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Chapter 2275 Heishan Race! Heishan Emperor Physique! (3)

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Chapter 2275 Heishan Race! Heishan Emperor Physique! (3)

True Martial Lightning Blade*3000
Heishan Emperor Fist*6000
Lightning Constellation Force*21000
Fire Constellation Force*1000
Earth Constellation Force*17500

"Such great attributes!" Wang Teng's eyes lit up when he saw what he received.
Unexpectedly, the black-horned youth dropped so many attribute bubbles, and among them were some valuable items.
Firstly, there were three divine-level talent attributes that enhanced Wang Teng's divine-level talents significantly.
Divine Level Fire Talent: 23400/50000
Divine Level Earth Talent: 28500/50000
Divine Level Lightning Talent: 20000/50000
Among them, the lightning talent saw the most significant improvement, indicating that the black-horned youth's lightning talent was the strongest.
His talents were extremely formidable, with all three being at the divine level, far surpassing ordinary warriors.
Not to mention, there was the subsequent physique talent – Heishan Emperor Physique!
At this moment, Wang Teng finally understood what kind of physique the other party had awakened.
As the corresponding attribute bubbles merged into his body, Wang Teng immediately felt a subtle and marvelous change.
Heishan Emperor Physique: 3000/10000 (first-rank)
A moment later, Wang Teng slowly opened his eyes, a hint of enlightenment crossing his face. He glanced at his own body.
Heishan Emperor Physique, activate!
An invisible force erupted from deep within his body. While his overall appearance remained unchanged, peculiar patterns appeared on his skin.
These patterns were similar to those that appeared on the face of the black-horned youth when he awakened. However, while there were three kinds of patterns on the other's face, the patterns on Wang Teng's body now exceeded three and were slowly increasing.
One, two, three, four… until there were nine!
Nine-colored patterns covered his body, intricate and mysterious, while simultaneously exuding a faintly eerie feeling.
These patterns corresponded exactly to the Forces he had mastered.
Wang Teng halted, choosing not to continue adding more patterns. In fact, he could have added the dark and light patterns as well, but he chose not to do so.
With the activation of this physique, he felt that there was a certain flaw. The more patterns he activated, the greater the strain on his body.
However, the stronger his physique, the smaller the risk.
Moreover, the risk would automatically diminish as the physique deactivated.
If the black-horned youth were to see Wang Teng in his current state, he would probably be terrified and begin to question life itself.
The manifestation of Wang Teng's Heishan Emperor Physique at this moment was even more terrifying than the black-horned youth could ever imagine!
"Heishan Emperor Physique!" Wang Teng muttered, his gaze flickering slightly. "The Heishan Race, huh? There's actually such a race in the universe. But it's quite peculiar. Could they be related to the dark apparitions? Is that why this flaw exists?"
He seemed to grasp something, perceiving some extremely hidden aspects from the physique of the black-horned youth.
"Well, let's not think too much about it for now. I'll deal with it as the situation unfolds." Wang Teng shook his head, shifting his attention to the other remaining attributes.
Next was a highly unique talent skill — Three-Colored Light!
This skill was the one the black-horned youth had used, employing three glowing orbs with remarkable power.
As the attribute bubbles integrated into Wang Teng's consciousness, related insights immediately surfaced.
A scene unfolded in Wang Teng's mind, transforming into a shadow with black horns.
Within this shadow, a pathway of Force suddenly appeared, and above its head, three glowing orbs quickly condensed.
The orbs flew out, crashing onto a planet depicted in the scene. An instant later, a terrifying explosion occurred.
After a deafening sound, the once-existent planet turned into dust, disappearing entirely.
"Three-Colored Light! Can it only condense three types of Forces?" Wang Teng pondered. This skill could blend three Forces, hence the name Three-Colored Light.
However, this was because the Heishan Race could possess at most three Forces. It didn't necessarily have to be Lightning, Fire, and Earth Forces. It could be other forces. Nevertheless, the limit was three.
Wang Teng's gaze flickered as he wondered if this skill could fuse more Forces to create Four-Colored Light, Five-Colored Light, or even Seven-Colored Light? Nine-Colored Light?
He possessed too many Forces, and he couldn't help but let his thoughts wander.
However, it seemed that it wouldn't be that easy. The Heishan Race's skill was an innate racial talent, not something easily changed or modified.

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