Novel Name : My Gorgeous Wife is an Ex-Convict!

Chapter 4322 Don’t Want to Disappoint Myself Anymore

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Tina couldn’t help but feel a wave of disappointment in her heart, but she also understood that the
person responsible for the current situation was none other than herself.

She had always pushed him away back then, insisting on getting a divorce. But when she finally
wanted to reconcile with him, she realized that the person who had always stood by her side in the past
had finally grown tired.

“But now, the Quentin family has already let us leave here. So even if you’re really tired and don’t want
to continue entangling with me, just come out with me first. After we’re out, if you still don’t want to be
with me, then I promise to submit the divorce agreement we signed last time. We’ll officially divorce!”
Tina said.

He looked at her for a long time before slowly saying, “Okay!”

Leaving the Quentin family was easy enough. Following the usual protocol, Tina and Chandler drank
the special potion provided by the family. When they woke up, they found themselves at the entrance of
Chandler’s villa in Emerald City.

This villa was originally prepared for their marriage.

Looking at this villa, Tina’s emotions were complicated. The back turned to Tina and

said, “Lornell hopes that Miss Stephenson will remember their agreement. Even if she leaves the
Quentin family, she must still abide by it.”

“Okay, I got it!” Tina said.

Chandler furrowed his brow as he waited for the driver to leave. “Do you have some kind of agreement
with Lornell?” he asked.

“So, are you still interested in my matters? I thought you said you were tired and no longer interested in
my affairs.” Tina said.

“Chandler immediately turned serious and said, ‘Tina, I’m not joking. The Quentin family doesn’t make
promises lightly, but once a promise is made, not following through will result in a heavy price. Don’t
make any casual promises to the Quentin family.””

“Tina smiled and said, ‘I wasn’t joking. I don’t make promises lightly with just anyone! But as for the
promise Lornell and I made, I’m sorry, I can’t reveal it.

Chandler’s doubts deepened in his eyes. “Is it related to me?”

“Tina chuckled, ‘Guess!'”

Anyway, she didn’t say anything to Chandler. If Chandler figures it out on his own, then Lornell can’t
blame her!

The two of them entered the villa, and Chandler said, “I’ll have the driver take you back later.”

“Okay, but no rush. I think we can have dinner together here before heading back!” Tina said.

“There’s not much food in the fridge, and there’s no chef here today,” Chandler said.

“Well, let’s just order takeout then. It’s pretty convenient after all!” Tina suggested. As for her own
cooking skills… well, let’s just say she didn’t have much talent for it, at least from what she knew.

“Suit yourself,” Chandler said nonchalantly.

Now all he had to do was guard his heart, not let himself hold onto pointless hopes, and he wouldn’t
have to suffer disappointment and pain anymore.

After a while, when her brief sympathy for him faded, she naturally stopped pestering him like that.

This should be fine for them.

She should suffer a little now than risk losing control of her emotions and facing his overwhelming
possessiveness. In the end, she’ll only end up in more pain.

Tina ordered on her phone and started browsing for takeout. Then she said, “I feel like having some
wine. You have red wine here, right?”

“If you want to drug someone, it’s easier to mix it in their drink!”

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