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Chapter 266- a Message (Part 2)

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266 Chapter 266- a Message (Part 2)
Those words fell on Kaya like a bombshell, she couldn't say a single word nor even think for a good 10 seconds. All her senses froze and the only thing left in her thought was the image of Mikayla on the TV.
"Huh…" A small, confused whimper leaked out of her mouth after a while as she started blinking, still not understanding what was happening.
The scene of Mikayla simply sitting there, distressed, fearful and quite fidgety made Kaya even more confused. She had never seen her old man act like that before in her life. Mikayla was a very strong, confident and almost invincible man.
Kaya had lived basically her entire life with him and he always seemed like he was someone who had the solution for any problem. No matter what problem he was facing, he would always solve it.
Kaya found that trait admirable and it inspired her personality for the future. Yet, her role-model was now right in front of her, broken, talking to an old camera, and declaring that he was dead. How was Kaya supposed to react or even understand why he was doing this?
Meanwhile, Aria watched the TV with a focused look as she was very interested in what the old man was about to say.
"Yes, I'm dead. I don't have any reason to believe I'm not. This footage was made to reach the news when I'm done for. So, for now, let's start with introducing myself to some of you." Mikayla said as he rubbed his hands together. "My name is Mikayla Charles Raullot. I'm 72 years old as of this moment. My father, Charles Raullot was a military general and my mother, Evanita Kennith was a businesswoman. I was raised in a very wealthy family and I lived a privileged life."
The information Mikayla was giving was very general. He talked about his identity even though many people knew who he was. Yet, what made Aria confused was the reason he had to do this. From what she could see, he seemed in a hurry for some reason. So, why would he waste time talking about this?
However, Aria didn't predict that her answer would arrive soon.
"I studied in the best of institutes, graduated from a military academy and became a soldier like my father intended. That's the information that is available for people. However, this is what they don't know. Around 40 years ago, I was approached by a certain person to do something I've never thought of before… To start an organization and we called the organization Divinity."
Those words came down like a bombshell on all the hundreds of millions of people. For those people, they were told that Divinity was a very new organization. To hear that it's already decades old was very new to the majority. However, the shocking news didn't end there.
"At first, I didn't know why this would even work. However, when I heard the end goal of the organization, I found it quite appealing for me. After all, for someone like me, an Origin User of a great background, to create a world where Origin Users are able to live freely without hiding their identities was a utopian dream of mine."
"No way…" Aria's face paled when she heard those words. A disaster just happened. No, it wasn't merely a disaster, it was a catastrophe on all fronts!
'What is he doing?! Is he trying to send the world into a frenzy?!' Aria thought to herself.
"I know many of you are probably shocked. What is he talking about? But the truth is, Origin isn't something newly discovered as many of you were told. Origin has existed for almost 3000 years now and it isn't something you take from a syringe. It's something that is born within the individual naturally. The only difference between the ones you get and what they have is that theirs is permanent and doesn't need any form of renewal of doze like you do."
After saying those words, Mikayal lifted his hand before he channeled his Origin, creating what seemed to be a visible ball of pure energy.
"You can see it, can't you? This isn't something most of you can do. To create a pure ball of Origin this high-quality. After all, what you're getting is a synthetic, laboratory altered version of it that me and some other people pushed for. Yes, I was a part of making the idea of this new invention of synthetic Origin."
"Old man…" Kaya's mouth opened again as she murmured in a low tone. After listening to his words, Kaya was able to at least push the matter of his death aside a little to focus on what he was going to say. She still frankly didn't believe that he was dead.
Mikayla wasn't weak enough for him to die that easily. She had to find a proof or she wouldn't believe it.
"Why is he doing this?" Aria asked.
"I don't know… I really don't know why."
'What are you trying to say, old man? Why are you wasting your life's work?'
Kaya can't forget that Mikayla believed in the idea of spreading Origin everywhere. How can he be the one to come out and ruin the plans Divinity put out? Did he lose his mind? Or did something bad happen?
"It's beautiful isn't it? This pure, bright energy. It's certainly a work of art. I always naively believed that everyone can get such power. However, I just realized how dumb I was. What Divinity is making isn't Origin? It doesn't come anywhere close to real Origin. Perhaps it never will." After saying that, he made the ball vanish as he sighed. "When I realized that mistake I made, I also realized how late I was in finding the truth. This world was never ready to accept Origin as I thought. However, when I tried to tell the other founders how bad this idea could be, I was stopped, threatened and chased out. They were intending to kill me and end my intentions of stopping them."
"Huh?!" With those words, everything connected in Kaya's head. The reason why Mikayla retired and disappeared. The reason he only contacted her in secret and told her some very weird things.
It all started making sense and the more sense they made, the more shocking it was for Kaya.
"I couldn't do anything except to meet with a certain person that I assumed would have the ability to stop this idea from being executed. However, what I saw… What I…" Mikayla's face suddenly started distorting slightly. His words were cut off and turned into gibberish there.
His image also changed quickly as if it was sped up. When it stopped, he was already talking about something else.
"I finally realized that my life won't last long. Everything was simply too big for me. I was simply a pawn in the bigger chessboard, being toyed with by my player and the adversary."
Finally, Mikayla lifted his head and stared into the camera. "What I want to say last, anyway. I want to apologize to my wife. She deserved a better husband and a better life. I want to apologize to my son, Charles. We hated each other for a long time and never really went along and it was my fault. Finally, I want to apologize to my daughter, Kaya. You were my beacon of light in this dark world and the source of my pride."
His face slowly turned into a small smile. "We might not be blood related, Kaya. But, you were and will always be my dear daughter. Don't forget what I told you to do and live your life proudly, as I raised you to be."
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