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Win Your Heart


: Xiao Hongmao

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Chapter 1 First Meeting

In the presidential suite of Resch Hotel.

"Aaah..." The sharp pain made Sophia Jian gasp out. On a hindsight, it made her hazy mind a lot
clearer. She clenched her teeth as she tightly grabbed onto the sheets.

As she tried to endure the pain, Sophia Jian opened her heavy eyelids. A handsome looking man came
into her view!

He was the head of the largest financial group, the most powerful man in S City -- Victor Xiao!

'What's going on? Where am I? Why am I having sex with this man?!' Scouring her memories, Sophia
Jian remembered that she went to the engagement party of Jasper Lin and Alice Ye. Alice Ye was the
daughter of the prominent Ye family. After Sophia Jian had a glass of wine with Alice Ye, she was
molested by Wade Kang and they started to fight. Wade Kang was publicly shamed and after that...
'After that...

Damn it! I can't remember what happened next!'

"Humph!" All of a sudden, Victor Xiao had leaned in and kissed Sophia Jian on her soft lips. With her
eyes narrowing angrily at him, Sophia Jian bit down hard on his lips.

The metallic taste of blood spread through her tongue.

Victor Xiao pulled back immediately, a surprised look in his eyes.

There were countless women who tried to seduce him and get his attention. Despite this, he had never
given them more than a split-second glance. How could this woman under him drive him crazy like this!

'This woman makes me feel.... pretty damn good!' Victor Xiao thought with a devilish smirk.

"Get off of me!" Sophia Jian screamed. 'I've been in love with Peter for such a long time and I didn't
even give myself up to him yet! And now this stranger is going to take my virginity!' Sophia Jian

With all her strength, she tried to get out of Victor Xiao's grasp. But he was much too strong for her.
Victor Xiao had her firmly pinned down on the bed. Sophia Jian shouted in frustration, her beautiful
face flushed with anger and shame.

"Get off?" Victor Xiao said coldly, making Sophia Jian tremble in fear.

"If you stop right now, I... We can just pretend that nothing ever happened!" The moment she said this,
Sophia Jian instantly regretted it. It was obvious that Victor Xiao was completely at fault here. Why
should she be the one to give compromises?

"What if I don't?" Victor leaned in closer, his hot breath grazing Sophia face.

"Then I... Uhhh... I'm going to... I'm going to sue you!" Sophia stammered, trying her best to threaten
him. However, Victor noticed how jittery Sophia was with her threat.

A cruel and scornful smile made its way to his thin lips. "My name's Victor," he said beside her ear in a
low voice. "Remember that. You are mine now."

In one swift movement, Victor pressed into Sophia, completely taking over her.

The night grew deeper, and the sounds of their lovemaking filled the luxurious presidential suite.

Sophia's body was worn out through the whole night by Victor!

It wasn't until dawn that Victor finally had enough. Sophia felt so exhausted that she slept until noon.

When she woke up, she found herself alone in the big room.

Fluttering her eyes open, Sophia could feel just how much her entire body was aching. Sitting up, she
rubbed her temples, her head was also aching quite badly. After a few moments, memories of last night
came flooding back to her. "Victor... That fucking bastard!" Sophia grabbed a pillow and screamed into

After about few minutes of letting out her anger, she started to feel a bit better. With a deep breath, she
stood up to get dressed. Much to her surprise, there was a newly bought dress carefully placed at the
edge of the bed. And then, on the floor next to her feet, she saw that the evening dress she was
wearing last night was torn into pieces!

Sophia gritted her teeth. 'Well, it's no wonder he bought me new clothes. He completely ruined my
dress from last night! What a violent man!'

With nothing else to wear, Sophia put on the clothes Victor prepared. Obviously she wasn't able to
come home after she got into that fight with Wade Kang. 'Dad must be worried about me, ' Sophia

Just as Sophia was about to go to the bathroom to freshen up, her phone rang.

Sure enough, it was her father calling.

"Where are you?" Caspar Jian said each word slowly, trying to suppress his anger.

His anger was nothing new to Sophia. Caspar Jian seemed to have never been nice to her in the first

Sophia frowned, but kept a calm and modulated tone. "I'll be right there. I'll tell you all about it when I
get back."

After washing up, Sophia grabbed her handbag and headed out the door. Upon opening it, however,
she was surprised that two waiters were standing right outside. One was pushing a fining cart, while
the other balanced a silver tray on the tips of his gloved fingers. "Miss Sophia, Mr. Victor prepared this
for you," one of the waiters said with a smile.

Glancing at the sumptuous and extravagant food in the cart, Sophia sneered, "Mr. Victor is really kind,
but he's too full of himself!"

"This is Mr. Victor's business card. Mr. Victor specially asked us to give it to Miss Sophia," the other
waiter said as he pulled out a small card from his pocket.

"No way!" Sophia said as she folded her arms over her chest.

"I'm afraid we can't let you go if you don't take this. Please, Miss Sophia. There is no need to make this

"Are you threatening me?" Sophia asked, raising her eyebrows in disbelief.

