In Love (Quick Transmigrate)

In Love (Quick Transmigrate)


: 决绝 juejue

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Sand Sculpture Gong (Yan Jingze) and Shou (Su Moxiu) always fall in love at first sight. The two transmigrate together and love each other.-Beloved Husband sequel (Honeymoon)-You can read this book even if you didn’t read the first book (from author note)-Just dog food...


Chapter 1 - The General Take The Initiative To Be Rob 1

Chapter 1 - The General Take The Initiative To Be Rob 1

In the north of DaQi, there are mountains that stretch for thousands of kilometers. It is called Mount Qiong.
To the south of Mount Qiong is DaQi, to the north of Mount Qiong is a grassland that belongs to the Rong tribes.
A hundred years ago, in order to prevent the Rong from going south, DaQi sent the Zhenbei Army to stations south of Mount Qiong to defend against the Rong, but the effect is not great — every winter, there are countless DaQi people who died under the Rong’s iron cavalry.
It was not until ten years ago when Zhou Jingshan, the current commander of the Zhenbei Army, appeared that made the Rong no longer able to cross Mount Qiong.
It’s a pity, two months ago, Zhou Jingshan was ambushed by the Rong and disappeared in Mount Qiong.
On this day, a young man rode a thin horse all the way south from the Rong’s grassland and entered Mount Qiong mountains.
Yan Jingze sat on the horse, looking at the majestic Mount Qiong in front of him, breathing a little faster than usual.
Finally see Mount Qiong!
With two more days going through the mountain, he can leave the Rong’s territory and back to DaQi.
Hope is at hand!
Yan Jingze showed the first sincere smile after coming to this world. He reached out and patted the head of the horse that he was riding: “Xiao Hua, we’ll be home soon!”
“Neigh!” Yan Jingze’s scrawny brown horse with missing hair in several places with its head even more bald, shake its head vigorously, wanting to shake Yan Jingze’s hand off.
But as if Yan Jingze’s hand had grown from its ‘bald head’, it couldn’t get rid of it at all. The horse was angry, spread its hooves and dashed forward.
As soon as the horse ran, the wind picked up, Yan Jingze retracted his hand and pulled down his hat: “It’s so cold today. Fortunately, I wear a lot.”
Today he is wearing a cotton outer robe and cotton pants. He was also covered with a sheepskin robe with sheepskin boots. He wore a sheepskin hat on his head and also covered his face with a cloth.
Such a complete set of warm equipment, even if he hurries in the ice and snow, he won’t be frozen, just a bit cumbersome.
No matter how cumbersome, it’s better than being frozen.
He is now wounded, he can’t stand the cold!
Yan Jingze entered this small world to mend the world, while also spending a honeymoon with his lover Su Moxiu.
But something went wrong.
He doesn’t know where Su Moxiu, who entered the small world one step earlier than him, went. The condition of the person he transmigrated to is also kinda bad.
The original owner of this body was named Zhou Jingshan. He is DaQi Marquis Anyang son, a second rank assistant great general, and the commander of Zhenbei Army.
Zhou Jingshan joined the army at the age of fifteen. He is just 32 this year. In more than ten years, he went from a very small halberd wielder to an important general. This also related to his family background, but more so because he has real ability.
He personally went to battle hundreds of times with the Rong, slaughtering countless soldiers, and used his life in the army wholeheartedly to serve the people. Only then did he become the great general Zhou who is deeply loved by the frontier soldiers and people.
He is a true hero!
Logically, to be able to become such a person without any black history and a general with real power, it should be a good thing for Yan Jingze.
But Yan Jingze can only take over the dead.
When he took over, Zhou Jingshan was betrayed by his subordinates and chased by the Rong into the Rong grassland far away from DaQi. His body has lost too much blood from his wound and then died of starvation. The strong smell of blood also attracted a pack of wolves, which was howling at him.
Yan Jingze didn’t even have time to sympathize with this person, who sacrificed everything for DaQi’s frontier but lost his life in another country. So, now he had to struggle to survive.
Can’t be helped. In order not to let this small world collapse, which is already in danger, he cannot use abilities that are not from this world, and wanting to stay alive is also very difficult now.
