Novel Name : The Untouchable Ex-Wife

Chapter 1430

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Santiago felt like Xavier was the most opinionated and arrogant man he had ever met.

"Have you ever asked Lei what she wants? Who is the outsider here, you or me?" He approached
Xavier angrily, wanting to take Leia from him.

At that moment, Leia was feeling weak, and her lips were pale.

She looked at them and groaned, "Can you two stop fighting? I'm dying here! Hurry up...

and get me to the hospital!" Too weak to hold on, she blacked out and lost consciousness.

When Leia woke up, she found herself lying on a hospital bed.

Both Xavier and Santiago were sitting in front of her bed, and she could feel that the atmosphere
between them was tense.

However, the most important thing was that she was alive.

"Lei, you're awake! Are you thirsty? I'll get you some water." When Santiago saw Leia open her eyes,
his eyes lit up.

“Of course she's thirsty, she's been in a coma for two days! If you didn't talk so much, she'd be drinking
water by now," Xavier snapped as he handed Leia a cup of warm water.

Leia wanted to reach out and take the cup, but found that she couldn't move her right hand.

She looked at her hand in horror, realizing she couldn't feel it.


My hand..." Numerous possibilities dawned on her, and her face went pale.

Did the venom enter her bones and ruin her hand? Would it need to be amputated? "Don't worry, your
hand is okay.

The numbness hasn't gone away because there's still venom in you," Santiago comforted Leia gently.

“oh, thank goodness...

I was so scared." Leia breathed a sigh of relief, grateful that she could keep her hand.

Xavier carefully held the cup of water to Leia's lips for her to drink, and casually added, "Your hand
could still be amputated if the venom isn't out of your system in twenty-four hours, or if the venom
enters your nervous system." "Pfft!" Leia spat the water out and gasped, "What...

What did you say?" She stared at Xavier with wide eyes.

She'd rather die than have her hand amputated! “Didn't I make myself clear? You need to take care of
yourself because there's still venom in your body." Xavier put the cup down and patted her head.

He then huffed and scolded her, "You even cared so much about that moonstone.

Don't be so careless next time." People said it was tiring to take care of children but Xavier felt that it
was more tiring to take care of Leia after that diving trip.

He couldn't keep an eye on her at all, and she didn't even have the sense to keep her distance from the
corals that could be housing poisonous creatures.

Of course, she would be bitten by the sea snake.

"Oh yeah, where's my moonstone? I want to give it to Ren.

Did you take my moonstone?" Leia asked anxiously, worried her efforts would have gone to waste.

Santiago pointed at a small box on the bedside cabinet and said dotingly, "Don't worry, I put it away for

Your hand will be okay after the snake venom subsides; you'll be fine." Leia's condition wasn't very
serious because she was rushed to the hospital in time, and most of the venom in her body had
already dissipated.

There was only a small amount left around the bite mark, and it would only take a one-hour surgery to
get rid of the venom.

On the bright side, she wouldn't have to amputate her hand.

Leia felt slightly calmer after hearing Santiago's words.


When is the surgery? I want to call Ren."

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