Novel Name : The Man’s Decree

Chapter 3551

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Chapter 3551At the Henningsen residence, Ilias led Tyler to the Holy Pond of the Henningsen family.
The dark green pool water and the peculiar smell made Tyler’s face turn somewhat unpleasant.
Ilias pointed to the Holy Pond in front of him and said, “Tyler, what you see is the Holy Pond of our
Henningsen family. Legend has it that within this Holy Pond, there is ancient energy. If one can soak
overnight, they can undergo a transformation, greatly enhancing their cultivation.”
“Why don’t you go and soak to enhance your cultivation?” Tyler asked.
“Can’t you see? This Holy Pond is surrounded by an arcane array. To enter the Holy Pond, the array
must be broken. The arcane array has only been partially broken now, and we can’t enter the Holy
Pond yet…” Ilias explained.
“Ilias, don’t you find your words amusing? If this Holy Pond belongs to your Henningsen family, even if
there’s an arcane array, you should be able to easily break it, right? Now that you can’t even break the
arcane array, it proves that this Holy Pond doesn’t belong to your Henningsen family at all. You’re just
occupying it and taking it by force,” Tyler laughed heartily.
He had long noticed that a very secure arcane array was set up around the Holy Pond. The array was
novelbinextremely complex, clearly crafted by a senior array master.
Despite that, Ilias didn’t get angry.
“Whether it’s occupying or taking by force, the Holy Pond is now ours. I brought you here this time to
help me break this arcane array. As soon as the arcane array is deactivated, I can let you leave
immediately,” Ilias said with a faint smile.
“Do you think it’s possible? Why would I do things for you?” Tyler snorted.“You will, you definitely will,” Ilias said, then lightly clapped his hands. Soon, Jacques was brought out
by members of the Henningsen family.
Seeing Tyler, Jacques was somewhat excited.
They hadn’t seen each other since Oscar captured them both.
Tyler saw Jacques and immediately understood that Ilias intended to threaten him with his son.
“Tyler, if you don’t agree, I can’t guarantee what will happen to your son,” Ilias threatened.
“Ilias, as the family head of the Henningsen family, can you stoop to such despicable acts?”
Tyler was filled with anger, glaring fiercely at Ilias.
“Of course, I can do anything to achieve my goal.”
Ilias’ laughter carried a chilling edge as he waved his palm gently.
Jennifer let out screams. Jacques’ arm twisted strangely, and he looked extremely agonized. Ilias was
ruthless. Without waiting for Tyler’s reaction, he acted on Jacques.
“Stop, stop!”
Seeing his son’s painful appearance, Tyler became anxious.Ilias didn’t stop and instead coldly threatened, “Help me destroy the arcane array. You have only one
day and one night. Otherwise, watch how your son gets tortured.”
“Fine, I agree, I agree.” Tyler nodded hastily.
Seeing Tyler agree, Ilias stopped. Jacques, who had been tortured, lost all strength to stand. Ilias
waved his hand, signaling for his men to take Jacques away.
Although Tyler was filled with reluctance, he was helpless. All he could do was glare at Illias. With a
sense of resignation, he began to inspect the formation, initiating the process of destroying the arcane
“Remember, you have only one day and one night.”
After saying that, Ilias turned and left.
He wasn’t afraid that Tyler wouldn’t comply. As long as Jacques remained in his hands, Tyler had no
choice but to follow his orders.
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