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Chapter 1219: Jiang Qinge vs Li Changfeng

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Chapter 1219: Jiang Qing'e vs Li Changfeng

A sandstorm swept across the battlefield when Li Changfeng activated his resonant power. The sand came from his resonance and contained the power of corrosion. It was powerful enough to trap an ordinary first-grade Duke. Unable to escape, they would gradually have their resonant power eroded over time.
All the Dragon's Fang Guardians watching the fight had serious expressions as they sensed the tremendous pressure coming from the battlefield. The resonant power from a third-grade Duke was extremely terrifying.
How was a first-grade Duke going to stand up against it?
The members of the Dragon's Fang Guardians were very familiar with Li Changfeng. They knew about his numerous battle achievements. In the past, he was chased by two Dukes, one second-grade and the other first-grade. In the end, the second-grade Duke was severely injured and managed to retreat. The first-grade Duke, on the other hand, lost his life in the battle. Even with a perfect Ten-Pillar Duke Bergfried, it was unclear if Jiang Qing'e's strength would exceed that of a second-grade Duke. This was something that even Li Foluo had no answer to.
"Miss Jiang, I will warn you again. I'm not going to hold back. Watch out!" Li Changfeng's deep voice echoed. Then he waved his sleeve, and waves of yellow sand swept up.
Duke Art: Yellow Sand Miasma!
The sky turned dark immediately and a yellow sandstorm blew directly towards Jiang Qing'e.
This was a Communion-grade Duke Art. Its grade wasn’t all that high, but the Grand Commanders were horrified as they watched the battle. They knew that this was Li Changfeng's signature move. He had mastered it when he was at the Heavenly Resonance Tier, and after so many years, he had cultivated this Duke Art to the Grand Perfection Realm.
The sandstorm swept across the battlefield like a disaster. Any Duke who got caught in it would have their senses dulled. At the same time, the yellow sand would gradually erode their resonant power.
The yellow sand contained a kind of poisonous miasma. If one accidentally breathed it in, the yellow sand would invade their blood and they would feel as if a thousand needles were piercing their body.
In the hands of a true Duke, even an ordinary Communion-grade Duke Art possessed terrifying power. The yellow sandstorm charged directly towards Jiang Qing'e. Everyone watched without batting an eyelid as holy light began to dazzle on Jiang Qing'e's snow-white skin. At the next moment, an endless amount of light resonant energy shone out from behind her. Three figures of light that resembled Jiang Qing'e appeared behind her. From afar, it looked like she had duplicated herself thrice.
The three figures were made of an extremely pure light resonant energy. The worldly natural energy in the surroundings roared to life, and a humongous amount of light resonant power condensed. It all turned into a light vortex that spun around the Ten-Pillar Duke Bergfried. Then the holy light resonant power shone out brightly across the whole battlefield. Jiang Qing'e was like a goddess of light, and the immense light energy kept the terrifying sandstorm at bay.
Everyone watched in shock. They exclaimed in surprise when they saw the three figures behind her.
"Those are.... Spirit Avatars?!"
"Light Spirit Avatars? Three of them?!"
"She... she has three ninth-grade light resonances?!"
At this moment, everyone was staring at her in disbelief. They had all seen ninth-grade resonances before, so they knew what the three light figures behind Jiang Qing'e represented.
However, it was the first time they had seen three ninth-grade resonances on the same person.
On top of that, all three ninth-grade resonances were light resonances.
This was extremely rare.
Even Li Foluo was shocked by this. He could have guessed from her Ten-Pillar Duke Bergfried that her resonance was of a high grade. However, it was extremely shocking to learn that all three of them were ninth-grade light resonances.
"Each of her Spirit Avatars looks so real and sentient. I am afraid they aren't just ordinary."
Li Foluo was taken aback as he stared at the three radiant light Spirit Avatars. Based on his estimate, none of Jiang Qing'e’s resonances were quasi-ninth grade. They were either lower ninth-grade or even middle ninth-grade!
"Is this the talent of an unrivaled genius?" At this point, Li Foluo's cold face twitched a little. Even his strong heart wasn't able to take it, and he sighed a little deep down. When faced with such monstrous talent, one could not help but feel a little less confident in themselves.
While everyone was watching in shock, Jiang Qing'e focused her mind. Radiant, bright smoke rose up from her Ten-Pillar Duke Bergfried. This was the Divine Mist of a Duke.
