided into three types: Devil Fruit, Physical Abilities, and Weapons.
To get a devil fruit, you either needed an excellent chance, such as strolling around an island and coming across one (after eating it, it turned out to be an ordinary fruit, which was useless and turned you into a drought duck. It was just a joke); or you had a lot of money in your hand, and could buy a Paramecia or Zoan which value was around one hundred million baileys, or you had a certain amount of power and snatched it from others.
In summary, Leiyin didn’t even have one, so the Devil Fruit wasn’t a consideration.
Even if Leiyin did daily push-ups or squats and other physical training, at most, his body would become stronger and more resistant to some beating.
However, it would still be impossible to beat so many people from the Buggy Pirates.
Moreover, in this pirate ship, it was impossible to train his physical fitness and practice the martial arts like the [Rokushiki], because he simply didn’t know how to.
If he knew the [Rokushiki], even if he only knew one move like the [Shingan], Leiyin would have poked many blood holes in Tom’s body.
However, reality told Leiyin, ‘Go away and fuck off.’
At this rate, when would he be able to come out on top?
Was he going to be bullied, abused, reprimanded, and ordered around in a shop of damned clowns until he was old and gray?
Then, when he was useless, would he be abandoned for the rest of his lonely, miserable life?
Why was he so unlucky?
At this point, Leiyin’s appearance gradually darkened, and his mood changed from disappointment to despair.
Gradually, with his despair, Leiyin fell asleep on the cold bottom deck…
The next day, when the sky had just turned white, and Leiyin was still sleeping, a big man appeared beside Leiyin. He stood on the stairs of the lowest cabin and rudely kicked Leiyin to wake him up.
The big man was Tom, who was always bullying him.
Leiyin’s sleepy eyes immediately became angry.
However, when Tom saw such a look of anger, he was not afraid at all. Instead, he looked at Leiyin with great interest. He wanted to see what this guy could do to him.
The look in Leiyin’s eyes was like the growl of a weak man and the roar of a cat. The anger of a weak man couldn’t frighten anyone in the slightest.
When Tom saw Leiyin’s expression, he almost laughed out loud, “What’s wrong, kid? Are you not happy with that?” He said as he grabbed Leiyin’s hair and shook it as hard as he could.
Leiyin was so furious that he punched Tom.
However, with Leiyin’s small frame, the punch was like a mosquito bite. Actually, it was worse than a mosquito bite.
Tom grabbed him by the wrist with his big hand, “Hmph, are you still dare to fight me back? Let’s see whether you will get killed or not!”
With that, Tom clenched his big hand into a fist and punched Leiyin in the face. Leiyin fell to the deck, a light red mark forming on his face, and his teeth were almost knocked out.
Tom, still feeling resentful, lifted his foot, and kicked Leiyin hard. The force caused Leiyin to tumble and hit the wall of the cabin.
Leiyin was in pain from the beating but didn’t grunt at all.
“Hmph, I’ll show you how powerful I am. Behave yourself from now on, or else I’ll beat you like this three times a day!”
“Also, get to work, and don’t slack off here like a woman.”
After saying that, Tom raised his eyebrows proudly. He wiggled his fat body like a triumphant general and walked up to the upper deck with a humming tune.
Leiyin slowly climbed up from the ground, enduring the pain…
The weak were always like this. Not to mention dignity, even the fundamental right to survive was almost gone.
Leiyin couldn’t help but remember the words of the Seven Warlords of the Sea [Crocodile]: Weakness was a sin.
No, he must become strong.
This was a word that even Leiyin found amusing when he thinks about it.
How could he get great power now?
There was almost no possibility.
And so, Leiyin had an idea.
I should assassinate Tom! Let’s just fight him to the death and die with him. With that, he would never have to suffer Tom’s lousy anger again.
There was no fear of death in the face of danger. There was no way to return without a fight!

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Leiyin accidentally crossed into the One Piece World, and accidentally obtained the Naruto System.Chakra, Ninjutsu, Shinobi Tools, Kekkei Genkai, Sage Mode…Fire Release vs Ace; Water Release vs Crocodile; Shinra Tensei vs Nikyu Nikyu no Mi; Amaterasu vs Magu Magu no Mi; Susanoo vs Kaido…This was the adventure of a person, who gradually on the road to the top of being the strongest…...

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Author: Summer Night Spring Wind

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