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The Strongest Businessman


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The most successful businessman of his time, who started from being a homeless orphan, died indignantly because of being plotted against by his most trusted aid, his own brother. He is reincarnated as an owner of a small-scale herb store who is on the verge of being chased out by his landlord. He discovers that he has been reborn in a world of cultivation where the strong steps on the weak. As he adapts to his new body and world, he discovers a mysterious mansion-like building in his mind and is shocked by the profound abilities and secrets he receives from it....


1 Chapter 1: The Tragic Tale of Brothers

Dylan Ford, the most influential and successful businessman of Earth, he established the world renowned Omega Trading Corporation, the biggest multinational corporation of the year 2050. He has branch companies in more then 50 countries. He is a very charismatic person and can easily communicate with people and seal any deal or contract with ease. He is also known to be "The Greatest Businessman on Earth" because of his accomplishment of being able to establish OTC (Omega Trading Corporation).
Being a person who has reached the peak of the Business World, he also has many enemies. Threatened that they might not be able to bring him down, they bribed various share-holders of OTC to eliminate him because his potential in business can only be described as terrifying. Dale Ford, Dylan`s younger brother, held a grudge against his brother took part on this. With the help of other major share-holders of his company, Dale hired a infamous professional hit-man to kill his brother, Dylan Ford.
On the night of October 31, 2050
As Dylan was walking to his Porsche to leave his company, he was startled as he encountered a black-clothed man carrying a gun with him with a black mask which covered has his face covered. From his gaze alone, one could see that he has ill-intent towards Dylan. This is the notorious hit-man Dale hired to kill Dylan.
"Who.. Who are you?" Dylan asked
"My code name is Black Mamba. I`m the one your brother sent to kill you hehe" The black-clothed man introduced himself in a sinister manner.
" You're lying! You must be one of the hitmen that my foes sent! Guards, capture him!" Dylan called out his dozen guards who was following him. He did not believe this man's claim about his brother being the one who sent him.
"Hahahaha, of course, knowing that you have a lot of guards, our employers also hired dozens of hitman to support me especially because your bodyguards are known to be individually strong and skilled." Some of the guards turned against their​ co-guards. Apparently, some of the guards that his company has assigned to him recently were hitmen!
There were also some which appeared to keep the other guards preoccupied. Being overwhelmed in numbers, the guards were being pushed back one by one. Although they were killing a lot more hitmen due to their skills in combat, they were only a dozen while the hitmen were more than double their number.
"Sir Dylan, run!" A guard called out while being shot in the chest.
Dylan gritted his teeth when he saw his bodyguards being overpowered by the hitmen.
"Hahaha, what an evil man, your brother is!" Black Mamba laughed as he mocked Dylan.
"What?! He.. Dale would never do that!" Seeing that his guards was being killed by the hitmen due to their infiltration to the guards, Dylan took it to himself to apprehend this man. Dylan defended while he charged to the man in anger. He ran in an arc-like path to try and avoid the gun within the hands of the black-clothed man. He threw his briefcase to block the vision of Black Mamba.
He knew that if someone was to point a gun at him he should block his field of vision. So he used his brief case as a temporary shield to block the hitman's sight and to get nearer to him. He was just to point the gun he got from his briefcase before he threw it to Black Mamba when the hitman suddenly moved.
"I pity you. He paid quite a lot to get rid of you so that the company will become his. Hahaha. Now, die!" The man sneered as he pulled the trigger. He stepped backwards and simultaneously sidestepped to get a clearer view of Dylan and shot a couple more to his chest.
"Bang" "Bang" "Bang"
As the bullets pierced through Dylan`s chest, his whole life flashed through his eyes in an instant. Confused and conflicted, he never would have thought his own brother would want to kill him lest send someone to kill him. The pain of his breaking heart was worse than the pain he felt from the bullets piercing through his chest.
`WHYYY?!!` he roared in his heart.
He remembered the times they spent together, the times they spent in the streets asking people for food, the times they spent in those cold and dark alleys hugging each other to keep themselves warm, the times they slept sleeping on each other`s back, and the times they spent to build a company of their wherein they started from scratch but with each other`s back they pushed through and persevere up until they reached the top. He remembered that scene 32 years ago, two 8-6 year old boys having only one piece of bread they stole from a bakery.
In an alley filled with junk and garbage, one could see a tiny hut that is poorly made. it has a broken piece of galvanized roof as its top and four old plywood as its walls which are nailed poorly to for wooden posts that seems to be from a variety of woods stacked together. One can see a clumsily sawed entrance enough to fit a person while two boys are sitting in a dilapidated mattress on the middle with some ragged sheets on the side. It can easily be speculated that it was done in a jiffy.
"Dale, take this bread" the bigger child said
"No, big bro, you`re the one who got it while I did'nt. You eat it" the little one squeaked while his eyes betrayed staring intently at the bread. "Hahaha, you lil' rascal. It`s fine. I'm not hungry" the big brother smiled as he saw his little brother's gaze .
