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Chapter 2494

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Everyone was looking at each other.

After this discussion, the situation became clearer. It was almost impossible to barge into the Kurt family
and rescue Baltimore alone without the help of any external forces.

“Then, can’t the group of people who helped us deal with the intelligence agency last time help us
again?” Snow was still a little unwilling to give up, so he put forward his own suggestions.

After his great escape that had just ended, he still vividly remembered the combat power of the Sky
Wolves Mercenaries.

In his opinion, if there was support of the same scale as last time, it should not be a big problem to
rescue Baltimore.

“This will not work! We tricked Bella that time, and she will definitely not be fooled again!” This time it was
Rowan who was the first to reject this idea.

Snow said sarcastically, “Well, I thought you were cooperating with the Rothschilds…”

In reality, he was not quite a member of the small team in front of him yet, so no one told him much about
Bella. He knew nothing about the love-hate relationship between Jasper and the Rothschilds.

“We cooperated before, but you can understand it as a break in a long war.”

When Snow heard Jagoan’s explanation, he suddenly realized, “Oh, it’s just like the occasional
cooperation between the United States and the Soviet Union.”

“Well, you can think of it that way.” Jagoan smiled and nodded. After that, he turned to everyone and
said, “In truth, it’ll not be as hard to solve this problem as you think. If we want to rescue Baltimore, we
must first enter the territory of the Kurt family, but who said we have to force our way in?”

Everyone was stunned. Even Jagoan, who had always been smart, looked confused at the moment.

She was now a little confused about what Jagoan was planning.

“I think before we make a plan, it’s best to understand the current situation of the Kurt family.”

After Jagoan finished speaking, Jagoan’s eyes immediately lit up. “Jagoan, you mean we should first
contact those guys from the Kurt family who secretly contacted you last time?”

When Jagoan said this, he seemed to remember something and rubbed his palms excitedly.

“Yes, we can contact them first. On the one hand, we can understand the situation, and on the other
hand, we can rely on them to cooperate from the inside and the outside. Then, we can break through
Kimbra’s blockade in one fell swoop, directly combat the root of a problem, and rescue Baltimore!”

Jagoan’s face became even more helpless as she listened to Jagoan’s excited words.

“Jagoan, do you think Kimbra is really so stupid that he doesn’t know that someone in the family is
against him?”

“If I were him, I would definitely take extra precautions against those guys. I will also have daily
surveillance on them. The last time they were able to sneak out because Kimbra had just failed and was
unstable. They won’t have such a good opportunity this time. Besides, maybe Kimbra wants us to
contact those people more than anyone right now so that he can track us following clues and then catch

Jagoan lowered his head While feeling dispirited.

“What should we do?”

He was now worried that the rescue of Baltimore would fail, and he would eventually have to return
home in despair.

If that were the case, wouldn’t the humiliation of dressing up as a woman have been in vain?

At this moment, Jagoan’s voice sounded leisurely. “We don’t necessarily need someone to tell us what’s
going on inside the Kurt family. Have you forgotten the cameras installed by the intelligence agency?
Isn’t that our best spy?”

Jagoan’s head shot up. He thought to himself.


We can first look inside the Kurt family through these cameras.

Why didn’t I think of this?

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