Novel Name : The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 2323: 2326 -Take It Slowly

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Chapter 2323: 2326 -Take It Slowly

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“You know what kind of life we’ve been living all these years. “The elder sister’s face was stern and dignified.” No matter what, we have to fulfill Mother’s last wish!”
“Sis!” The younger sister looked hesitant.” But we’ve been looking for him for so long. Can we really find him here?”
“Definitely!” The elder sister nodded.” Mother once said that our father is a very powerful hero! And he’s a very powerful person!”
“Hero…” the younger sister muttered softly.
“What did you say?”
“It’s nothing!” The younger sister looked up.” I was just thinking, should we hang Mother’s portrait out so that he can find us?”
Before the elder sister could speak, the younger sister shook her head.” No, that’s not appropriate. If he didn’t come, it wouldn’t be good if the person who had harmed his mother back then came looking for him.”
“Yes.” The elder sister nodded in approval.” This will be dangerous.’”‘
“What are you talking about?”
When Xu Qing Quan was eavesdropping seriously, he was shocked by the sudden voice and almost jumped up.
Fortunately, he was able to keep his composure. He only looked at the man and woman who suddenly appeared with lingering fear.
The man and woman looked ordinary, but their auras were different.
Most importantly, they looked very young.
They were so young, but he did not notice their appearance. This meant that they were powerful.
The sudden appearance of such a person made people suspicious of their intentions.
Moreover, there were two children who were suspected to be the Emperor’s daughters.
“Master! Grand Master! ”
The two of them turned around and shouted in unison.
“What’s wrong? Didn’t you go to get your mother’s painting?”
“Done.” The two of them nodded and showed the painting.” But what should we do next?”
“What do you mean?” The tall woman asked in a deep voice.
“How are we going to find daddy?” “Why don’t we find someone to make a few copies and then post them everywhere?’”‘
“Not good.” The woman shook her head.” This is the Imperial City. You can’t just casually put it up. Moreover, no one could guarantee that this would lead to any danger.”
“Yes.” The man nodded.” Besides, we might have enemies here. If he was followed up, it would be troublesome.”
“Then…What should we do?” The little girls were immediately dejected.
“It’s okay. Let’s take it slow. Anyway, you’ve already waited for so many years. Can’t you wait any longer?”Master smiled.
“Alright, let’s take it slow.”
Slowly? How could this be!
After listening to the conversation inside, Xu Qing Quan immediately became anxious.
Those two little girls are suspected to be His Majesty’s daughters. This is big news!
His Majesty did not have a son, and the throne had been coveted for many years. This was a huge worry!
Now that two daughters had suddenly appeared, they were heavenly treasures!
Moreover, he also discovered that these two little girls were not weak.
Most importantly, the master inside said that the sisters had only officially cultivated for half a year!
He had reached Level 2 in half a year. Wasn’t this progress and talent inherited from His Highness?
It would be even better if he could confirm that the sisters had dragon patterns on their bodies!
However, he couldn’t just peep at the little girl changing her clothes. If she was really a princess, what he was doing would be so disrespectful!
Even if he wasn’t a princess, he wasn’t a pervert!
Fortunately, Xu Qing Quan quickly thought of a way.
Therefore, two days later, when the sisters went out, they were drenched by water falling from the sky..
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