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Chapter 961 Revenge Must Be Taken!

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Chapter 961 Revenge Must Be Taken!

He was a reputable figure in the Great Wilderness Divine sect and an ancient realm expert. However, he was brutally beaten up in front of so many disciples today, so Gao Shun was really furious.
"Damn it! You audacious lunatic, I'll fight you to the death!"
After he fiercely said these words, Gao Shun immediately flung his sleeves around, wanting to fight Ye Xuan again, but he was stopped by Ao Lei in time.
"Senior Brother Ao, what are you doing?"
Gao Shun said this with a face full of resentment.
"Junior Brother Gao, you should stop. You're no match for him at all."
"I'm not convinced. Even if I have to risk my old bones breaking, I have to fight him!"
The angry Gao Shun was already beyond the point of caring about such things, and still wanted to fight.
Ao Lei waved his hand helplessly and looked at Ye Xuan. "Junior Brother Ye, it seems that there's no other way. I can't persuade him."
"Don't be too ruthless when you attack later. No matter what, we're still fellow sect members. You have to let him retain a little dignity."
After hearing this, Gao Shun's heart instantly trembled. Seeing the teasing look on his senior brother's face, he immediately understood.
Then, he looked at Ye Xuan. After pondering for a while, he instantly understood.
"B*stard brat, Ye Xuan! I'll f*ck you to death!"
Gao Shun became even angrier at this moment now that he knew that the person standing in front of him was Ye Xuan, especially when he recalledhow Ye Xuan had abused him just now.
He felt as if he had been made a fool of!
Also, Senior Brother Ao already knew that he was facing Ye Xuan, but did not tell him. Was this clearly not a signal to Ye Xuan to beat him up?
This was really too unethical!
Seeing that Gao Shun still wanted to fight with him, Ye Xuan immediately said, "Alright, alright, stop it already."
"That's enough. Even if you continue fighting, the outcome won't change at all, and you'll only suffer more. Let's get back on track."
After hearing these words, Gao Shun gritted his teeth even more at this moment. Seriously, he had actually got beaten up for nothing just now.
Touching his face, Gao Shun realized that his face was burning and hurting. At this moment, he also knew that Ye Xuan had used this opportunity to vent. Otherwise, his face would not have been repeatedly targeted.
Gao Shun rolled his eyes at Ye Xuan in a huff and turned around helplessly. He focused on healing his face first.
"Junior Brother, how did you get here?"
Seeing that the two had stopped fighting, Ao Lei finally asked a question.
Not long ago, they had been attacked by the Immortal Divine sect, including Gongsun Ming, and had ended up captured and moved to this place.
Only a few of them managed to escape the grasp of the Immortal Divine sect. Nearly 99% of them had been caught, and they had suffered serious casualties.
Originally, Ao Lei felt that the sect would face a calamity in this situation, but Ye Xuan's appearance here gave him hope.
Ye Xuan looked around and realized that many disciples were injured, which made him furious.
After calming down for a moment, he said, "I waited for a long time on the upper level of the ancient palace, but I didn't see any of the sect's disciples."
"Even when I asked Yueyue, she told me that she didn't see anyone while she was longer be suppressed.
To him, the Great Wilderness Divine sect was his home, and whoever messed with it exploring the ancient palace. As such, I realized that something might have gone wrong and went looking for you all."
"Fortunately, I was vigilant enough. Otherwise, this would have been really a dangerous situation."
Ye Xuan felt extremely lucky at this moment, but the anger in his heart could no longer be suppressed.
To him, the Great Wilderness Divine sect was his home, and whoever messed with it had to die, no matter who it was. Since Gongsun Ming had dared to scheme against the Great Wilderness Divine sect, he would naturally have to suffer the consequences.
After hearing Ye Xuan's words, Ao Lei and the others felt extremely fortunate.
Fortunately, Ye Xuan was vigilant enough and discovered that something was wrong. Otherwise, they would probably really die of old age in this cave.
For the past few days, they had been ambushed by ghosts every day. They had not had a good night's sleep at all, and could only passively defend themselves.
If it were not for the two ancient realm experts, Ao Lei and Gao Shun, guarding them, perhaps all the disciples of the Great Wilderness Divine sect would have died.
As they thought about it, the sect's disciples became even angrier, and could not wait to attack the Immortal Divine sect and exact their revenge.
Li Dahai said angrily, "If it weren't for the Senior Brother Ao and Senior Brother Gao taking turns to guard us, I'm afraid that there would be very few of us left. No matter what, we must take revenge!"
Lu Xiu's eyes were filled with indignation as he said, "Senior Brother Ao, let's attack them. We must let them know that our sect cannot be trifled with like this!"
"That's right, that's right. We've already exterminated the Immortal Divine sect once, so we can do it again!"
Hearing their hot-blooded words, Ao Lei was also invigorated.
After thinking for a moment, he turned his gaze to Ye Xuan and asked, "Junior Brother, can you defeat that old fart Gongsun Ming?"
Right now, the main problem was Gongsun Ming. Not only did he have many schemes, but he was also very powerful.
Without his participation, the Immortal Divine sect would not have been able to ambush and capture them.
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