Novel Name : Hot Revenge Box Set 2

Chapter 21

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The fog swirls outside the window; the light is already dim. Nonetheless, she draws curtains, lights a
candle. Then another. The light shimmers over her hair, dances in her eyes.

Her hands on my chest once more, “You want this?”

“Mitch, I’ve never wanted anything else.”

“Good,” she murmurs. She tugs at my jacket. “Why don’t you take this off?” She slides it from my
shoulders, hanging it neatly from a hook on the back of the door. “That too.” She nods to my pullover.

I strip it off along with the undershirt below, moving carefully to avoid straining the wound. Then I stand,
skin goosing, hoping that...

Mitch chuckles. “Why don’t we just get ourselves where it’s warm?” She reaches under the bed, and
something clicks. She wrinkles her nose at me. “Electric blanket.”

Despite everything; the years, the waiting, the wanting… something like bashfulness takes me. I’ve not
been celibate in the years between. I’ve scratched the itch when I needed to. But that’s all it was;
satisfying an occasional physical need.

I’ve never made love since…

“It feels like Helsinki, doesn’t it,” she says.

“Yes, it does. Mitch…”

Her eyes twinkle. “No pyjamas though…”

“Are we going to need pyjamas?”

She strokes my hair. “Get undressed. Get into bed. I’ll do the same. Let’s find each other again.”

Turning my back to her, I strip off. As I turn, climb between the sheets and under the thick duvet, she’s
unclipping her bra, slipping off panties. Naked, her heavy breasts swinging, she slips in beside me.

And there we lie, face to face, enfolded in the growing warmth of Mitch’s bed.

“So…” she says, “Where do we begin?”

“Mitch… I’m not going to keep saying this, but it needs to be said once. All those years ago… I’m sorry
I frightened you. I’m sorry I… hunted you… I’m sorry for robbing you of Jenny.”

Her eyes fall… then rise again, something quirking over her mouth. “You’re not sorry about Frank
though, are you?”

I inhale. “Um… no. If I’m truthful, I’m not at all sorry about that. The last time I saw Frank, I scared the
shit out of him, deliberately so. And no, I don’t regret it at all.”

“Good,” she murmurs. Then, “Larry…” She curls fingers around my hand, pulling it towards herself,
sliding my palm over her breast.

My chest tightens but my cock nudges awake. Cupping my hand over the breast, smooth and warm
against my skin, with the thumb, I stroke at the nipple. It comes alive under my touch, nubbing.

My lips brushing against hers, with the other arm I curve around her waist, pulling her closer. She
eases up against me, pressing herself against my burgeoning erection.

“Are you warm enough?” she murmurs.

“It’s the warmest I’ve been in days.”

My fingers still on the one breast, I drop my lips over the other, mouthing at pale skin, fragrant with her
scent, nibbling at the nipple, then tugging at it as it crinkles hard between my teeth.

That fragrance. Her fragrance. I’ve never forgotten it.

She’s breathy, the air escaping her throat in a sound somewhere between a sigh and a laugh.

And at that, my shaft surges, sending waves of pressure through my groin and balls. “Mitch?”

“I want you inside me.”

She rolls back, taking me with her and I settle with her thighs parting under me, my harder flesh
crowning hers.

My erection pressed against her growing heat, her growing wetness…

I’m here…

She’s here…

I don’t want simply to plunge into her.

I could. I could open her with fingers, hilt myself and lose myself in her depths.

But no, I don’t want that. I’ve waited too long for this.

I want to extend the moment. I want her to come for me. I want to hear her as she orgasms, that song
she first sang for me so long ago.

I disengage…

She shifts, protesting… “Larry…”

“Shhh…” And I slide down her body; her beautiful body.

You’ve barely aged…

Skin still smooth. Muscle still firm. The breasts perhaps are a little softer than I remember…

But of course… you’re a mother…

… and they vibrate with the combined rhythms of her panting and her pounding heartbeat.

Gliding slowly south, I trace her outline, my hands curving over the line of a still-narrow waist and broad

Her belly is still flat. A pale line marks a touch of stretching, but it’s faded, barely visible. I kiss it, then
the indent of her navel.

