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Upon opening his eyes, Muyang realized that he found himself in Dragon Ball’s world filled with dangerous people like Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu.However, decades later.“Captain Ginyu, let’s run away, we are no match for him!”Jeice looked back in panic.“Lord Frieza, the demon has caught up again.”“He even destroyed our home planet.”“This bastard!”Frieza looked at Muyang with bloodshot eyes filled with anger, but sadly, there’s nothing he can do, even he’s no match for Muyang.“Come on, show me what you can do.”...


Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Ayaka woke up from his coma. His brain was still dizzy when he found himself in an unfamiliar environment.
There was an eerie aura emanating from the surroundings, and the sound of a leather whip beating was audible in his ears from time to time.
“What happened? Did I run into a human trafficker?” Ayaka was startled, then quietly looked around extensively.
What caught his eyes was a long line of spirits that couldn’t be seen at a glance. It turned out that was all ghosts!
These ghosts were floating about three feet above the ground, moving slowly forward.
There were also some ghosts holding whips and steel forks on the side for management.
Those ghosts were ugly, fierce, and vicious. If they found any slow walkers or souls who jumped the queue, they would use the whip to hit them fiercely.
“Such a crowd. Everyone, please behave. When you see the judge, you will be reincarnated!” A ghost officer shouted fiercely, pointing at a soul who was a little bit slower with a whip, which instantly made the souls silent.
Ayaka looked at all this in disbelief. If he was one of the souls, was he already dead?
The deep environment gradually changed. As the footsteps moved, a row of stately but gloomy buildings suddenly appeared in the field of vision. The colossal gate had a scandalous word on it ꟷ “Hell!“
“Is this Hell?”
Ayaka shook his head with a bitter smile. He never thought he would report here at such a young age. How did he die?
“Could it be that I have some hidden disease in my body and just die a violent death?”
“Nope! Although I often stay at home and lack exercise, my body has always been perfect. How can I die?!”
Ayaka tried hard to remember. He vaguely remembered that last night he was alone in the apartment all night reading the “Dragon Ball” comic to reminisce about the story. Then, he seemed to fall asleep.
Ayaka recalled what happened last night, and his footsteps couldn’t help but slow down.
A leather whip came down, interrupting Ayaka’s memories with a burning pain coming up.
“What do you think? Are you dawdling? Walk faster!” The ghosts shouted at Ayaka.
Ayaka held back the pain and didn’t cry out. People had to bow down under the eaves; if he dared to contradict himself, the ghosts wouldn’t mind giving him a few more whips.
Ayaka followed the troops slowly forward, through the gate, and finally entered Hell. Soon, he saw a vast palace in front of him.
That was the destination, the place where the judges presided over the souls.
The front of the palace was erected with a hundred gates more than ten meters high.
The long and narrow soul path was divided into more than a hundred tracks in front, and each track allowed only one soul to pass.
Those souls would be shunted into more than a hundred lines to walk into the gates and then receive the judge’s trial.
“This judge’s workload is still quite heavy!”
Ayaka looked at the large number of souls lined up in front of him; his heart was empty and silent. As the saying went, ‘In the worst case, it was just a broken jar. Everyone would die without having done anything bad in their previous life. Why should I put myself into the animal path?’
At this time, a person dressed in a white robe with a tall white hat on his head came toward Ayaka’s side.
The man in white came to Lingye’s side and looked at him up and down.
“Master Bai Wuchang!” The ghosts on one side respectfully shouted.
In Hell, the hierarchy was stringent and couldn’t be exceeded by half a step. Master Bai Wuchang’s status was only below King of Hell and several judges, a very high-status existence in Hell.
“That’s him!” Master Bai Wuchang pointed at Ayaka, who was a little fuzzy.
Ayaka looked at him and heard Bai Wuchang say to the ghosts around him, “Judge Lu wants a special trial for this soul, so I’ll take him away first.”
With a wave of his hand, Master Bai Wuchang took Ayaka into his palm and headed to the hall where Judge Lu was.
Ayaka felt a powerful force wrapped her up. No matter how she resisted, she could not break free.
By the time she came back to her senses, she had already been brought into the Hall of Judges.
“Is he Ayaka?”
Ayaka saw a vast figure sitting on a workbench in the center of the hall, holding a black tablet in his hand to check.
The black tablet’s bottom was marked with the three words “Book of Life and Death,” and from Ayaka’s view, he could see these three words.
Book of Life and Death!
These three big words stung Ayaka’s eyes. Well, there was some pit, wasn’t the Book of Life and Death supposed to be a book? When did it become a tablet? It was too advanced.
“Yes, Judge Lu.” Master Bai Wuchang’s expression was severe to answer.
Judge Lu continued to consult the computer version of the Book of Life and Death in his hand, while Ayaka looked nervously at Judge Lu, wondering how he would judge him.
He was just an ordinary student for more than ten years. Although he kept making small mistakes, he never did anything treacherous or evil.
After graduating from high school, he didn’t go to college; instead, he stayed at home and became a geek. He didn’t even go out of the door, so he shouldn’t be given a harsh sentence!
The judge put down the Book of Life and Death; his voice sounded slightly powerful.
Ayaka’s heart trembled; he carefully replied, “Yes, I’m here!”
“Haha…. relax. No need to be so nervous.” Judge Lu showed a kind smile, but in Lingye’s mind, that was more like a professional smile.
