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Chapter 1316

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“Is that so?” Veronica Murphy seemed to have heard a funny joke. “I want all the assets of the Robins
Family. Can you give them to me?” Eviette Robins was stunned, not expecting Veronica Murphy to
make such a request. The two locked eyes, and tension filled the air.

Eviette Robins raised her slender finger and flicked the hair beside her ear, sneering, “You dare to
make such a bold request. But remember, ‘those who toast but don’t eat will be punished’. Smart
people understand the current situation, but you, you’re excessively greedy. Giving you money is a
form of compensation. If I don’t want to give you money, with a snap of my fingers, you, Veronica
Murphy, will disappear tomorrow.” This was a warning. With the power of the Robins Family, it would be
easy to get rid of Veronica Murphy.

“Well, thank you for Miss Robins’ ‘mercy” Veronica Murphy’s expression was indifferent as she said
mockingly, then turned and left. Veronica Murphy had already considered what Eviette Robins said.

But she was not someone who feared death.

Matthew Kings had done too much for her, and if she chose to leave just because Eviette Robins
threatened her with death, it would be a betrayal to Matthew Kings.

She left, and Eviette Robins stood in place, facing Veronica Murphy who couldn’t be swayed by threats
or kindness, and she truly hated her to the core.

Her hand tightened slightly, and her sharp gaze seemed as if it could bore a hole into Veronica Murphy.
Turning around, she threw the coffee in her hand into the trash can.

She went outside and made a phone call to someone. As soon as the phone rang, the other person
answered, ‘Princess, what can I do for you?” “Help me investigate Veronica Murphy. I want. all her
information, including everyone who has had close contact with her.” “Yes, Princess, I will take care of
it.” The other person hung up the phone. Eviette Robins tightly gripped her phone with her fingers, took

a deep breath, and slightly parted her red lips. The breath that escaped formed a faint mist, dispersing
with the wind.

Her eyes narrowed slightly, thinking to herself: Veronica Murphy, you brought this upon yourself by
refusing the toast. Don’t blame me for being ruthless.

After a five-minute break, Veronica Murphy returned to filming. This time, she was in a very good state
and fully engaged.

Because of frequent absences recently, which had delayed the filming process, the director
compressed all her scenes together, resulting in filming continuing until noon on the third day.

In the middle of the two and a half days, she hardly rested, with all her sleep time combined being less
than two hours.

Carrying her exhausted body, Ben planned to go back to the hotel to rest, but he fell asleep on the sofa
in the dressing room just after removing his makeup.

Riversouth Hospital.

Skyler Robins, who was hospitalized for recovery, is scheduled to be discharged tomorrow. Miguel
Zephyr Robins and Sofia Green will both come to the hospital to pick him up.

However, Skyler Robins is already impatient to leave the hospital. If it weren’t for Nurse Qiao Yu
blocking him, he would have left the hospital long ago.

Lying on the bed, Skyler Robins chatted aimlessly on his phone. He noticed that he had been blocked
by “Time Flies” and tried to add the person using his WhatsApp account, but the other party refused to
accept the friend request.

He raised his hand and rubbed his forehead in frustration, “What the hell! She’s so ugly, yet she
blocked me after I gave her a skin for free.” With his financial strength, the skin given on the gaming
account was worth next to nothing. It shouldn’t bother him.

But he was annoyed nonetheless. Perhaps, deep down, what truly bothered him was Shirley Wilson
abandoning him and leaving. without a word.

And now, he encountered a woman with a voice just like Shirley Wilson’s, who blocked him again. It
seemed that he would always be in a passive position.

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