" I'm not hungry to~" "Grrrr~" the little child tried to defend himself but his stomached betrayed him as it churned.
"Hahaha, I knew it. Here, just take it. I can just sell some scrap metal but if I can't, I can just one steal another one tomorrow." Dylan offered. "Okay" little Dale embarrassingly took the bread. " Wait, big bro." Dale called as he broke the bread in half and offered one half to his brother.
"What are you doing?" Dylan asked.
" I broke it in two so we would have one each" the little boy innocently smiled. "You little rascal" the big bro was touched by this gesture of kindness and ate happily with his little brother in that cold alley.
`We were so good to each other. Our bond was so strong that no one could break us apart. Where did it all go wrong? Why did you do this to me?` Dylan said indignantly in his heart. His eyes were wet as he fall down to the cold ground. Then, another scene just 2 years ago started to enfold as he remembered that night when he was going to introduce his fiance to his brother.
As they were getting out of Dylan`s car and walked towards a luxurious 5-star restaurant to meet his fiance. They both wore Kingsman suit of black in color and black slacks. They looked dashing with their tall and muscular physiques and photogenic faces. This caused the girls passing by to look at them as if they were some supermodels. Dylan had that gentlemanly and dreamy prince aura with him while Dale had that Hollywood star aura with him.
"Big bro, why can`t I be as lucky as you? I mean although I haven't met your fiance yet, from the way you described her everytime we talk, I guess she is a really beautiful and kind girl. " Dale said dejectedly.
"Why, Lil' bro?" Dylan said.
"Do you remember the woman I have always told you about? The one who I wanted introduce to you?" Dale spoke dejectedly.
"Yeah? The one whose first name was the same as my fiance." Dylan nodded.
"The woman that i liked and have been courting for the past 3 years dumped me for a bastard he just met 11 months ago. I mean I gave her many gifts, flowers, and anything that a girl could wish but she still politely rejected as she will always say ' Dale, I'm sorry. It`s not that I hate you but I am looking for the man who will make my heart beat every time we meet or talk but that man is not you. You are handsome and charming, there are many girls out there like me. I'm sorry but I can`t accept your feelings for me'. Then she met this guy half a year ago and..." Dale stopped midway as he saw an extremely beautiful lady who seemingly was waiting for someone at the entrance of the restaurant and awkwardly continued " Ha... You are..."
"Rose?" the sibling`s weirdly called at the same time as they were waling towards the entrance. The beautiful lady turned and had that surprised look mixed with a loving gaze on her face that made her look even more enchanting. She had that milky white skin and curvaceous body that would drive any man mad. Her eyes were mystical as if you were staring at the night sky. Her nose was a state of the art figure just by itself. Her lips were moist red that complemented her natural rosy cheeks. A lady like this could cause the downfall of any city on her wake. "You already know Rose?" Dylan asked with a shocked expression.
" You... you... you`re THAT GUY??!!" Dale said with a face filled with conflict and hate.
"What do you.. You mean she is that girl?" Dylan was lost at first and gradually realized something.
"Dylan, I`m here... Huh?... Dale?" Rose said excitingly but stopped when she saw the man beside the man he loves and realized something as well.
"BASTARD!! You will pay for this!" Dale growled while tears leaked from his eyes. He felt heartbroken, betrayed and lost because the woman she loved was stolen from him by his own big brother. Filled with hate, he furiously punched his brother and left immediately. Shocked by this, Dylan felt his heart break while blood started to drip from his mouth. Running to his aid was Rose, she angrily glared at Dale's back and reprimanded him " Stop, Dale. Are you not going to apologize to your brother!".
Dale stopped but did not turn and said, "Brother? I don"t have one anymore".
"Dale, wait!" Dylan cried to him but did not even look at him and left him feeling lost. He thought that it was only a mere coincidence that the women they loved had the same name. How could Dylan have anticipated that the woman that he and his brother loved was one and the same?
Another scene started to enfold after the incident outside the 5-star restaurant.
Dylan was walking into his office when he saw that Dale was standing opposite to his table while holding an envelope and some printed documents. Dylan saw how Dale was trembling while he was holding those documents. Dylan could not help but ask.
"Dale, what's wrong? Is something the matter?"
"What' wrong? Let me ask you. What the hell is wrong with you?! Why did you hide this from me all this time?!" Dale shouted as he showed the document to Dylan.
Dylan saw the title of the envelope, "DNA Test Results of Dylan Ford and Dale Ford. 04/10/2030". Dylan felt his knees grow weak. It was because there was this physical examination that Dylan and Dale took when they became successful and built their own company building because it was mandatory.
Since in a physical examination, blood is extracted to determine blood type. The doctors also asked Dylan whether to perform a DNA Test or not since blood was already extracted. Dylan said yes because he thought it would just be saved as a document. But when the resluts came, it became the most horrifying truth that Dylan could never accept because it showed that they were not blood-related!
When Dylan read this, he could not accept the results and demanded the doctors to do it again and again because he truly believed that they were blood brothers. But to no avail, the results were still the same so he decided to keep it a secret as he was afraid that the bond he and Dale shared may be shattered.
Dylan also considered the possibily of Dale accepting but he cant risk the brotherly bond they had. He could take risks in business but not in his family.