Suddenly, his heart said it was not good and that it was risky!
“Ayaka, a male, born in 1991, father XXX, mother….”
Judge Lu spoke in detail about Lingye’s life. Even when he was skipping a few elementary school classes and stole a few eggs from his elementary neighbor, everything was being spoken.
Listening to this, Ayaka broke out in a cold sweat. Fortunately, it was the computer version of the Book of Life and Death’; otherwise, with so many things recorded, one book wouldn’t be enough for one person…
“Died in 2010, at the age of 19…”
Ayaka listened to Judge Lu, reading his profile, and felt that his life was too uneventful.
“Your life was uneventful, nothing out of the ordinary. You didn’t do anything evil, and you’re just an ordinary person.” Judge Lu said.
“However, your life is a little different from what was recorded in your original Book of Life and Death…”
Ayaka looked at Judge Lu in confusion, waiting for him to explain.
Judge Lu said, “Due to the rapid expansion of the number of humans in recent times, Hell began to become overwhelmed. The Judges and Imperator were severely understaffed, so they introduced automated management models and management tools to Hell in the nearby universe. However, this is a brand new management model, and as you know, the management of Hell in the new model will inevitably leave loopholes to some extent. “
“Although this loophole is extremely tiny, and the possibility of error is infinitely close to zero, now the error has happened.” Judge Lu pointed to the Book of Life and Death and said, “According to the original record in the Book of Life and Death, you will have become a distinguished scientist and would have received great honors. You will have many children and grandchildren and passed away at the age of 89.”
“Due to the system’s error, this life of yours has changed dramatically. Now, I am compensating you on behalf of Hell, and I can meet your three requests.”
The system error caused a change in his life, and now Hell wanted to compensate him with three requests?
Ayaka was stunned by the sudden news, feeling that the sky was falling. The ups and downs of life came too fast.
Three requests! Did they mention it randomly?
“Any request?” Ayaka asked in disbelief.
“As long as it’s within my ability, you can ask for anything.”
Ayaka suddenly felt that he was surrounded by great joy. The pie was indeed falling and just waiting for him to catch it. His mind calculated what kind of request to make. Since it was to compensate for his losses, it couldn’t be too light.
After a long thought, Ayaka suddenly had a flash of light in his brain and remembered the comic he read last night.
“Can you let me enter the Dragon Ball World and become a Saiyan?” Ayaka asked carefully.
“The Dragon Ball World? That’s a fantasy world, right?”
“Can’t I?”
“Of course you can. This counts as your first request, to enter Dragon Ball World and become a Saiyan.”
Strictly speaking, this one request implicitly includes “enter the Dragon Ball World” and “become a Saiyan” two wishes.
“The second request, I want to have the East Supreme Kai’s guard, Kibito, Instant Transmission technique that does not need to sense the ‘ki’ to be able to pinpoint.”
Ayaka put forward his second request.
“Yes, let’s talk about the third request!” Judge Lu readily responded.
“The third request, I want to have an immortal body. The kind that is immortal and has the property of being able to recover quickly no matter how badly I am injured.” Ayaka gritted her teeth and said, finishing with a furtive glance at Judge Lu. He was afraid that he would disagree.
This requirement was even more ruthless. It included “immortality life,” “immortal physique,” and “super recovery ability.” Ayaka was sure Judge Lu wouldn’t want to grant these three unreal requests.
“Haha… you kid! Good, I agree with the third request.” Judge Lu laughed and agreed.
Judge Lu had judged countless ghosts so that he could see through anything. Ayaka’s little thoughts were already in his eyes, and he didn’t care.
Did he really agree?
Lingye showed some disbelief. He knew very well how perverted the third request was and how it could cause chaos in the whole world with just immortality alone.
“It’s just immortality. Besides, that is just a fantasy world. Even if you destroy the whole world, it will not cause any damage to the real world; we don’t care about that.”
Judge Lu said indifferently and gathered a large strand of pale white energy. He then put the energy into Ayaka’s soul.
“I’ll give you a little favor so that you can be young forever. When you reincarnate, these divine powers left in your soul will transform your body so that you can achieve what you want.”
Ayaka’s face was covered with a smile when he heard this.
With these three requests, the Dragon Ball World would be at his disposal, and he could not wait to enter it.
“For so many years, you are the only one who dares to make these requests with me. I promise to make you very, very satisfied!” Judge Lu smiled wryly at Master Bai Wuchang. Unfortunately, Ayaka was immersed in the fantasy of the future and didn’t notice.
Judge Lu opened up a reincarnation channel in the hall.
Master Bai Wuchang nodded in understanding, then dragged Ayaka into the reincarnation channel.
Ayaka felt dizziness in her brain and immediately lost consciousness.

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Upon opening his eyes, Muyang realized that he found himself in Dragon Ball’s world filled with dangerous people like Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu.However, decades later.“Captain Ginyu, let’s run away, we are no match for him!”Jeice looked back in panic.“Lord Frieza, the demon has caught up again.”“He even destroyed our home planet.”“This bastard!”Frieza looked at Muyang with bloodshot eyes filled with anger, but sadly, there’s nothing he can do, even he’s no match for Muyang.“Come on, show me what you can do.”...

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