Novel Name : Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 1755: Transcendent in the Eternal Realm (2)

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Chapter 1755: Transcendent in the Eternal Realm (2)
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Cold Moon City no longer had any dealings with the outside world. It relied solely on its internal heritage for support.
With only tens of thousands of cultivators in the entire city, secluded in their cultivation, they rarely interacted with cultivators from outside.
They were afraid.
They was afraid that news of the city’s decline would reach outsiders. This was not the first time Sun Cast City had set their sights on Cold Moon City.
“You claim to be Senior Muyue’s successor.” The black-robed old man stared at Han Muye, took a deep breath, and pointed to a hall not far away. “If you get the recognition of the Legacy Hall, then we will recognize you.”
The Legacy Hall contained City Lord Muyue’s remnant soul divine sense. It was also this divine sense that had been supporting the city and preventing its fall.
Despite their strength as divine-level beings, none of them could gain the recognition of that remnant soul divine sense and become the city lord of this ?City.
Han Muye turned to look at the hall.
The black hall was vast, as if cast from refined iron.
This was the trading hall of the Temple of Ten Thousand Gods.
It was also where the previous City Lord Muyue’s soul was hidden.
From the memories of the two battle puppets, Han Muye knew all these secrets.
Especially from the memories of the Primordial battle puppet in the square, he learned more about the City Lord Muyue back then.
“Alright, I’ll enter the Legacy Hall.” Han Muye looked at the faces of those divine-level powerhouses, a faint smile appearing in his eyes. “When I come out of the hall and obtain the golden ring of the city lord, I will be the master of this city, right?”
Everyone looked at each other and nodded slightly.
This had always been their dream.
To walk into the hall and obtain the recognition of the previous City Lord’s soul.
Han Muye did not walk straight into the hall. Instead, he turned around and looked at the broken battle puppets behind him.
The remains of the five battle puppets were all dismantled and in a mess.
He stretched out his hand and pressed it on the body of a battle puppet. He said softly, “This battle puppet is the Bright Moon battle puppet controlled by
Senior Haoyue who followed City Lord Muyue back then.”
He actually recognized which senior controlled the battle puppet back then?
In the square, everyone’s recognition of Han Muye’s identity increased slightly.
Only a successor of Senior Muyue could possibly know these things, right?
Han Muye shook his head and said, “Back then, when Senior Haoyue controlled the battle puppet, he could use the Full Moon Divine Skill to kill opponents of the same level and shake the world. I didn’t expect that you would dismantle his battle puppet and break the spiritual patterns inherited from the divine skill.”
These words made everyone blush with embarrassment.
The divine skill that they just activated using the Primordial battle puppet was the full moon technique.
Unfortunately, that divine skill, in their hands, was just an ordinary means of activation, without any killing power.
Han Muye walked to another battle puppet and gently stroked it, a look of regret on his face.
In fact, he was reading the memories within the battle puppet.
“Senior Xuanyue’s Crescent Moon battle puppet wielded a Crescent Moon saberand his saber techniques were said to be top-notch among the Primordial battle puppets. Yet, you dismantled his battle saber…
“This is the Radiant Star battle puppet, known for its dazzling starlight and unrivaled existence. Yet you broke its star chain defense spiritual patterns.”
With each sentence from Han Muye, the divine-level powerhouses in the square wished they could disappear into the ground.
Their understanding of these Primordial battle puppets was limited.
Because they wanted powerful control methods, they dismantled the essence of these battle puppets and assembled them.
What they got wasn’t as powerful as they imagined but rather extremely difficult to control.
Even the battle puppet that Han Muye had just shattered with a sword.
“Ah, what a bunch of useless people.” After seeing the memories of all the battle puppets, Han Muye flicked his sleeves and walked briskly towards the large hall on one side of the square.
Those divine-level powerhouses looked at each other, full of shame on their faces.
“Is he really the successor of the city lord?” someone whispered, a hint of hope in their eyes.
“I’m afraid so. Otherwise…” Otherwise, who else would know about these ancient battle puppets and their various secret techniques?
“Successor?” The elder at the front couldn’t hide the depth of his gaze. He murmured softly, “Is he an inheritor or a reincarnator? Who knows?” Reincarnator.
Some powerhouses entrusted their souls elsewhere, waiting for their memories to awaken at a specific time.
