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Chapter 2046: Found the Spiritual Silkworms

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Chapter 2046: Found the Spiritual Silkworms....
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Mu Tianyan chuckled and rested his chin on his wife’s shoulder, rubbing it gently. “My wife isn’t at a disadvantage either.”
What her wife hated the most was to suffer losses.
Lu Zijia immediately smiled. “It’s not a loss, and it saves us a lot of trouble.”
In fact, she had the intention of asking others to find the Spiritual at first. However, when she was outside, those people hid quickly like mice seeing a cat.
So, she could only give up helplessly.
Four hours later, the green-robed male cultivator and twenty to thirty people rushed over.
However, when they rushed over, they were dumbfounded because they didn’t notice the existence of anyone in this extremely hot and bare area at all.
When the green-robed man and the others thought that Lu Zijia was fooling them, two figures suddenly appeared in their vision.
“Thank you for your hard work. Did you find the Spiritual Silkworms?”
Lu Zijia and Mu Tianyan walked out of the array formation and asked the green-robed man and the others directly without talking nonsense.
When the green-robed man saw their sudden appearance, he guessed that they might have been hiding in an array formation.
“Greetings, Master Lu and Master Mu.”
The green-robed man first bowed to everyone, then took out a one-meter-long rectangular brocade box from his storage bag and handed it to Lu Zijia carefully with both hands.
“The Spiritual Silkworms we found are all in the brocade box. Master Lu, take a look and see if this is the Spiritual Silkworm you’re looking for.”
Lu Zijia didn’t stand on ceremony either. She took it and opened it directly.
Looking at the hundreds of Spiritual Silkworms with a purple glow placed on the silver silk in the brocade box, a hint of surprise flashed through Lu Zijia’s eyes.
She originally thought that it was already very good that these people could get more than ten Spiritual Silkworms. She didn’t expect them to get more than a
hundred. This was beyond her expectations.
“A total of 102 Spiritual Silkworms. Master Lu, look…” Seeing the satisfied look on Lu Zijia’s face, the green-robed man couldn’t help testing her carefully.
Lu Zijia certainly understood what he meant and simply said with certainty, “One hundred and two Spiritual Silkworms. According to the deal we discussed before, you can exchange them for thirty-four Soul Stabilizing Pills. Seven days. Come back for the Soul Stabilizing Pill seven days later. Do you have any objections?”
Because it was a pill that she had never refined before, Lu Zijia didn’t think too highly of herself and lengthened the time.
She had no idea how much of a surprise the seven days she talked about gave others.
As expected, the green-robed man was instantly overjoyed when he heard that.
At the same time, he waved his hand repeatedly. “No, no. Thank you, Master Lu. I’ll have to trouble you then.”
They thought that they would have to wait at least a month before they could get the pills. They didn’t expect it to be reduced by more than half. How could they have any objections?
After getting the agreement of Lu Zijia and the others, the green-robed man and the others found an empty space in the distance and settled down, apparently waiting for the pills here.
After all, their soul power was still unstable right now. If they encountered trouble, it was very easy for problems to arise.
For example, when they went to look for the Spiritual Silkworms before, a few of them almost died on the way.
After what the green-robed man and the others did, many cultivators in the mystic realm began to move after hearing the news, so the surroundings of the lava mountain became even more lively.
Afraid that their efforts would be in vain, the cultivators who heard the news came to ask one after another, wanting to get Lu Zijia’s confirmation..
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