Novel Name : My Baby's Daddy

Chapter 2805

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Chapter 2805After a night of intense passion, Harmony found herself almost exhausted in the man’s embrace.
However, as dawn broke, she made up her mind to quietly get out of bed and leave.
Suddenly, a strong arm wrapped around her from behind. The man, who had just woken up, caught
“Where are you going? Were you satisfied last night?” The man behind her kissed her back.
Harmony blushed, finding it difficult to face him. However, deep down, she knew that last night was
their final moment of madness. She had been a bit greedy. But now, she couldn’t afford to be greedy
“I, um, I’m leaving today,” Harmony said, glancing at the million-dollar evening gown on the floor,
discarded like a rag. She could hardly bear to look at it.
Last night, it had become nothing more than a prop for the man. Ezekiel held her possessively,
speaking with authority, “You’re not going anywhere. Cancel all your work. You’re staying with me.”
Harmony bit her lip, closed her eyes, and broke free from his grip. “Ezekiel, stop it. I told you, let’s
break up!”
“Why are you breaking up? Where is this coming from?” Ezekiel turned her around to face him, looking
puzzled. Harmony turned her face away. “No reason, just… we’re not compatible.”
“You know best whether we were compatible last night,” Ezekiel smirked, his tone full of innuendo.
Harmony blushed and glared at him, pushing him away and standing up. “Anyway, I’m unilaterally
declaring a breakup. I don’t care if you agree or not; I’m breaking up.” After saying that, she added
firmly, “I definitely want to break up.”Ezekiel became serious now. Looks like she’s not taking no for an answer. But why won’t she tell me
the reason?
“Fine. Give me a reason for breaking up then. If I can accept it, we’ll break up,” Ezekiel challenged her.
Harmony certainly had no excuses. She couldn’t possibly say that it was because his mother
disapproved of her, could she? No, it was definitely not something she should say.
“There’s no reason. I just want to break up,” Harmony replied, sounding somewhat childish, willful, and
“Harmony… let’s have a proper conversation,” Ezekiel said and was about to get up when the doorbell
rang. Harmony went to open the door, and the man behind her hurriedly said, “Don’t open it yet.”
Harmony turned around to see him sitting on the bed with his sexy birthday suit. Naturally, she didn’t
want others to see, so she said, “Take your time getting dressed. I’ll go out first.”
Harmony opened the door to find Sera, who was very concerned about their relationship.
She stepped out and closed the door. Sera quickly asked her, “How did it go? You guys didn’t fight last
night, did you? Did he give you a hard time?”
Harmony shook her head. “I proposed a breakup, but he didn’t agree.”
“Of course, he wouldn’t agree! You proposed a breakup for no reason. He’s so prestigious. Would he
not care about his reputation?”
Meanwhile, Miles, who was retrieving luggage from the car, found Ezekiel’s phone inside. He brought it
up, and upon seeing Harmony, he quickly asked, “Miss Mayo, where is Mr. Weiss?”
Harmony pointed at the door. “He’s still in the room!”Miles went to knock on the door while Harmony and Sera went to a cafe to chat. Ezekiel answered the
door, and Miles quickly handed him the phone. “Mr. Weiss, you left in such a hurry last night that you
left your phone in the car. I checked; you have several missed calls.”
He took the phone and saw that his mother had called several times last night. He couldn’t help but
wonder if something had happened to his grandmother.
Without wasting any time, Ezekiel called back.
“Ezekiel, you finally answered the phone. Where did you go last night?”
“Mom, is something wrong with Grandma? I accidentally left my phone in the car last night.”
“Grandma is okay. I just wanted to ask, are you currently with Miss Mayo?”
Ezekiel didn’t hold back and admitted, “Yes, I went to see her last night.”novelbin
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