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Chapter 1290

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife chapter 1290

Everyone knew that the medicine Jim provided weren’t necessarily meant for healing injuries or

Sometimes, and quite often, his medicine could be deadly.

James had already been penalized and injured due to the car breaking down on the road.

Now, if he accepted this pill…

What if it really killed him?

He didn’t dare to accept it.

“It’s okay not to take it,” Jim said, glancing at someone behind him.

Immediately, someone took the pill and forcefully shoved it into James’s mouth.

He wanted to spit it out, but when he saw the look in Jim’s eyes, he didn’t dare.

He could only swallow the pill, allowing it to dissolve in his mouth.

Fortunately, he was still alive after half an hour passed.

James let out a relieved sigh, and belatedly realized that he was covered in sweat.

“Is there any sign of damage to the car?”

Jim had James brought over, but he had been silent for a long time before finally saying something. He
stared at James, waiting for the latter to answer.

James’s heartbeat gradually returned to normal, and the pain in his body lessened. He could feel that
the medicine Jim had given him this time was genuinely medicinal and not a lethal weapon. He began
to relax, and wiped the sweat from his forehead with his hand.

“There are signs, and it’s done very discreetly. If I hadn’t closely examined it with one of the mechanics,
it would have been easily overlooked.”

Jim nodded, seeing through James’s desire for recognition but choosing not to comment on it.

He simply said, “Well done.”

James immediately smiled, as if he had gained a tremendous advantage.

People were indeed curious creatures. As long as Jim showed them a bit of kindness, he became their

Jim’s eyes showed no warmth, and he didn’t engage with James any further. He was lost in thought
about Simon, the man who had just left his home.

The fact that Simon had appeared behind his car and given him a ride was definitely not a coincidence.

After all, in Jim’s previous observations of Diana’s records, Simon was an important figure: he liked
Diana, and had spent three years with her in Stirling City.

How could a person like that suddenly appear by Jim’s side without any warning?

A suffocating silence hung in the air. Jim thought for a moment, and found the contact information
Simon had left behind. His smile was harmless, yet it carried an eerie chill.

“Hello, Mr. Channing.”

Having just left Hughes Manor, Simon was quite surprised to receive Jim’s call, but he quickly replied,
“Hello, Professor Hughes.”

“When we were having dinner earlier, you mentioned an interest in the business of cultivating herbs,”
Jim said.” Would you be interested in visiting my laboratory in a few days? We can discuss the details.”

The laboratory?

Based on Simon’s understanding, that place was highly treasured and valued by Jim.

The fact that he was invited so quickly…was it akin to gaining Jim’s trust?

While Simon felt the speed was somewhat abnormal, he realized Jim had already gone to Richburgh to
meet Diana and might soon pose a threat to her.

Simon’s journey to Jacroaof to meet Jim was a preventive measure aimed at cutting off any possibility
of Jim harming Diana.

Jim looked like a man who seemed normal but was, in reality, inhumane.

Simon wouldn’t hesitate to eliminate Jim at a critical moment. After all, he didn’t have much to live for
with his crippled leg, and he could consider it compensation for that New Year’s Eve dinner.

Thinking of the evening meal, when Diana had displayed a gentle and happy smile, Simon’s resolve
grew stronger.

“Very well, Professor Hughes. It’s my honor to visit your laboratory with you.”

“Even if my laboratory is filled with newborns who were made into specimens from birth and many
souls waiting to be experimented on, only to die in front of the testing table, would you still consider it
an honor?” Jim asked.

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