Online Game: I Can Use Ultimate Skills Infinitely

Online Game: I Can Use Ultimate Skills Infinitely


: Nine Xuan

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

2290 A.D.
The Son of God descended to the Blue Planet and brought the Son of God System.
The Son of God System would release a game at irregular intervals. When the people from Blue Planet entered the game, it was as if they had entered a brand new world.
Each game was different. There were gods, demons, elves, swordsmen who traveled the world with weapons, and demon lords who slaughtered the commonfolk…
Players from the Blue Planet entered the game with their physical bodies. Inside the game, everything they obtained could be used in reality. Even the skills in the game could be released in the real world.
Because of this, you could see people flying through the sky and burrowing into the ground in reality.
However, every time a new game was about to be released, everyone’s abilities, skills, and classes would vanish. The things that had been brought to reality would remain in reality, though they could not be brought into the next game.
However, the most precious items or special items dropped by the final boss of each game could be brought over to the next game.
Because the physical body enters the game directly, death in the game meant death in reality.

The World
The densely packed gamers lay on the ground, panting heavily. They had just finished a world-shaking battle.
Flames in the surroundings burned the ruins.
The battle had lasted three months. Their opponents were countless monsters and the final boss, the Evil Demon Lord. The players had finally seized victory.
In the Endless Sky.
A masked man in silver armor was forced to the edge of the sky by dozens of people.
“Feng Ling! You betrayed me!”
Covered in blood, Chu Bai raised the sword in his hand and glared at the first person in front of him.
Feng Ling sneered and looked at Chu Bai.
“Bai Feng, you have nowhere to go. If you know what’s good for you, hand over the Divine Armament Diagram. That way, you can suffer less pain. Even if you don’t hand it over, you’ll still drop it after I kill you.”
As important contributors to the slaying of the Evil Demon Lord, Chu Bai and the dozens of people in front of him were comrades and had been brothers-in-arms for several years.
Unexpectedly, for the sake of the ultimate item—the Divine Armament Diagram dropped by the Evil Demon Lord—they suddenly turned against him and plotted against Chu Bai, sealing off his magic, crippling him, and forcing him to a corner.
Aside from the people here, many of Chu Bai’s former comrades had also betrayed him.
Chu Bai took a deep breath, his eyes alight with anger.
“Fine, since you want me dead, don’t even think about making it out alive today!”
With that, Chu Bai fished out a bead.
“Blood Guiding Bead!”
Seeing the bead in Chu Bai’s hand, everyone’s pupils constricted violently and they subconsciously began to retreat.
“Die, all of you!”
Chu Bai crushed the Blood Guiding Bead, and countless strands of blood wrapped around the people.
Screams could be heard one after the other. Their bodies were torn into nothingness by the blood and their equipment dropped to the ground. Only a few people who were far away survived.
However, at the last moment, a burst of light erupted from Feng Ling’s body. He landed safely in the Endless Sky.
Chu Bai saw this right before he died.
“F*ck! If not for the Scroll of Invincibility, I would have been killed!”
Feng Ling cursed and then walked over to the spot where Chu Bai had disappeared. There was a pile of fallen treasures there, and he picked up the Divine Armament Diagram.
“The Divine Armament Diagram, the ultimate item that can be brought to the next game, is mine! Hahaha! With this, I can dominate the next game and take everything!”
The ultimate item dropped by the final boss of a game was a treasure that everyone dreamed of having!
It could be brought to the next game to help the user stand above everyone else.
The few people who had survived ran over excitedly.
“Green Cloud Stone, Jade Water Bead, Fatal Strike Scroll. Oh my god, there are so many good things!”
“Some of these can be brought to the next game, right?”
The people excitedly distributed the treasures.
“Bai Feng, my good brother, let us inherit these treasures of yours.”
Feng Ling sneered.

Zhongjiang City.
In a rented house, Chu Bai suddenly opened his eyes.
“I’m not dead?”
He looked at his body in disbelief, then quickly checked the time.
“December 5th.”
It seemed that he was resurrected right after he died, instead of being brought back to the past.
Next to him, a cracked crystal ball the size of a ping pong ball attracted Chu Bai’s attention.
“Prayer’s Glass.”
Chu Bai reached out and stroked it.
This was something Chu Bai’s girlfriend had left for him before she disappeared.
In the game, its effect was supposed to be a resurrection, but the Prayer’s Glass had always been unusable. He did not expect it to come into play when he died.
Chu Bai and Ling Longxue met five years ago in the game “King’s Descent”. She was also a person Chu Bai knew in real life and the only one who knew that Chu Bai was “Bai Feng”. This was because, inside the game, Chu Bai had never taken off his mask.
The two of them had been in love for three years, but two years ago, when Chu Bai went offline, Ling Longxue had disappeared without a trace, leaving only the Prayer’s Glass and a farewell letter.
In the letter, she said that she had something very important to do and was going to a place called the Land of Destiny.
Chu Bai had searched the Land of Destiny for two years, but he had not so much as heard of the place.
He carefully put away the broken glass.
It was night, and it was dark outside.
Right then, a white light suddenly appeared in the sky outside the window. Chu Bai looked over.

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A mysterious Disaster Sword, a hidden invincible job, a Heaven Fox that represented unfortunate disasters, and a path of defying fate.Chu Bai was the strongest player. He was reincarnated back to a day before the game, Fate, was announced.The moment he entered the game, he obtained the Extreme Void Talent, Infinite Ultimate that allowed him to use ultimate skills with no cooldown, no consumption, and no restrictions.“Ding! You have obtained the ultimate skill, Nine World-burning Lightnings.”“Ding! You have obtained the ultimate skill, World Law of Pheonix.”“Ding! You have obtained the ultimate skill, Song of Heaven, Earth, Sun, and Moon.”Starting from that day, a player was seen repeatedly using ultimate skills in the beginner village....

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