Single Dog Ending System

Single Dog Ending System


: 梨蓝蓝

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Qin Lang is an aloof president, serious look with long legs and high value. There are countless secret crushes on him. It’s a pity, he has always been a single diamond noble dog.One day he was cheated by his own mother.His mother kicked him into the single dog ending system with a crush and bound him with a system call 250.Hehe. Probably mocking him.Aloof facade Shou x Mensao gentle facade Gong...


Chapter 1 - The Prince and the Frog 1

Chapter 1 - The Prince and the Frog 1

“People like you, even if all the boys on the earth are dead, I won’t like you!”
“Bad, arrogant, cunning, narrow-minded, vulgar, bad mouth, there is no advantage in you at all, am I blind?”
“I beg you, can you just leave me alone? Pestering me everyday, do you even want a little face?”
“I’ll tell you today. Not only is it impossible for me, Han Han, to like you, I also hate you very much!”
“Hahaha…Qin Lang lost his face today, daring to mess with the school belle…”
“Hey, I really don’t understand, what else does he have besides his family, he is a fat pig, his grades are poor, and his personality is also bad, it’s impossible for normal girls to like him…”
“Yes! The toad wants to eat swan meat! Hahaha…”

There were all kinds of ridicule and sarcasm in his ears, like a curse, directly hitting Qin Lang on the head, the buzzing went straight to pain.
“Um…” Qin Lang opened his eyes, seeing a white ceiling.
“Baby? Baby, you woke up…” A beauty beside the bed cried instantly. She has an oval face, fair skin, and wears a pink pearly necklace on her beautiful neck. She looks noble and generous, just like a swan. Even though she was crying, her tears were also like pear blossom rain, those who saw will feel pity.
“Mom.” Qin Lang shouted blankly to the woman who seemed to be only in her twenties, “Don’t cry, I have a headache.”
“Can it not hurt? Twenty steps of stairs! You silly boy!” Yu Fang wiped her tears with a silk handkerchief, “That dead girl from the Han family is too much! She made you fall down the stairs. I don’t know how the Han family taught their daughter to have such a poisonous mouth.”
“…” Qin Lang continued to be expressionless. It’s not that the little girl’s mouth is poisonous, it’s your son who is so cheap. The memory he should get has not been received yet, he only knows for the time being that the woman in front of him is his mother, and remembers the scene before fainting.
The woman was still nagging, repeatedly talking back and forth. Qin Lang couldn’t listen anymore and called his own system: “Little idiot, can you help me block this lady’s voice?”
However, Qin Lang still heard the woman’s voice clearly.
“Little idiot? System?” Qin Lang called out twice.
“Fuck! Who are you calling an idiot?” A certain voice exploded in Qin Lang’s mind.
Qin Lang was stunned for a moment. Is the system all that sucks now? Fuck as soon as it open it mouth, “Little idiot is such a cute nickname, are you sure you don’t want it? I don’t really want to call you 250.”
“Damn!” Spicy chicken1Spicy chicken sound like trash/garbage, it an internet slang host! What the system hates the most is calling itself 250, “Call me that again if you dare!”
“…” Qin Lang was dumbfounded, the system was so petty ah, “You actually threatened the host? I want to report!”
“Fuck!” The system sounds very irritable, “You wait, I will ask my wife to talk with you.”
??? Qin Lang looked dumbfounded.
With a ding sound, the world became quiet. Qin Lang rubbed his ears, his system had helped to block his sense of hearing.
Yes, Qin Lang is not from this world, he is a transmigrator, the reason for crossing…Ah, don’t talk about it, he will cry if he continues.
Qin Lang watched the moist lips of the young woman in front of him keep opening and closing, a pair of peach blossom eyes full of distressed love, as if she couldn’t wait to put her son in her heart. Qin Lang thought of his own mother, they are all moms, so why is the difference so big?
Qin Lang came from the year 4333 of the Gregorian calendar in the era of science and technology. He is an aloof president worth tens of billions, but he was too cold and too high that no one can approach him, the high mountain flower. Then his mother, his dear mother, invested in a project called “Single Dog Ending System”- he heard it was quite advanced, and it was a big project in cooperation with X Planet AI, then she kicked him relentlessly into the nutrition cabin with several other volunteers as the first humans to try this project.
But! Single dog! With these three words, it is impossible for this project to advance!
And! Tell him! Why is the systems bound to others is 666, 888, 520, 1314, and his is a 250?!2250 a Chinese slang for idiot
This was mocking him, right?
Hehe, that must be what his mother meant. He is so tired, after going out, he must sever their mother and child relationship!
Qin Lang is now in the first world he needs to go through, um, that’s right, it will takes several worlds before he could break up peacefully with System 250 and return to his era.
“System, please send me the world data.” Qin Lang thought that since he still has to entangle with 250, it’s better not to mess up, in other words, they are in a cooperative relationship and shouldn’t hurt each other.
“Okay, great host,” The system’s voice is sweet, it sounds like a seventeen years old boy, completely different from the slightly violent one just now, “It has been sent to you.”
“…” Fuck! Did he bind two systems?
“I’m zero zero, and that was my brother, twenty-five. He is a little bit temperamental, can the host not report us?” The system also sells cute and sent a pitiful emoticon package.
“!!!” System also have split personalities? What the hell is this operation? Twenty-five plus zero, so 250?
“I don’t have a split personality. Xixi3a giggle or a laugh, although we are part of the same system, we are not really just one system.” The system explained, “My big brother is very sticky to me, so the host please don’t mind, and I will teach him well. That said, I also hope that the host will stop calling us by that name, my brother doesn’t like it.”
