Novel Name : When I Saw The Returns, I Invested In My Future Wife First

Chapter 427: We’re All Brothers, There’s No Need To Be Polite

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Chapter 427: We’re All Brothers, There’s No Need To Be Polite

Luo Feng could not bear to see the dispirited Lei Jin. As a childhood friend, he should help him since he had come to Shanghai to develop.
Luo Feng asked Lei Jin for his opinion before that.
"What about your major in university? Do you want to work in your profession?" Luo Feng asked.
He could help Lei Jin find connections if he needed it.
Lei Jin thought for a moment and finally shook his head. "Forget it. My university results are average. I didn't even get the certificate that I needed. This industry is very volatile. I'm not confident."
His head was drooping like a puppy in the rain.
Luo Feng and Ai Tingya looked at each other and made up their minds.
"You should adapt to society first before working. Why don't you come to the company to help me first? If you like it, you can continue in this line of work," Luo Feng said. "Even though it's not too good, at least you have a direction and someone to teach you."
"What exactly?" Lei Jin looked at his hands and asked in confusion, "What can I do?"
Luo Feng did not know what Lei Jin could do for a while. "Why don't we take a look at it tomorrow when we go to the company? You can get used to it first. To be honest, I really need an assistant recently."
"Since you say so, let's leave it at that for now." Lei Jin obediently listened to the arrangements.
He might have been friends with Luo Feng for many years, but he still felt a little embarrassed to ask for help.
Nonetheless, there was no other way at the moment.
"I'll work hard and settle down in Shanghai. I'll repay Luo Feng well in the future." Lei Jin clenched his fists and secretly made up his mind. "I must not let Luo Feng and Ai Tingya down."
At this moment, Luo Feng thought of something.
"If you don't want to work but want to start a business, it's not difficult. I can provide the funds," Luo Feng said. "Let's start a company together."
Lei Jin suddenly raised his head, feeling even more apologetic.
He knew very well that as long as he nodded, Luo Feng would definitely bring out enough funds and connections. Luo Feng was actually busy in front and he would help out from behind even though they said that they would start a company together.
Lei Jin admitted that he was not a talented person. He had never thought of living the same life as Luo Feng one day. What would that be like?
He thought about his future and shook his head.
"Forget it, this timing is more sensitive. I won't cause trouble for you." Lei Jin muttered softly, "We've already caused enough trouble."
Luo Feng was about to say that he was not causing trouble when he saw Lei Jin pointing at Ai Tingya.
"You're going to be a father soon. You should spend more time with Ai Tingya and the child," Lei Jin said.
Originally, Luo Feng was already busy enough being in charge of two companies alone. He was already trying his best to reduce the company's matters and focus on his family.
Now that he was busy building a hospital for Ai Tingya and the unborn child, how could Lei Jin let him work with him again? It would really tire him out.
Moreover, Luo Feng had already helped Lei Jin a lot by helping him solve his work problem. If he troubled him again, Lei Jin might not be able to repay his kindness for the rest of his life.
"Besides, I'm not cut out to be a boss. I'd better be a worker." Lei Jin was very determined. "I'll set a closer goal. I'll be independent in Shanghai first."
Seeing him pull himself together, Luo Feng was also very happy.
"Since you've said so, I'll leave it to you to make your own arrangements. Just let me know if you have any thoughts."
"Of course, brother. I'll have to trouble you a lot in the future."

Luo Feng's judgment had never been wrong.
With Cui Enqiao, he seemed to have a pair of talking wings.
In the next few days, people contacted Luo Feng one after another.
There were bosses from private hospitals who were about to go bankrupt, doctors who were depressed, and various pharmaceutical sales representatives who sent cooperation invitations. The most exaggerated thing was that after going through Cui Enqiao, they actually established contact with a few hospital directors.
Luo Feng did not know how Cui Enqiao convinced her. He did not have to worry about connections at all.
Soon, good news arrived.
Shanghai was developing rapidly and was quickly expanding to the surrounding area. The urbanization radiated to the surrounding area.
The city center gradually became a familiar old city, while the surrounding areas developed into new cities. According to the plan from above, many new business centers would be added.
Housing is complete, and population groups are gradually moving.
Cui Enqiao found a nursing home that was about to close down.
When the business of this nursing home was at its peak, every single room was filled with people. After two expansions, the scale was huge and the surrounding environment was very good.
An old man missed the golden rescue time due to an employee's negligence. The family came to demand an explanation and even brought reporters. It was said that the matter had blown up.
The nursing home lost its reputation after paying out once. Fewer and fewer elderly people came here to retire.
Business had plummeted, and they were preparing to sell the entire building.
Cui Enqiao had a wide network. After coming here to take a look, she sent the photo and address to Luo Feng.
At Luo Feng's villa.
Mother Luo and Luo Feng were sitting in the courtyard peeling vegetables. Luo Feng took out his phone when he heard the notification on his phone. Mother Luo also craned her neck curiously.
Mother Luo said as soon as she saw the photo, "Is this the hospital you found?"
Luo Feng did not answer. Instead, he immediately looked at the various information Cui Enqiao had said.
It was in line with his expectations.
He could hear the disdain in his mother's voice. He smiled and said, "Don't think that this place is overgrown with weeds and the house is old. Get someone to take care of it a little and it will definitely not be inferior to a Tertiary Grade A hospital. Moreover, look at the environment. It's only lacking good greenery."
Mother Luo didn't know much about these things. She would do whatever she saw.
"Will we make it in time?" Mother Luo put down the nuts and rubbed the crumbs on her fingers. "It's fine if it's greenery. Just get someone to trim and cut it. There's formaldehyde on the new tables, stools, and paint. It's not good for your health."
Luo Feng stretched out his index finger and waved it, looking determined.
"Whatever you're talking about can be solved with money."
The renovation was indeed expensive. In order to save Cost, most people would compare the goods to three shops and look for cheaper but more environmentally friendly renovation equipment.
However, Luo Feng had no need to worry about these problems. He had money after all.
Renovating the new hospital and buying equipment were all included in the investment. They would be repaid according to the ratio. Ever since he was reborn, Luo Feng was least afraid of spending money.
He stood up and patted the nut shell on his pants. "Take your time to peel it. I'm going to take a look."
"If we can reach an agreement, we'll start construction tomorrow. It'll take two months to renovate. The rest of the time will be used for natural ventilation. There's more than enough time." .
Mother Luo didn't understand and couldn't raise any suggestions.
"You have to negotiate the price properly. Don't be stupid and get cheated, understand?"
Luo Feng waved his hand without looking back. There was only victory from his back view.
What price?
There was no bargaining in Luo Feng's dictionary.
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