Reincarnated! My Parents and Brothers Beg for My Forgiveness

Reincarnated! My Parents and Brothers Beg for My Forgiveness


: Mountain Spring

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Chapter 2

The System Yu Su was about to be swallowed by the ice-cold seawater. Through the seawater, Yu Su vaguely saw her parents, brothers, and the girl with the name she had used. However, no one cared about her, the biological daughter. A suffocating feeling assaulted her, and her consciousness became more and more blurry. [Ding! Congratulations to the host for unlocking the Heavenly Queen System. Due to your current situation, the system will help you be reborn. Please choose whether to be reborn?] The mechanical voice sounded in her mind. Before she could investigate what was going on, Yu Su’s desire to live made her choose yes quickly. [Congratulations to the host for obtaining a month of life. You can use traffic to exchange for health points in the future. I hope you can become a top Heavenly Queen as soon as possible.] A blinding white light flashed. When she opened her eyes again, she was in a familiar room. There was a family photo on the bedside table. Everyone in the photo was smiling brightly, except for Yu Su, who was trembling and at a loss. She had actually been reborn. Follow current on

Yu Su was originally the youngest daughter of the Yu family. She had four older brothers before her, so the old couple of the Yu family doted on this daughter very much. Perhaps it was because she was blessed but was not destined to live long. When she was four years old, she went out with her fourth brother and was kidnapped by human traffickers. Her parents were too sad, so they adopted a girl with the same age as Yu Su and changed her name to Yu Su’s original name—Yu Miao. At the age of 22, Yu Su made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Her face, which looked really alike to her mother, allowed the Yu family to find her. She thought that she could be with her family from now on, but her parents and brothers felt that she was narrow-minded, selfish, and unpresentable since she grew up in an orphanage. Moreover, because they were worried that Yu Miao would be sad because of her background, they gave her all their favoritism. On the other hand, Yu Su and her family were like strangers living in the same house. Even when she and Yu Miao were kidnapped by the kidnappers, they did not hesitate to choose Yu Miao and push their biological daughter into the sea. The feeling of suffocation came again. Yu Su raised her hand and grabbed the photo. Since they had never treated her as family, she would not be careful and compromise this time. Knock, knock, knock. Follow current on

A knock on the door pulled Yu Su back from her thoughts. She opened the door and saw Yu Miao standing in front of the door. “Susu, the Ah Pi movie that I acted in did well at the box office. Director Lu is treating us to a meal tonight. Come with us and let Director Lu meet you.” Yu Su raised her eyebrows when she heard this. In her previous life, Yu Miao had also come to look for her. She thought that Yu Miao really cared about her, but in the end, during that dinner, she was forced to drink crazily. If she hadn’t learned a few self-defense moves from her master when she was young, she would have lost her reputation. It was also from then on that she knew Yu Miao’s true colors. Hence, she had to compete with Yu Miao for everything, causing her parents and brothers to dislike her even more. “I appreciate your kindness, but I don’t dare to go to the dinner party you organized in case I fall into a trap.” Shaking off Yu Miao’s hand, Yu Su’s voice was cold and emotionless. “Yu Su, how can you speak to Miaomiao like that?” Yu Su’s second brother and manager, Yu Hong, happened to be walking up the stairs. When he heard the conversation between the two of them, he immediately walked over quickly and shielded Yu Miao behind him. Yu Miao stood behind him, her eyes filled with tears. She bit her lower lip and looked aggrieved. Yu Su couldn’t help but exclaim. If she had such acting skills when she was at work, the Yu family wouldn’t have spent so many resources on her and she was still an unknown actress. Follow current on

“Yu Su, you’re getting more and more ridiculous. Your career has been falling drastically recently. Miaomiao is giving you another chance by taking you to eat with Director Lu. Why are you so ungrateful?” Looking at Yu Miao’s aggrieved expression, an unknown anger rose in his heart. He scolded Yu Su. Yu Su looked at her brother in front of her and found it funny. “Has my career declined? Oh, yes. After returning to the Yu family, you’ve given her all the high-quality resources I have. The term still pretending to be obedient after taking advantage of one, that’s describing all of you right?” When Yu Hong heard this, his face could not help but darken. “Miaomiao has just entered the entertainment industry. Newbies need high-quality resources to gain a foothold. We’re all family. What’s wrong with giving it to her?” It was really a blatant moral kidnapping. Yu Su was speechless in her heart and could not be bothered to argue with the two of them. The system had said that she only had a month of life after her rebirth. She did not want to waste time on these two people. The door closed with a bang. Yu Hong’s eyes were filled with disbelief. His sister, who had been carefully currying favor with him after returning home, was actually so disrespectful today. As the ace manager in the industry, no one had ever dared to speak to him like this. Yu Hong raised his hand and knocked hard on Yu Su’s door.m “Yu Su, open the door for me. Who gave you the courage to speak to me like this?” The knocking on the door and his angry roar did not make Yu Su open the door. He was furious. Coupled with Yu Miao standing behind him, he was embarrassed and stood rooted to the ground, not knowing what to do. “Second Brother, don’t be angry. Susu should be feeling unwell. Moreover, she just returned home not long ago. We should give in to her.” Yu Miao was born as a white lotus, a fake b*tch. With a sobbing tone, she persuaded him to go downstairs. It also made Yu Su look unreasonable. When Yu Su heard that there was no more sound outside the door, she pursed her lips. There were no ripples of emotions in her heart.

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Yu Su is making a comeback with her system! Yu Su didn’t grow up with her family. At age four, her older brother lost her while they were out and about. Her family adopted a girl close to her age and even gave her Yu Su’s name.Many years later, Yu Su’s family found her. However, nobody in the family treated her better because they felt guilty. On the contrary, they pampered the adopted child even more. If Yu Su and her adopted sister ever set their sights on something at the same time, their family would let her sister have it.Yu Su relied on her own hard work to succeed in showbiz. Not only did her family not show her any support, they even tried to interfere with his career. They claimed to want to look after her, but they gave all their resources to her adopted sister.In her previous life, Yu Su craved familial love and tolerated endless bullying from her family. However, in the end, when she and her adopted sister were kidnapped, everyone, including her family and the boyfriend she grew up with, chose to rescue her adopted sister first. In the end, Yu Su was killed by her kidnappers.After reincarnating, Yu Su decided to cut off all ties with her family. To survive, she ventured into showbiz!Later…Was her eldest brother a dominant CEO in showbiz? In the blink of an eye, Yu Su’s studio became the top-performing company in the industry!Was her second brother a successful manager? Yu Su became the ace of all managers in showbiz!Was her third brother a famous and talented singer? Yu Su went viral with a single song!Was her fourth brother a genius director? Yu Su’s film sold so well that even he became envious!After seeing Yu Su’s success, her biological parents and brothers regretted their actions. They begged her for forgiveness.“I refuse!” Yu Su exclaimed....

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