Such souls could be fragmented or become the main soul.
“Jin Hui, do you mean that this person might be the reincarnated soul of the city lord Muyue, who has now returned to reclaim Cold Moon City?” someone exclaimed in surprise.
The elder named Jin Hui shook his head, his expression calm. “Let’s wait until he comes out of the hall to discuss. There’s no point in saying anything now.”
Everyone nodded and watched Han Muye disappear into the hall.
As soon as he walked into the hall, Han Muye smiled.
The structure of this hall was practically no different from the Trading Hall of the Immortal Burial City.
It seemed that the Temple of Ten Thousand Gods was indeed related to the Heaven-Changing Pavilion in the Primordial Chaos Universe.
As he walked forward step by step, the golden bird and Chaos that appeared behind Han Muye, the Five Elements Divine Furnace, and the phantom of the war spear attached to his arm all surveyed their surroundings curiously.
The hall was empty, dark, and silent.
“Senior Muyue, since I’m here, you don’t have to hide anymore,” Han Muye walked to the center of the hall, his gaze sweeping around, and said lightly, “You’ve been hiding your remnant soul here for so many years just to wait for your reincarnation, right?
“I’m telling you, you can’t wait.”
She couldn’t wait any longer.
As Han Muye finished speaking, the entire hall instantly lit up with endless moonlight.
The moonlight was like layers of thin gauze, enveloping the space around Han Muye.
A female cultivator in a moon-white palace dress walked forward with coldness in her eyes.
“It’s so cold..” The golden bird muttered and landed on Han Muye’s shoulder.
“She’s still just a little girl,” a voice came from the chaos golden pearl.
The female cultivator in palace clothes looked at Han Muye, then at the golden bird on Han Muye’s shoulder and the Chaos Golden Bead beside the golden bird.
The golden bird flapped its wings and turned its head away.
The Golden Bead spun slightly.
The female cultivator then looked at the Five Elements Divine Furnace floating in the air.
“The divine beast of the Primordial Chaos Universe, the Extreme Dao Array
Spirit, and the Weapon Refinement Divine Furnace, Which Great Venerable are
He could see through the identities of the golden bird and Chaos at a glance. They were indeed abilities that only ancient mighty figures had.
“I’m also very curious about you.” Han Muye’s expression did not change. He looked at the moonlight and female cultivator in front of him. “Are you the remnant soul or the battle puppet of the Great Venerable Muyue?”
His words made the female cultivator’s expression change. Before she could speak, Han Muye’s voice sounded again. “l didn’t expect Great Venerable
Muyue to have already upgraded her battle puppet to the Universe level.” “Or rather, it’s a bioengineering technique.
“She wants to use you as a vessel for her own soul to achieve eternal life, right?”
Han Muye’s words completely darkened the female cultivator’s expression.
Han Muye had long studied the bioengineering methods used to refine war puppets.
He even had such a war puppet body beside him, Chen Mo t s granddaughter, Chen Die t er.
Originally, he was very curious about Chen Die’er’s body, and now, he found clues in the memories of the battle puppets in the square.
Seeing the female cultivator in front of him again, he finally had a complete answer.
Chen Die t er’s body was created by an ancient powerhouse as a vessel for his soul, a battle puppet that contained the power of his soul, second only to the Universe-level.
This kind of battle puppet might not be comparable to the Universe level in terms of combat power, or even to the Primordial level, but it could live forever.
It was true immortality.
One’s body and soul were controlled by oneself, without any other forces to manipulate.
Breaking free from the constraints of the endless Dao, escaping the limitations of the river of time.
Even if the power might decline, this unfettered immortality was the pursuit of the strongest beings in the world.
“Since you know, you shouldn’t have come.” The female cultivator’s mouth was cold. She raised her hand, and endless moonlight shrouded Han Muye.
In an instant, Han Muye’s body was frozen by the moonlight that looked gentle but exuded coldness.
“To disturb someone who is about to step into the Eternal Life realm, you should know that this is seeking death,” the female cultivator said coldly, turning around and walking away.
She had absolute confidence in her divine powers.
However, the moment she raised her foot, her entire body suddenly trembled.
A hand pressed down on her shoulder and then clasped her neck.
“Do you know where you went wrong?” Han Muye’s voice sounded softly..
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