The sky is so bright in the wild with the wind blowing the grass, he could clearly see the wolves around. His injured body could barely stand up straight and his stomach was growling. The enemy will also catch up to him but there’s not even a grain of food on him.
How miserable is this!
Yan Jingze has to fight to save his life. He kills the wolves, eats their meat, changes his face, and cheats left and right to hide.
After two months of working, he finally recovered from his injury and made some money from the Rong tribes and returned to DaQi.
But in order to buy a horse, he spent all his money. This horse called Xiao Hua’er is a food thief, who cleans up all his food. As a result, he is now penniless and doesn’t even know what his next meal will be.
That’s not all. The original owner, Zhou Jingshan, has been missing for more than two months. The person who betrayed Zhou Jingshan might even have finished Zhou Jingshan’s funeral, so even if he returns to DaQi, it is not necessarily a good thing. In fact, he might just continue to be hunted down…
Truly miserable!
But since he used Zhou Jingshan’s body, he will help avenge Zhou Jingshan.
This was also what Zhou Jingshan requested of him when he entered Zhou Jingshan’s body.
Zhou Jingshan died so tragically and miserably, his only wish before his death is revenge.
Xiao Hua is still running forward.
The animals in the forest have long since hid. With the bird disappeared, in the quiet woods, only the ‘whoosh’ from the scattered snow from the strong wind and the ‘da-da’ sound of Xiao Hua’s running was heard.
Suddenly, other hooves mixed in.
Yan Jingze put down his hand and took the reins to stop Xiao Hua. He immediately straightened his body — is his next meal settled?
He looked expectantly in the direction of the hooves sound. He soon saw more than ten horses rushing in front of him.
Those who were on the horseback were dressed like him, except there was no cloth covering their face like him — these people all showed their ugly, dark, and cracked faces from the wind and forest.
No, not everyone is ugly. One of the young men in his twenties, although his cheeks were blood red from the wind outside and he was a little tanned, he was handsome with sword eyebrows and bright eyes that were looking toward the light. He’s totally a hidden beauty.
The key is…isn’t that his family’s beloved one!
Transmigrated for two months, he finally saw Su Moxiu who came one step earlier than him!
Yan Jingze was about to complain to Su Moxiu when he heard Su Moxiu shouted in Rong language: “Stop! This is a robbery!”
Pulling down the cloth covering his face, Yan Jingze asked Su Moxiu in pure Rong language: “You’re going to rob me?”
They finally met, shouldn’t it be a warm kiss? Robbing?
Su Moxiu didn’t speak. On the contrary, beside him is a square-face and thick lips middle-aged man with his left ear missing and looking fierce who answers: “That’s right! Robbery! Hand over your silver and food now! And your horse, it’s ours too!”
Yan Jingze heard the words and looked at Su Moxiu immediately. Then he watched Su Moxiu helplessly nod.
Yan Jingze: “…” So meeting after a long separation, Su Moxiu didn’t want to have fun with him, he really wanted to rob him?
Wait a minute, Su Moxiu came one step ahead of him. Unlike him, to stabilize the small world, he did not go through reincarnation but directly took over a dead person, but Su Moxiu has to go through reincarnation, starting everything from when he was little.
So…Su Moxiu forgot him?
That’s right, normal people that enter the cycle of reincarnation would forget their past.
The beautiful reunion is gone, Su Moxiu even wants to rob him…heh!
Yan Jingze’s eyes narrowed slightly.
Is he someone who can be robbed at will?!
Su Moxiu will have to pay the price!
Among the group of people surrounding Yan Jingze, someone has already dismounted. Holding a sword, he walked toward Yan Jingze, his eyes filled with malice.
Yan Jingze sat on Xiao Hua’s back and glanced at him lightly, then he suddenly moved.
He hugged the horse’s neck, burying his head in Xiao Hua’s mane, he then cried out in DaQi language: “I’m so miserable. Getting caught by the Rong to work, working hard to escape, then getting robbed…Xiao Hua, ah! Why is my life so hard, ah!”
Xiao Hua turned its head toward Yan Jingze and let out an angry ‘hui’, then shook its head vigorously, but no matter what, it couldn’t get rid of Yan Jingze. It could only lower its neck sullenly.
When the robbers heard what Yan Jingze said, their movement froze, their fierce expression also eased up.
The missing ear man scratched the scar left from his ear being cut off, then turned toward Su Moxiu, who only stared blankly at Yan Jingze.
Yan Jingze cried again: “Father! Mother! This unfilial son won’t be able to go back to support you…”
