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Chapter 1330 Law Skill—All The Land In The World Belongs To The King! The Shocking Effect Of The Law

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1330 Law Skill—All The Land In The World Belongs To The King! The Shocking Effect Of The Law Skill!....
[Law Skill Name: All the land in the world belongs to the king]
[Law Skill Quality: True God-Tier Intermediate Grade]
[Introduction to Law Skill Power: When you activate this Law Skill, the realm you are in will be your absolute Law Domain. No negative debuffs can be added to your body. Other than the higher-level Lord Law Road God Spirits, no one can interfere with the operation of your Law Domain.]
[When you activate your nomological domain, you can crush all nomological domains of the same level. Even if it’s a God on the Lord’s Law Path, as long as the other party doesn’t comprehend a domain-type Lord Law Skill, the other party will be suppressed by your domain and their strength will be greatly reduced.]
[You can set up your Domain Rules in your Law Domain. You can let it be temporarily preserved or permanently preserved, making it your temporary/permanent exclusive territory!]
[You can forcefully make a territory with the highest True God-Tier territory your territory every day through the Lord Law Skill, the Land of the King. After using it, you can’t use it again on that day.]
[Note: This Lord’s Law Skill can currently affect the coverage of a True God-Tier territory!]
Zhou Zhou’s eyes lit up and showed
Wasn’t this the Lord Law Skill that he had always wanted to comprehend?
He did not expect to comprehend it in one go with the help of the Abstruse God Forbidden Pill.
Not bad, not bad.
It was very difficult to comprehend a Lord Law Skill.
Zhou Zhou had become a God Spirit for a long time.
However, he had only comprehended two Lord Law Skills, the King and the Myriad Methods Star Palm.
It could be seen how difficult it was.
If not for the Abstruse God Forbidden Pill, he would probably have to spend another half a month to comprehend this Law Skill.
Now, not only had this Abstruse God Forbidden Pill advanced him to the True God-Tier, it had also allowed him to comprehend this Lord Law Skill that he had dreamed of.
This pill was really not bad.
It was indeed a high-quality product! As expected of a product of the Supreme Will!
Then, “He” looked at the effect of this Lord’s Law Skill, and the smile on “His” lips became even more wide.
The first effect—strengthening the domain!
God Spirits knew how to use domains.
A domain was also called a nomological domain. It was equivalent to creating a nomological environment suitable for him.
When fighting in a law environment that was suitable for him, his combat strength would greatly increase.
Within the same level, there was a high chance that God Spirits who activated their domains could defeat God Spirits who did not activate their domains.
If two God Spirits unleashed their domains at the same time, it would depend on which of their domains was stronger.
The stronger one’s domain was, the greater the advantage they would have in battle. They could even suppress the strength of the enemy’s God Spirit to be weaker than usual and have a higher chance of winning.
On the contrary, it was easy to lose!
It could be seen how important a domain was!
And after Zhou Zhou used all the land in the world, he could unleash an absolute domain. This meant that once “He” unleashed “His” domain, “He” could crush 99% of the divine domains. 99% of the God Spirits of the same level were most likely not “His” match.
The effects of this domain would greatly increase “His” combat strength.
In addition, establishing an exclusive domain rule in his Law Domain could allow it to be temporarily preserved or permanently retained, becoming a temporary/permanent exclusive territory. The effect of this Law Skill was also very good.
Zhou Zhou could use this nomological skill to create the type of territory he wanted.
In the future, there would definitely be more and more races among the Subjects under “Him”.
When a portion of the clansmen could not find an environment suitable for their clansmen to live in, Zhou Zhou could use this effect to create an exclusive residence for them.
In addition, this effect could also solidify the territory and set up an exclusive suppression law in the territory to achieve an effect similar to the sealing technique. It could temporarily or permanently suppress and seal the enemy!
In short, if “He” thought about it carefully, “He” could think of many uses.
As for the final effect, forcefully depriving “Him” of “His” territory and making it “His” own.
After Zhou Zhou saw this effect, there was only one word left in his mind—tyrannical!
Zhou Zhou had never seen such a domineering Law Skill.
He could actually snatch someone else’s territory with a thought.
“He” had many inherited memories of various races in “His” mind, but “He” had never seen such an overbearing nomological ability.
The Lord’s law was indeed different from other laws.
It was so domineering that it was unreasonable.
“In this world, everything belongs to the king. This Law Skill originally originated from the top-notch superpower I once awakened—Emperor’s Descent.”
“From what I feel, ‘He’ should have another Law Skill—Land of Earth, A Minister Of The King?”
“My fourth Lord Law Skill can work in this direction.”
“With the third Lord Law Skill as the foundation, it shouldn’t be difficult to comprehend Land of Earth, A Minister Of The King.”
Zhou Zhou pondered.
Then, “He” checked the Law Skills of the other two Lords.
The Myriad Methods Star Palm was simple. As “He” advanced to True God-Tier God Spirit and became a low-level True God-Tier Elementary Grade Law Skill, there were not many changes. It was just that its power had increased to the level of a True God-Tier.
Even though it was only a low-level True God-Tier Elementary Grade Law Skill, it could almost crush 99% of True God-Tier Advance Grade offensive Law Skills!
As for “His” most important Lord Law Skill, King, “He” had obtained an extremely shocking increase.
[Law Skill Name: King]
[Law Skill Quality: True God-Tier Intermediate Grade]
[Introduction: As a True God Spirit on the Lord’s Law Path, you can mark 50% of the territorial Subjects and control everything they have, including appearance, bloodline, skills, weapons, Law Skills, and even illusory fate.
When you dominate everything that the marked Subject has, the Subject doesn’t have to suffer any negative effects.]
Zhou Zhou grinned, feeling extremely happy.
Mark 50% of the Subjects?!
Good God!
“He” now had about a hundred capital units of Subjects under “Him”.
50% of the Subjects would be 50 Capital Units.
That was a total of 500,000 trillion!
This number meant that not only could “He” enhance the strength of more than 16 trillion soldiers, 12 million God Spirits, and more than 7,000 True God-Tier under “Him”,
He could also gather the full strength of more than 40 Capital Units Subjects to support himself!
“How strong can I be after I use the King now?!”
At this thought, Zhou Zhou suddenly became curious.
Then, “He” decided to give it a try.
“He” took a deep breath and immediately activated the Law Skill—King at the Elementary Grade of a True God.
In an instant!
Zhou Zhou sensed a power that could destroy the entire universe augment his body.
The space in the Divine Kingdom World faintly trembled.
If not for the fact that Zhou Zhou’s Divine Kingdom world was a Lord’s nomological world and was flawless and incomparably firm, coupled with the Supreme Domain of the Supreme Will in the outside world, suppressing and protecting “His” Divine Kingdom world.
“He” had probably already relied on the power fluctuations that subconsciously erupted to forcefully shatter “His” Divine Kingdom world.
“I feel…”
Zhou Zhou lifted “His” right hand and gazed at the shockingly rich Chaotic Sacred Power fluctuation on it. “He” could no longer dominate the smile on “His” lips.
“Like my strength is endless!!!”
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