Novel Name : Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 4226: Eight to Four (4)

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Chapter 4226: Eight to Four (4)....
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“There’s something so strange about him.” Feng Xun couldn’t figure out what was going on with Yu Mingye these days.
“Xiao Wu, what do you think?” Feng Xun asked curiously.
Feng Wu said, “I believe that Yu Mingye is still our Yu Mingye, and that won’t change. But the next round is our top priority now.”
The next round was between Luo Zizhong and Wuyu, the sacred son of Buddhism.
The competition was divided into three fractions.
The eldest prince was the head of the dynasty, Feng Wu was the head of the Luo family, and Qiu Zhennan was the head of the neutral group.
Feng Wu knew that Luo Zizhong was going to lose the third round, but she didn’t expect Wuyu to be so powerful.
Luo Zizhong was defeated after three strikes.
“How’s that possible?” Luo Zilin grabbed Feng Wu’s hand in astonishment. “My brother was defeated after three strikes? That’s impossible!”
Feng Wu’s eyes were as cold as frost. “Wuyu is very, very powerful. He’s even more powerful than I expected.”
Feng Wu kept her gaze on Wuyu as she spoke, not daring to let her guard down.
Luo Zilin kept his gaze on the arena as well.
All of a sudden, his face darkened.
“My brother is ready to give in, and he’s raised his hand, but Wuyu is still attacking!” Luo Zilin clenched his fists. “What’s he doing?!”
Luo Zilin wasn’t the only one. Everyone saw with their own eyes that Wuyu was attacking in a frenzy while Luo Zizhong was losing ground.
“I… give…”
Wuyu didn’t give Luo Zizhong any chance to finish his sentence.
“Damn it!”
Luo Zilin was furious.
Feng Wu glared at Wuyu with bloodshot eyes.
“Luo Zizhong has lost. I give in on his behalf. Stop!” Feng Wu jumped onto the stage.
However, before she could steady herself, a figure jumped out and blocked Feng Wu’s way. It was none other than Yan Yu, the crown prince.
“Don’t. This is someone else’s arena. Just watch and don’t interfere.” Holding a fan, Yan Yu smiled at Feng Wu, but the smile didn’t reach his eyes.
The referees included the Princess Royal, the crown prince, and Lord Yan. Luo Nantian was one of them.
“Uncle!” Feng Wu cried out.
Luo Nantian struck out right away.
Princess Royal struck out at the same time.
“Stop,” said an indifferent voice. It was none other than the abbot of the Primordial Pagoda.
Only then did Wuyu stop.
“Brother!” Feng Wu rushed in, steadied Luo Zizhong, and stuffed a pill into his mouth.
Luo Zizhong was covered with cuts and bruises and didn’t look too well. If Feng Wu hadn’t intervened in time, he would have suffered from side effects even if he was saved.
“Wuyu.” Feng Wu turned around and stared at the monk.
“Amitabha.” Wuyu remained unperturbed as if he wasn’t the one who had done this.
“I’ll make you pay for what you did to my brother today,” Feng Wu said calmly.
“I’ll wait.” After that, Wuyu turned to leave the stage.
Feng Wu and Luo Zilin helped Luo Zizhong off the stage. Immediately, everyone gathered around and expressed their concern.
“The fourth round starts now! Fighters of both teams, please enter the arena!” It was a battle between Feng Wu and Ye Yijian of the Formless Sword Sect.
“Ye Yijian, if you lose, I’ll despise you.” Fairy Ziyun glanced at Ye Yijian. Ye Yijian snorted.. “If I can’t even defeat a girl, I’ll never be the best swordsman of the future!”
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