And further down, so close, amid the gleaming copper at her loins, threads of silver.

She’s scented of a warm musk which clings to my lips as I mouth over her, then continue my journey.

She moans as I find her bud, still sheathed, waiting for me. The unfurling seam of her pussy glistens,
the flesh swelling, and as I draw my lips over hers, she shivers and gasps.

Her thighs are already parted, but now she strains wider, raising herself on the soles of her feet,
arching to meet me.

Her panting turns to gasping. She’s liquid and liquifying. Hot and heating further. And, already fragrant,
her perfume grows stronger by the moment.

And I don’t want to wait any longer. Parting her lips with paired thumbs, I open her and plunging my
tongue in deep, I revel in the taste of her, the scent of her, the glory of her.

Somewhere above me, she’s wailing; a note rising in pitch and volume with every swipe of my tongue,
every suck of my lips. She grows louder, the shiver of her flesh growing to a tremble, then a shudder.

Her hands are grasping the back of my head, and as I return to her clit, the nails dig into my scalp…

“Oh… God…”

Easing back the sheath with a fingertip, exposing the tiny thing, I take it between my lips, pressing with
the lightest of touches.

She jolts, crying out, and slowly, methodically, opening my mouth over her, I wind the tip of my tongue
around her pearl; tiny circles that nudge and knead as, all the while, the tremble of her flesh grows
wilder and more uncontrolled.

Her pelvis shudders against me, and I plant my hands under her hips, pinning her as I pleasure her.

Mitch falls quiet, her body stilling against me, save for a pulsating resonance that grows by the second

She howls…

Her arched thighs and hips and spine, taut and tense…

… her climax gallops through muscle and bone, spilling against my chin and neck and splashing hot
over my wrists.

I don’t stop. Working her, willing her response, I tease at her sweet spot, extending her pleasure and
the moment as long as…

“Stop! Oh, Stop…” She’s calling and laughing… “Enough, Larry. Oh, God. Enough!”

I pull away, kneeling up, resting my hands on her inner thighs. Her smile is broad, her eyes… those
wonderful green eyes… wide, and her skin is dewy with perspiration.

“Good?” I ask.

“Oh, God, yes.”

Her smile turns impish. “I think that makes it your turn.”

“Indeed it does. But it can be our turn too. Lie back.”

The smile fades, her eyes fixing on me as I move to cover her, as she moves to take me.

Resting on my elbows, my palms cupped behind her shoulders, I ease to her, and against her, and into

Lips parted, panting a little, she remains, eyes locked with mine until, fully within her, I hold…


Her lips curve. “Ready.”

I lower myself, press my lips to hers, then raise myself once more.

And I move.


Very slowly…

Easing out, then sinking back into her.

And out again.

Anchored to her entrance, my shaft throbs, begging for more. For faster. For harder.

But not yet…


I push in once more, penetrating slowly, filling her, my flesh in hers, letting her sheath me.

And I withdraw.

She’s trembling.

“Larry… Please.”

Again, I lower myself to meet her, brushing my mouth over hers. She opens to take me, a hand to the
back of my head, holding me there. And now, our mouths locked, I thrust a little harder and her chest
heaves under me.

And again, I thrust, harder still, fathoming her as she moans into my open mouth.

I move, building a rhythm, building speed and power. Her hips angle and she swings her legs up and
around me, tight about my waist.

Forcefully now, I plunge into her, ramming home. She’s crying out, moving with me, her body rocking
with mine, drawing me in deeper, harder, faster.

Spearing her, I drive home, my balls banging against her with every stroke. The rising pressure in my
groin electrifies skin and muscle and sinew. Electricity sparkles on the edges of my vision and sweat
soaks into my hair, gathers on my forehead.


It’s coming…

With a groan, I shoot, my release wracking me in those brief-eternal moments of sheer intensity.
Spilling into her, I pulse once, twice, thrice…

And with a gasp, I drop my face to rest between her breasts as my heart pounds and my blood hums.

We lie together, she with her arms clasped around my shoulders, her legs around my waist. At length,
as my breathing settles to normal, I roll, taking her with me until we lie side by side.

And then, Mitch wrapped in my embrace, I let sleep take me.


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