Novel Name : The Grand Secretary’s Pampered Wife

Chapter 541.1: Black-Bellied Xiao Heng

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Objectively speaking, Mo Qianxue was extraordinarily beautiful, and finding a woman in the entire capital who surpassed her beauty was difficult.
Even Second Owner and the physicians at the medical hall were speechless when they saw Mo Qianxue's clean and true appearance for the first time.
However, Xiao Heng remained calm.
There was neither amazement nor infatuation in his eyes, just the gaze one would give to a stranger, no different from looking at commoners on the street.
Mo Qianxue furrowed her eyebrows, "Is this your reaction upon seeing me?"
This statement left Xiao Heng puzzled.
What was wrong with his reaction?
What kind of reaction did she expect him to have upon seeing her?
Xiao Heng looked at Mo Qianxue in confusion.
Mo Qianxue endured the pain from her wounds and walked towards Xiao Heng step by step.
When she approached within three steps of him, Xiao Heng unconsciously took a step back, clearly showing a sense of avoidance.
Mo Qianxue's eyebrows furrowed even tighter, "What's wrong with you?"
If the first sentence left Xiao Heng confused, this second one hinted at something.
The way she spoke to him didn't sound like a stranger.
"Do you recognize me?" Xiao Heng asked suspiciously.
Mo Qianxue pointed below his right eye and said, "Do you think I wouldn't recognize you just because that mole is gone? Although your appearance has indeed changed a bit from a few years ago, I can still recognize you!"
Xiao Heng furrowed his eyebrows slightly.
There used to be a teardrop-shaped mole below his right eye. Could she have really met him before?
Seeing his contemplative silence, Mo Qianxue's expression turned cold, "You don't remember me, do you?"
Xiao Heng remained silent.
Mo Qianxue widened her almond-shaped eyes, "You really don't remember! I told my maid to find you when I saw you near the Hanlin Academy last time, but you completely ignored us!"
Near the Hanlin Academy... A maid...
Xiao Heng remembered now.
Indeed, there was such an incident. He was even seen by Junior Compiler Cen during that time, who spread rumors in the Hanlin Academy about him being involved with a courtesan.
Xiao Heng stared at her and asked, "Was it you that day?"
Mo Qianxue nodded, "That’s right! It was me! I deliberately dropped a token on the ground, thinking you'd pick it up, but instead, it was taken by someone else! Later, that person audaciously went to the Heavenly Music House looking for me!"
Xiao Heng's eyes flickered, "Heavenly Music House?"
It was true that Junior Compiler Cen had an accident near Heavenly Music House.
The investigation at the time revealed that Junior Compiler Cen, being bold and reckless, coveted the girls at Heavenly Music House. Frustrated by not having a token to enter, he attempted to climb over the wall secretly and was killed by the guards of Heavenly Music House.
So, he wasn't killed while being mistaken for a thief, but was ordered to be killed by the woman in front of him?
Mo Qianxue didn't perceive the impact her words had in the room. She spoke lightly, "Didn't I tell you before that if I saw you again, I would tell you who I am?"
Xiao Heng looked at her, his gaze containing a cold inquiry, "Is that so? Then who are you?"
Mo Qianxue raised an eyebrow and smiled, "I am Mo Qianxue, the top courtesan of Heavenly Music House!"
The top courtesan of Heavenly Music House who was supposed to be dead had unexpectedly appeared before him.
Could there be anything more absurd than this?
If she was Mo Qianxue, then what about the female corpse lying in the yamen?
Moreover, Xiao Heng was absolutely certain that he had never met Mo Qianxue before. So, who did Mo Qianxue mistake him for?
In an instant, countless doubts flashed through Xiao Heng's mind.
A string in his heart tightened, and he felt that he might be unintentionally approaching some truth.
If Xiao Heng didn't want anyone to see through his emotions, then no one could. He instantly suppressed his thoughts and pretended to be acquainted with Mo Qianxue, "But I heard that the top courtesan of Heavenly Music House had died."
"That dead person was just a scapegoat." Mo Qianxue said nonchalantly.
This was supposed to be a highly confidential matter, but Mo Qianxue seemed to have no reservations or concerns about it in front of him.
Xiao Heng observed her calmly.
"Oh, it hurts, it hurts. Give me a hand." Mo Qianxue suddenly gasped in pain, reaching out her hand.
However, Xiao Heng didn't move, and Mo Qianxue quickly withdrew her hand, "Fine, I’ll manage myself!"
She endured the pain and moved to sit on a chair near the table. She then looked at Xiao Heng, asking, "By the way, why are you here? Last time I saw you, you were an official of the Hanlin Academy. You're not wearing their official uniform today."
Xiao Heng replied, "I was on duty at the Ministry of Justice today."
Mo Qianxue snorted, "Ministry of Justice?"
Xiao Heng calmly said, "Yes, I came to investigate your case today. If I had known you faked your death, I wouldn't have bothered."
Mo Qianxue waved her hand, "Just investigate casually. Don't take it too seriously, or you might get into trouble."
Xiao Heng casually asked, "What kind of trouble could I get into?"
Mo Qianxue sighed, "Well, this matter is complicated. I don't fully understand it myself. I don't know how to explain it to you."
Xiao Heng's gaze shifted, "Is it the Young Owner behind you?"
Mo Qianxue looked at him in shock, "You know about our Young Owner?"
Xiao Heng calmly said, "Today, while investigating with the Ministry of Justice, we were ambushed on the way. Those people made a slip of the tongue and mentioned a Young Owner."
Xiao Heng didn't lie, but he also didn't reveal the entire truth, such as the fact that those people were actually after him, which had nothing to do with whether he investigated the case or not.
Xiao Heng probed Mo Qianxue, wanting to know what role she played in this scheme and how much information she knew.
"Are you injured?" However, Mo Qianxue's reaction was different.
Xiao Heng lowered his eyelashes and calmly said, "I'm fine, Minister Xing got a minor injury."
This statement could easily make people think those people were after Minister Xing.
Mo Qianxue curled her lips, "You must have investigated the case too closely. They want to give you a warning. Otherwise, you wouldn't have come back alive. I know the methods of the Young Owner."
It seemed that Mo Qianxue was unaware that those people actually wanted him, Xiao Heng, dead. In Mo Qianxue's eyes, what exactly was her Young Owner plotting with this staged murder?Raz P.'s Thoughts

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