“Oh, okay.” For some reason, a word flashed across Qin Lang’s mind: self-gong and self-shou.
A good meticulous evil system, he even disliked it before, what a disrespect.
This world is a campus romance novel. As for the title, he won’t mention such stupid and painful things. The novel mainly tells the sweet love story about a frog turning into a prince and marrying the princess.
The female protagonist is called Han Han, who is truly a white, rich, kind and beautiful person. She is also recognized as the school belle of Jinchen High School. As long as it is a boy, there are not that many who dislike the female protagonist in this school. The male protagonist, named Ye Qian, was one of the few poor students in the school, so it was not easy to live in this rich high school. In addition to accepting the cynicism of the rich young masters every day, he also had to go to work during weekly holidays—because his father was injured and lost his legs on the construction site, so the family had a difficult time. However, in the end, the frog, the male protagonist, will transform into a wealthy prince, directly hitting those who have bullied him in the face. After all, this is a sweet and bright story.
As for Qin Lang, he was the one who ridiculed the male protagonist the most and received the most vengeance. The prince of the Qin Group is arrogant and domineering, he has nothing except for a good background. Seeing that the female protagonist cares about the male protagonist, he changes the rule to deal with the male protagonist any time. Not only that, he is still a fat man, a 200 catties4about 265 pound; 120 kilogram fat man!
Qin Lang stared at his fat hands whose knuckles were all squeezed by flesh and wanted to cry without tears. At this moment, he just wanted to be silent.
Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! Give back Laozi’s haughty and indifferent eight-pack abs, charming mermaid line and two-meter long-legged body, asshole!
“What is the target’s affection for me now?” Qin Lang asked the system quietly after taking a deep breath.
“Ye Qian-Favorability -60. Great host, good luck ah~~~”
“…” Qin Lang didn’t want to talk. As far as he knew, -60 favorability is close to the enemy’s category, right?
“Great host, do you want to ask why it is a man?” The system grinned, “That is based on your ideals.”
“…” He has lived for more than 20 years, why didn’t he know that he liked men before?? His mother didn’t pit him again, right?
“Great host, cheer up. As long as you work hard, getting off the list is just around the corner!” It was really naive.
“Hehe…” Qin Lang sneered. A harlequin who bullied the male protagonist every day with 200 catties, how could he bend the male protagonist, and they still want him to fall in love with the male protagonist, also get a full favorability? What a joke!
——Getting the full favorability, when this world task is completed, he can enter the next world. After these worlds are completed, Qin Lang will be able to end this stupid journey and go back to continue to be a aloof president.
“Baby?” The blocking time was over, and Yu Fang looked at her son worriedly, “What’s wrong with you, are you alright? Mom will ask the doctor to check on you, okay?”
“I’m okay.” Qin Lang’s fat palm propped on the bed, he wanted to sit up, support… Fuck, unexpectedly, he can’t support himself to sit up?!
The sorrow of the fat man! Qin Lang deeply felt it.
Yu Fang understood what her son meant, and moved the bed to a suitable angle, without the need for her son to move.
“…” Mother’s love also seemed to be heavy, very–heavy. He just fell on his head, there is no problem with his limbs!
“Mom, I want to lose weight.” Qin Lang said angrily.
Yu Fang was frightened by her son, “Is it because of that girl, Han Han, again? Lang Lang, listen to mother and leave her alone. No matter what she says, don’t…”
“She’s right. I’m fat and ugly, with poor grades and a bad temper. No one likes me.” Qin Lang’s eyes burned with a raging fire, “She ignored me today, and tomorrow I will be too high for her! Humph!”
This humph, Qin Lang couldn’t bear to look directly at himself, but he knows, in this situation, he can’t be OOC.
In the end, Yu Fang agreed to her son’s weight loss plan and drew up several plans for him: first, exercise to lose weight; second, balanced nutrition; third, massage to lose weight. The three-pronged approach is another healthy way to lose weight, which Qin Lang adopted.
However, methods like this that take time to complete are a bit slow to say so brother system 25 told him that it has a black technology, as long as he drink a bottle, it will be effective within an hour.
However, the effect was really scary, so Qin Lang only dared to have one drop per day. The original owner’s parents have a high appearance. As long as he loses weight, there is no reason he can’t change back to his aloof male god!
Qin Lang was not seriously injured. After being observed in the hospital for two days, he was discharged. After he was discharged from the hospital, he rested at home for another day. The calendar was turned over and tomorrow was exactly Monday.
On Monday, Qin Lang carried his schoolbag, it was time to go to school.1Spicy chicken sound like trash/garbage, it an internet slang2250 a Chinese slang for idiot3a giggle or a laugh4about 265 pound; 120 kilogram

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Qin Lang is an aloof president, serious look with long legs and high value. There are countless secret crushes on him. It’s a pity, he has always been a single diamond noble dog.One day he was cheated by his own mother.His mother kicked him into the single dog ending system with a crush and bound him with a system call 250.Hehe. Probably mocking him.Aloof facade Shou x Mensao gentle facade Gong...

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