The two waiters kept silent. They stood by the door, looking as if they weren't about to move an inch
until Sophia took the card.

After a few moments, Sophia let out an exasperated sigh and grabbed the business card, stuffing it
carelessly in her bag. "Now, get out of my way."

In the Jian family's household...

When Sophia didn't come home last night, Caspar Jian and Stellar Ruan were actually quite happy and
hopeful! They thought that maybe Wade Kang and Sophia were finally in good terms about their
engagement, and that their family would soon benefit from Wade Kang.

However, early the next morning, they received a phone call from Wade's assistant. Caspar Jian and
Stellar Ruan soon found out that Sophia had in fact caused so much trouble! 'Sophia fought with
Wade? I can't believe that girl! She must have embarrassed the man in front of so many prominent
people!' Caspar Jian thought.

'All of it is now gone in vain!' For quite some time now, Caspar had planned to use Sophia so that he
could get a contract signed by Wade. Sophia was supposed to be a kind of 'token' for him. But now, it
seemed as if there was no way Wade was going to cooperate now.

Sophia got home, her shoulders were hunched forward as she felt that she was in incredibly low spirits.

"Sophia! Where on earth were you last night? How dare you get in a fight with Wade?" Caspar scolded
at her, his ear turning red from anger.

'Oh, no. He already knows what happened...' Sophia panicked.

Then, the anxiousness she was feeling turned into contempt. "I did as you told me and went to the Lin
family's engagement party," she said coldly as she squared her shoulders.

At this point, Sophia was starting to realize what her father was trying to do. Yesterday, Caspar told her
that as long as she could get the contract from Wade, he would allow her to date Peter Sun. At first,
she thought it was because her father was softhearted and wanted to give her a chance to be with
Peter Sun. But this was proven not to be true.

'How could I have been so naive! He was practically trying to selling my body in exchange for that
stupid contract with Wade!' Sophia sneered to herself.

There was so much sadness and disappointment in Sophia's heart.

"Your father is asking you why you offended Wade last night and why you didn't come back home. And
on another note, what is that dress you are wearing? That dress costs tens of thousands of dollars!
How were you able to afford something like that?" Stellar Ruan interjected. It had always been a bit
confusing for Sophia whether Stellar Ruan was deemed as her mother or stepmother. Caspar hadn't
married Sophia's biological mother, and Stellar Ruan was that only woman Caspar had ever wed.

Stellar Ruan looked up and down at Sophia's clothes, her eyes full of doubt and surprise. Although
Sophia was the respected daughter of the JH Group's boss publicly, Sophia didn't have much pocket
money and never asked for money from Caspar.

'But those clothes are so expensive! There's no way Sophia couldn't afford it at all!' she thought.

Sophia cast a sidelong glance at Stellar. It was undeniable that Stellar was a clever and elegant
woman, but Sophia didn't like her one bit.

"Wade humiliated me. I was just trying to protect myself. Was that so wrong? I was drunk last night and
was in a bad mood, so I slept outside,"

Sophia lied. There was no way she was going to admit that she had her innocence taken away by a

The events were so unreal that it felt like a fading, bad dream. Never in her life did she think that she
would get involved with people like Victor. Sophia had thought that she would get married with her
boyfriend Peter Sun and live happily ever after. From the way things were right now, it seemed unlikely
that things were going to go her way.

"Can't you do anything right! I am so ashamed to call you my daughter! You are just a good for nothing
rubbish!" Caspar shouted at her, fuming with anger.

Although Caspar usually treated Sophia in such an ill manner, this was the first time he used such
hurtful things. His words were the final straw for Sophia. Raising her chip up, Sophia glared at her
father coldly. "Well, it's too late now, isn't it? Maybe you shouldn't have gotten my mother pregnant if
you knew this day was going to come!"

"How dare you answer back! I'm going to teach you a lesson!" With his nostrils flaring, Caspar raised
his hand, intent on hitting Sophia. Although Sophia saw this, she didn't flinch or move away, and just
stared at her father with loathing eyes.

She couldn't understand how anyone could love such a man!

Just when Caspar's hand was about to go down on Sophia's face, Stellar stopped him. "Never mind,
Caspar!" Stellar comforted. "Beating her would do no good. It's pointless now."

Sophia looked at Stellar with a raised eyebrow. 'This woman is so fake! Always pretending to be so
kind and sweet... Well, she's not fooling me! I know Stellar is a shallow, narrow-minded person. She's
just protecting me now for her own benefit. Whatever. I've had enough of this.'

"I'm tired. I'm going to bed." Sophia went straight upstairs.

Seeing this, Caspar became even more furious. "If you can't get Wade to sign the contract, you can't
be with Peter!" he shouted at Sophia's back.

Sophia paused, her hands balling up to fists at her side. "I can make my own decisions," she said
without looking back.

"You don't know what I'm capable of doing, Sophia."

Her father's threat made her a bit anxious. Without another word, she made her way to her


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