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Chapter 1382 The Plan

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So, even Scott can’t fully grasp the future direction of development, huh? Abel mused.

“Well, everyone, take some time to think it over,” Scott said. “We’ll communicate again another day, and
once the plan is confirmed, we’ll convene a staff meeting.”

Abel left the office of the factory director.

At 5:30 p.m., he called Emmeline and told her he would depart immediately.

As he drove, he analyzed in his mind what the future situation of the factory would be and if a business
reform would be good or bad.

Before he knew it, he had arrived at RetroWave Advertisements.

Tony and Benjamin were already waiting at the entrance while Emmeline was still upstairs.

Benjamin said, “I’ll go upstairs and get her.”

Emmeline came downstairs shortly after, followed by the graphic designer, Ryan Chamberlain.

“We’ve been working on improving the design drafts. Mr. Chamberlain here has been working hard
these past few days,” Emmeline said.

“Emma is right; this success is partly thanks to Ryan,” Tony agreed.

Designing hundreds of graphic images had been exhausting for the designer.

Ryan modestly smiled and said, “Not at all, it’s thanks to Emma’s great ideas that I was able to work

“You don’t need to be so modest,” Benjamin said. “Everyone has contributed, including me.”

Tony glanced at Benjamin. “What contribution did you make? All you do is show up for free food.”

“I’ve been giving you all moral support. Go, team!” Benjamin laughed.

Abel said, “You guys have a great atmosphere here, much better than what we have back at our

“There’s more to it than meets the eye,” Tony said. “Abel, what kind of trouble have you run into this

“Our factory is undergoing reform, and the leadership team is starting to play politics. I had a meeting
with everyone today.”

“Sounds serious!” Tony said. “Let’s go to the restaurant, sit down, and fill me in. I’ll also give you some

The group arrived at the restaurant Tony had booked, took their seats, and placed their orders.

During the time they were waiting for their food to arrive, Abel explained the situation to Tony.

Tony had worked for the transportation company for many years and had a broad knowledge of various
matters, so Abel trusted his insights.

“As far as I know, most of these companies under the Light Industry Bureau implement the contract
system using the factory director’s centralized authority,” Tony began.

“Yeah.” Abel nodded.

“This also indicates that before being merged into the Bureau of Commerce, the Light Industry Bureau.
wants to leave itself some room to maneuver, Tony analyzed.

“Is it true that the Light Industry Bureau is merging with the Bureau of Commerce?” Abel asked.

“It’s true. After the transformation of state-owned enterprises, there won’t be a Light Industry Bureau
anymore; they’ll all fall under the Bureau of Commerce,” Tony explained.

“So, they are using this last bit of power to take care of these companies that have been supplying
them for years?” Abel inquired.

“It’s not out of the question. Look at these companies’ leadership; so many arrange jobs for dozens of
their relatives and friends! They enjoy job security, receive salaries, and basically act like parasites.
Isn’t that how state-owned enterprises are brought down?” Tony remarked.

“I got in just like that too!” Abel chuckled. “Back then, it was Uncle Maxwell who bought a job opening,
and without that, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

“But how many people like you actually earn their keep with real skills? Most are just coasting and
passing. the time. Layoffs are the way to go,” Tony said.

“Will this transition period of the factory director’s centralized authority affect my contracting plan?” Abel

“Factory director’s centralized authority is, to put it bluntly, just for show, but it might not necessarily be
a bad thing.” Tony said.

“What do you mean exactly?” Abel asked.

“Most of these Light Industry Bureau-affiliated companies’ heads are nearing retirement age. This
model, is basically to transition them out!” Tony explained.

“So, you mean I should cooperate with Scott?” Abel had a plan in mind.

“He’ll play the role of the retired emperor, and you can become the new ruling power. When he
eventually steps down, the world will be yours.” Tony chuckled. “Doesn’t that make sense?”

Abel pondered, “It actually makes some sense.”

“Having a retired emperor behind you has its pros and cons,” Tony said. “Given the intricate web of
relationships, he can provide you with protection, but it also means you have to provide him with certain
supplies, if you catch my drift.”

“I see. Abel made up his mind.

“But there’s one thing.” Tony added. “If you take power, he might take this opportunity to profit from

“That’s obvious, isn’t it?” Abel said. “If he dares to take advantage, it will make things easier. I’m just
afraid he won’t dare.”

“There are people like that, stubborn, Tony said, glancing at Benjamin. “Many of them.”

Benjamin burst into laughter. “I’m happy to be one of them. Let him bloody well try!”

“Alright, I’ll consider it,” Abel said. “I’ll talk to Scott and probe the situation.”

Tony made a money-counting gesture. “Prepare yourself for the windfall when the doors open!”

Everyone burst into laughter.

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