The Tormented Soul

The Tormented Soul


: Mikaela.olsson

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Chapter 1: my living hell hole

I don't know if it's day or night, my room has no windows, my father removed my window years ago.
The only way out of my room is through the door that is always locked from the outside. He even
removed the door handle from the inside just to make sure that I am locked in and so I can't escape.

I don't have so much stuff in my room, the only light I have is a small lamp that is stationed in the
corner of my room. I only have a mattress to sleep on, my father removed my bed and when I'm going
to sleep I only have a dirty, thin old blanket to cover myself with.

I don't even have stuff in my room so I can occupy myself with. Everyday and night for the past few
years I have stared at the wall or at the ceiling hoping that this will come to an end.

My nightmare started five years ago when my mother and brother were killed by rogues at our border.
My heart broke when I lost the two people I loved. I thought that my father loved me, but I was wrong,
just look at me now, I'm locked in my room, I get tortured, beaten, abused, and raped.

My father and the pack got completely lost when their Luna was killed. She was the rock and the glue
that kept everybody in their right mind.

I started to get raped three years ago. The first one to rape me was my own father. After that everybody
else in the pack was allowed to get a taste of me. It's obvious that my father doesn't care that much
about me if he let everybody do whatever they wanted to do to me.

When I was raped by my father he took my virginity. It hurt like hell to me, he came inside me and so
did the other also. He and the other pack members took away all the first things I had planned to give
to my mate. First sex, first kiss everything.

My father's beta who is named Nicholas. He held me down when my father raped me for the first time.
After my father was done with me Nicholas forced his dick in my mouth with my father watching and not

caring. Nicholas has raped me a couple of times after, literary every night for the past 3 years. He's the
worst of them all except for my father.

They have even beaten me so bad that they have broken a couple of my ribs and my spine a few times
and thanks to the werewolf gene I have healed. But with my condition, it takes longer for me to heal.
They beat me just because they like it or they are bored.

Every time Nicholas comes in he has a plate with some food on. The first time he came in with a plate
with food on it, I thought he was going to give it to me, he actually did it in a teasing way, because when
I had eaten all the food he kicked me and beat me so badly I puked up everything, it has been this way
for the past few years. So I don't even remember the last time I had a good meal.


Areela's POV

Right now I'm sitting on my mattress, with my legs closed pulled up to my chest and my head resting
on my knees, my arms are around my legs to keep me warm. I have my blanket on my back and the
clothes I have on my body, that are more like rags.

I can hear footsteps in the distance. They are coming closer and closer, louder and louder, and I know
what's going to happen right now, so I tightly close my eyes as tears escape from them.

I can hear that someone is putting the key in the keyhole of the door and turning the doorknob to open
it. The door is making a squeaky sound, that makes my whole body shiver in fear.

I open my eyes and look up and I see Nicholas is standing in the threshold holding a plate with food on
it in one of his hands and the other one is holding a glass of water.

Nicholas is around 6 feet tall, broad shoulders, blonde hair, blue eyes, and his bicep muscles are huge,
and he has a strong jawline. He could kill you in an instant if he wants to. Everytime he comes in he
disgusts me.

Nicholas looks down at me and sees the fear in my eyes and how my body is shivering from it.

"Time for food my little whore." he says in a creepy narcissist voice and looks at me.

I shake my head with so much fear while he's looking at me.

He leaves the threshold and gets closer to me. "You should be happy that I am even coming with food
for you all these years, without me, you would have starved a long time ago! So I suggest that you eat
now or I will take it away and not come back with food for you again!" he says in an annoyed, angry

He steps closer to me and gets down to my eye level. "If you don't eat I will force the food down your
throat and I don't care if you choke on it, like you always do when you suck my dick." he says with a
creepy voice and a weird smile formed on his face.

"I don't want to eat. I know what you will do if I eat." I said with a shaking voice.

He puts down the plate and the glass of water in front of me and moves his head to my ear and
whispers in a sadistic voice,

"Be a good girl and eat your food. I will give you something I know you like and something you are
craving for." At the same time he moves his hand in a weary slow motion up my thigh.

I look over his shoulder with tears in my eyes when I see that the door is still opened. For the first time
in a long time I see outside the door, all the light outside means it's night. Nicholas still has his face
right to my ear. I can feel his tongue on my earlobe, his hot breath around my ear.

I push him away, he loses his balance but he is up fast and slaps me over my face, the impact makes
me knock over the glass of water, and I can hear that the glass brakes. My cheek is all red thanks to
the impact from his hand.

He puts his hands around my neck and starts to strangle me. "Don't you ever do that again!" he
screams at me. I can feel that I am starting to lose my breath, I fumbled around with my hands for a
while. Just when I start to close my eyes, my hand comes in contact with a piece of glass that I broke.

I put my hand around it and I can feel the piece cut into my skin and it hurts a lot. I put all my force and
strength into slamming it in Nicholas’s left side just under the ribs. He looks right in my eyes as he
removes his hands from my neck and moves his right hand to take out the piece of glass from his side.

He pulls it out and rolls over to his back and passes out from the blood loss. I take the keys from him
and start to stumble towards the door. I don't have much strength left in me but I need to get out of
here, I must make it. I closed the door and locked it so I could get a headstart before Nicholas would
wake up. I stumble through the house. I manage to get out of the front door without getting caught. I
looked left and right and I could not see anyone so I took a deep breath in and started to stumble
towards the woods. When the tree line hides me I gather all of my strength that I had left and start
running as fast as I can and leave my home and prison behind me.


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