"How did you find this?" Dylan asked in a slightly weaker voice
"I was just going to deliver the financial report for this month myself since my secretary is ill and cannot go to work today. I was just going to leave it on your table and leave before you could even come back. When I saw your shelf that had a biomatrix lock on it was still slightly open, I was just going to close because someone else might see it and go through the company's confidential document. But when I was just going to close it, I saw the title of that envelope! Now, tell me why did you keep this from me?!" Dale natrated his actions
"Im sorry, Dale. I was just afraid that~" Dylan had a bitter expresion on his face as he apologized. He cursed himself for being dumb enough to not close his shelf properly
"Sorry? Bullshit! Do you think your sorry is enough to compensate for the 2 decades that you hid this from me?! Why didnt you just tell me the moment you recieved the results but instead hid it from me all this years?! I can let go of the fact that Rose chose you and the incident a week ago! I can accept that we are not blood brothers! But why did you have to hide the truth from me? I thought that we would tell each other the truth always! Fuck you, you're no brother at all! You're just nothing but a fucking liar!" Dale held Dylan's collar as he said every word on Dylan's face. He pushe Dylan to the side and stormed out of the room by kicking the door.
'Ugh... that's right... I broke his heart... after then... he did not talk or even meet with me unless its on a meeting... I'm sorry, Dale... But you did not have to go to this extent... Rose... I'm sorry... I ca`nt go to our wedding now... I hope you can... live well and happily... without me... I... love you...' Dylan thought as he laid on the ground. He closed his eyes and with his parting thoughts his mouth opened.
" Dale... live well...good... bye... Rose... I love you...".Those were the last words that came out of his mouth and he submerged into darkness.
Then, the security guards showed up saw his body lying on the ground with a few gunshots on his chest. They saw his killers​ running away and immediately give chase after him but they had cars that was meant for escaping. One stayed behind to look after the body​ of Dylan, his bodyguards as well as several hitmen, then, called an ambulance and the police.
The news of the death of the CEO of the most prestigious company of Asia rocked the press and the media that night. It became the talk of the whole continent as many people was shocked the death of such a good man.
The various people who got help from Dylan voiced out their dissatisfaction regarding the news and wanted a thorough investigation. Rose, Dylan`s fiance grieved in this matter when she heard this. She barged to the hospital and directly to Dylan where she cried for 6 hours on his cold body. She fainted from exhaustion and was then brought to the Emergency Room to rest.
When she woke up, Rose mourned for the death of her love. She wanted to know why her husband died. Using the power of her family and her connections, she commanded several personnel to conduct a rigorous investigation. She would wait for hours on the room for any news or evidence that may lead to the cause of Dylan`s Death on that hospital room.
Rose would cry for hours every time she remembered the times she spent together with Dylan. She neither drink or ate for days. She was disappointed knowing that she could not find any leads pertaining to this. On the seventh day of Dylan`s death, his body was moved and put in a coffin as per Rose`s instruction.
Then, Dylan's funeral came after and more than 10,000 people came and paid their respects as well as their thanks to every thing he did for them especially those street people he made houses for. Rose cried in his grave even when everyone left, one could see how broken she was. A fairy-like woman like her would be cold and indifferent to everybody because once a woman of her caliber loves a man, she would love that man even to her last breath.
3 months have passed ever since the death of Dylan, Rose died. During these three months, she hardly ate and left her room. She became increasingly thin as days passed. She hardly talked with anyone. Numerous occasions where Dale visited her but rejected seeing him. She was too brokenhearted. Finally, she died from depression but on her last breath she said " Finally, I am able to follow you, my love." and smiled as she lay beautifully on her death bed.
Different organizations indebted to Dylan tried to investigate and bring justice to Dylan's death like what Rose did. However, the still failed miserably as the killers seemed to just vanish from this world and any lead to Dylan's death was nothing more than baseless statements.
But, of course, it was all manipulated by the OTC because if they let others know the locations of the killers, the killers would sell them out and this would leave to the downfall of OTC.
Despite this, the world will forever remember that great man who helped many but died tragically.
The greatest businessman on Earth who started from scrap and evolved to the most successful businessman at the age of 40 years old. In 3 decades, he turned a scrap metal selling business into a multinational corporation. But the world did not know that his death is only just the beginning of an amazing legend.

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The most successful businessman of his time, who started from being a homeless orphan, died indignantly because of being plotted against by his most trusted aid, his own brother. He is reincarnated as an owner of a small-scale herb store who is on the verge of being chased out by his landlord. He discovers that he has been reborn in a world of cultivation where the strong steps on the weak. As he adapts to his new body and world, he discovers a mysterious mansion-like building in his mind and is shocked by the profound abilities and secrets he receives from it....

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