Novel Name : The Yun Family's Ninth Child Is An Imp!

Chapter 5850, I apologize, I compensate

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Chapter 5850, I apologize, I compensate

Director Xia Hou’s eyes did not rub the sand, he immediately understood a bit.
He glanced at manager Luo who forced herself to be calm, and then said to Yun chujiu, “This matter was indeed handled improperly by our discipline department. That stone wall should have been demolished.
However, even so, you should not have injured the students of the talisman seal faculty. What do you have to say about this?”
Yun chujiu blinked her eyes. “I was indeed the one who hit her. I apologize, I’ll compensate you! Didn’t manager Luo Treat Ding Wenrou like this before? I followed suit.”
Director Xia Hou:”...”
At this moment, under Jian Zhuyu’s hint, Xiao Lianqiao said loudly, “Director Xia Hou, not only did Yan Qingcheng blow up the wall of the Talisman Division, she also blew up the wall of our alchemy division.
The wall of our alchemy faculty is not built illegally. Please give us justice.”
Director Xia Hou nodded. “Yan Qingcheng, what do you have to say about this?”
Yun chujiu straightened her back and said seriously,
“Director Xia Hou, since things have come to this, I’m going to throw caution to the wind!
I want to sue the alchemy faculty and the Talisman Seal Faculty for forcibly occupying the territory of the primal faculty and demand that they return it to its owner.
Originally, the area of our primeval faculty was about the same as their two faculties, but now there is only a small courtyard left. A large area and houses have been occupied by their two faculties.
I know that my words are light, and in doing so, I have offended the people of the two faculties. But as the only two students of the primeval faculty, I naturally have to protect the rights and interests of the primeval faculty. I hope that director Xia Hou will stand up for us.”
Xiao Lianqiao sneered, “Yan Qingcheng, you really can spout nonsense! Our Alchemy Division has occupied the territory of Your Primal Division?
What kind of joke is this? ! Who doesn’t know that your primal division has long declined, and is only left with a broken courtyard!”
Jian Zhuyu chimed in from the side, “Sister Lianqiao is right, if you say that the wall from before occupied your territory, it makes sense.
As for saying that our two academies took up a large area of your primal institution’s territory, that’s simply nonsense!”
Those students who were watching the show also sneered and ridiculed, “Yan Qingcheng, are you crazy? ! Ever since I entered the institution, the primal institution only has so little space, how could it be taken up?”
“That’s right, our alchemy institution rarely takes up that fart-sized area of yours? !”
“Why didn’t you say that the upper house is the territory of Your Primal Division? ! How Shameless!”
Director Xia Hou was just about to reprimand Yun chujiu when he suddenly thought of something and his expression became a little complicated.
This Yan Qingcheng really wasn’t spouting nonsense. The Talisman Seal Division and Alchemy Division indeed occupied the territory of the primal division.
However, almost a thousand years had passed and the prehistoric faculty had declined again. Hence, no one mentioned this matter anymore. They treated it as if those places belonged to the alchemy faculty and the Talisman Faculty.
He was upright and disdained to lie. However, if this matter were to be exposed, how would they end up?
To have the alchemy faculty and the talisman faculty return the place to the prehistoric faculty? ! Wouldn’t everything be in chaos then? !
If they didn’t return it, it wouldn’t make sense.
The more he thought about it, the more he felt that this matter was difficult to handle. He glared fiercely at manager Luo. If he had handled it fairly last time, this matter wouldn’t have happened!
Director Xia Hou thought about it and finally thought of a way to shift the blame.
He immediately sent a message to president gu and the six chancellors. As for the final decision of the matter, it was up to them.
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