Yan Jingze seemed to be crying but not a single tear actually shed, it’s all purely for show.
Although Su Moxiu and the others spoke the Rong language, they are very disciplined in their actions. This is definitely not something that those Rong bandits can do, not even the Rong army could do it.
Like this, they are more like the Zhenbei Army under the original owner.
He doesn’t know if these people are here to save the original owner or came to kill the original owner.
Whichever it is…these people don’t recognize him, that’s for sure.
The original owner Zhou Jingshan was born distinguished. His mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and the next female master in charge, all are great beauties. In his generation, he was like a carved jade white bird since he was a child, extremely cute.
This look is very popular in the capital, but in the frontier, it was not authoritative enough, especially when he was only fifteen years old.
With a small face with little baby fat which was more tender than girls of the same age at the border, even if he is extremely powerful, no one would obey him.
Fortunately, Zhou Jingshan inherited his father’s beard.
To make himself more dignified, Zhou Jingshan began to grow his beard. After a few years, he has a beard on his face.
In addition to the bitter cold on the frontier, he was busy training and had no time to take care of his image so the beard grew wildly.
When Yan Jingze just took over and touched his face, that’s a face full of hair!
And he was able to escape the chase later because…he shaved his beard.
Zhou Jingshan’s look was not exposed much because of his beard. After shaving his beard and mustache, although he was a lot rougher than when he was young, his still fair face was revealed.
General Zhou is in his thirties. In the frontier where all rough men are, even if he said he is only in his early twenties, others will believe it.
His appearance changed, his personality has also changed completely…it’s to the point where acquaintances won’t be able to recognize him at all. Those who pursued him lost their target, even the Rong who fought with him for decades could not guess his identity.
In addition, he can speak fluent Rong language, and he also knows a little about medicine. With the title ‘veterinarian’, he earned his travel expenses between the various Rong tribes.
It’s just…He didn’t expect that when he was about to return to DaQi, he would meet his lover and the soldiers under him who came to ‘rob’.
Missing ear pulled the reins and came to Su Moxiu’s side. He coughed lightly and said in Rong language: “Boss, this…” They are the Zhenbei Army, it’s not good to rob DaQi people.
Su Moxiu, who kept staring at Yan Jingze, finally came back to his senses. He let out a breath and said to Yan Jingze in Rong language: “Okay, why are you, a big man, crying! We won’t rob you. You can go!”
Yan Jingze rubbed his eyes hard, rubbing until his eyes were red, then he raised his head and looked at Su Moxiu pitifully: “You won’t rob me?”
Su Moxiu coughed uncomfortably: “Alright, alright, you can go!”
Yan Jingze said: “I won’t go!”
Su Moxiu: “…”
Yan Jingze covered his face with the cloth he used to wrap his face and cry fakely: “I escaped from my captors and haven’t eaten for several days, I’m starving to death…now here is still far from DaQi, me and my horse certainly won’t be able to hold on until we reach DaQi. We will certainly starve to death on the road…I’m so miserable…”
“Fuck!” Missing ear cruse softly in han language, pitying him a little: “I have also been drinking rice soup for several days, I barely have the strength to walk…”
“What on earth do you want?” Su Moxiu looked at Yan Jingze fidgety.
Yan Jingze showed his face again and smiled at Su Moxiu: “It’s not easy for you to come out and rob in this winter, it’s not good to get nothing, it would be better to do this…You robbed the person back?”
“Rob back?” Missing ear was startled.
Yan Jingze didn’t even look at missing ear, he continued to smile at Su Moxiu. His brows and eyes looked very harmless: “Is xiao langjun1Young man from a rich family interested in robbing me to be your stronghold madam? Just take care of my meal okay and I will be dead set on you!”1Young man from a rich family

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Sand Sculpture Gong (Yan Jingze) and Shou (Su Moxiu) always fall in love at first sight. The two transmigrate together and love each other.-Beloved Husband sequel (Honeymoon)-You can read this book even if you didn’t read the first book (from author note)-Just dog food...

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