The Divine Mist from Jiang Qing'e was extremely pure and concentrated. Light resonant power flowed within it like holy water. It had a divine and purifying power that was indescribable.
Any attack that clashed with her light resonant power would be purified. It would lose its will, turning back into energy and dissipating into thin air.
Her Divine Mist slowly rose up and began to spread. Countless light particles scattered across the battlefield and clashed directly with the yellow sandstorm.
When they collided, the yellow sand began to vanish at a visible rate. It was rapidly subsumed before it was converted back into strands of energy, melding back with the world.
Everything had been purified.
The Yellow Sand Miasma from Li Changfeng had been completely dismantled by Jiang Qing'e, who was merely a first-grade Duke.
Although Li Changfeng clearly had the upper hand in terms of raw resonant power, Jiang Qing'e's light resonant power was too pure and concentrated.
This was a classic example of quality winning over quantity.
Li Changfeng's eyes immediately turned serious when he sensed that his sandstorm had been obstructed. He tightened his grip on his golden staff.
This was the first time he had felt pressure from facing a first-grade Duke.
His opponent's resonant power was simply too tyrannical.
Her light resonant power appeared to be able to purify every kind of energy.
It was hard for him to imagine what would happen if Jiang Qing'e was a third-grade Duke like him. Most likely, he would be blown thousands of feet away just by coming into contact with her resonant power.
"The Dragon's Fang Guardians are truly fortunate to have such a talent joining us." A smile appeared on Li Changfeng's face. Despite such thoughts, he was not about to give up. He knew that the right way to show respect for Jiang Qing'e would be to give it his all.
As such, the golden staff flew out of Li Changfeng's hand. It stood in the middle of the yellow sandstorm, and the sand roared around it. The staff was completely shrouded by the yellow sand.
At the next moment, the staff began to be surrounded by a gigantic sandstorm. Crazy energy shockwaves pulsed out from the staff. It expanded rapidly, and the void trembled with a deafening roar.
Li Changfeng's face was very serious. The three Duke Bergfrieds behind him sucked in worldly natural energy ceaselessly. It turned into a long river of resonant power, and a humongous figure materialized within it.
It was a giant dragon. However, the dragon's body was short and its head had a sharp, yellow horn that seemed capable of piercing through the sky.
This was the Rhinoceros Dragon, a creature with formidable might.
The Rhinoceros Dragon rode along the resonant power river and soared into the sky. It circled around the sandstorm staff, letting out a draconic roar that reverberated in the air.
The faces of all the Dragon's Fang Guardians changed immediately when they saw this.
"Is Master Changfeng going to use that?!"
"That is a Soul Ascension-grade Duke Art! It's his strongest skill!"
The Grand Commanders were beginning to look worried as well. Li Changfeng really wasn't going to hold back with this strike. This was the art that had nearly taken the second-grade Duke's life back then.
"That fool. He better not injure the other party critically. She's the hope of the Dragon's Fang Guardians!" Xia Yu, the First Grand Commander, sighed helplessly as she watched. Second Grand Commander Li Shanlan and Third Grand Commander Li nodded in agreement.
Xia Yu glanced at Li Luo. Surprisingly, he was completely calm. He didn't seem nervous at all. She asked jokingly, "Grand Commander Li Luo, how are you related to Miss Jiang? She wouldn't run away so easily, right?"
Li Luo smiled, understanding what they were worried about. "She is the disciple of my parents. She's also my fiancee."
Hearing this, Xia Yu and the other Commanders were stunned. They could feel emotions surging up in their hearts.
They had not expected Jiang Qing'e to be the disciple of Master Taixuan... Furthermore, she had such a close relationship with Li Luo? Wasn't she already spiritually part of the Dragon's Fang Guardians in that case?
As they talked, Li Changfeng pushed himself to his limits. The muscles in his arms bulged out as enormous amounts of resonant power rushed through them. Then an explosion erupted like thunder.
Green veins popped up on his skin, like he was attempting to move a giant mountain.
As his bulging, muscular arms were pushed to the limit, the giant staff roared in the air. This art was so large, it covered the sun completely. It then fell directly onto Jiang Qing'e.
As the giant staff descended, the whole earth shuddered violently.
"Miss Jiang, if you can survive this strike, I will hand over the Dragon Fang Envoy position willingly!" Li Changfeng said with a thunderous voice.
"This strike is known as... The Eight Desolations!"
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