Novel Name : I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

Chapter 1131: When She’s Ruthless, She Even Tortures Herself

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Chapter 1131: When She’s Ruthless, She Even Tortures Herself....
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Shi Qian felt that Dong Zi made sense.
If she wanted to learn, she had to learn to this extent!
“Okay, tie me up again.”
“Alright, I’ll play the bad guy later. Find an opportunity to escape. Let’s see how fast we can reach today.”
“Yes.” Shi Qian nodded vigorously.
Dong Zi tied Shi Qian up again and retreated a few steps.
Shi Qian’s body was very flexible. It was easy for her legs to pass through her arms, but the difficulty was that she could not make any sound to alarm the enemy.
After a few tries, she was still caught by Dong Zi.
Fu Sinian sat in his office and looked at the images in the surveillance cameras.
When Shi Qian arrived at the training ground, he pulled up the surveillance cameras and kept looking at her.
An hour had passed, but she was still practicing her escape. Looking at her messy hair and the bean-sized sweat on her forehead, his heart ached. Dong Zi had asked her to rest a few times, but Shi Qian had refused. When she was ruthless, she even tortured herself!
She definitely did not want to learn this on a whim.
Did she sense some danger?
Fu Sinian’s heart tightened again, then ached slightly.
Shi Qian had finally succeeded! She had successfully untied the rope without Dong Zi going easy on her at all. However, she was also exhausted and laid on the soft cushion without caring about her image.
Dong Zi immediately prepared a wet towel and warm water.
Shi Qian rested for a while before recovering a little strength. She took the water from Dong Zi and gulped it down.
“Miss Qian Qian, today is the first day. Let’s stop here. Let’s take it slow.”
“Miss Qian Qian, I want to discuss something with you.”
“Go ahead.”
“I’m still unemployed. Can you hire me as your personal bodyguard? In that case, not only can I train with you, but I can also protect your safety.”
Shi Qian knew that Dong Zi had been secretly protecting her safety.
After separating from Fu Sinian, she had also fired Dong Zi. However, Dong Zi had always been around.
Fu Sinian must have left Dong Zi by her side.
She didn’t want to guess what Fu Sinian was doing now. She had her own plan, and she would follow it step by step.
“Okay,” Shi Qian agreed immediately.
Dong Zi was secretly overjoyed. In the future, he wouldn’t have to hide anymore. He was afraid that Young Madam would discover his existence!
“Thank you, Miss Qian Qian.”
“I should be thanking you.”
Dong Zi felt a little shy again. “Miss Qian Qian, shall I send you back first?”
“Okay.” Shi Qian got up to take a shower and change her clothes.
When she returned to the Fu family’s old residence, she was already hungry before it was time for dinner.
The nanny quickly prepared some food for her.
After eating, Shi Qian fed Fu Xiaobao and played with him in the nursery.
At dinner that night, she ate two large bowls of rice.
Old Master even suspected that the food today was especially delicious.
Otherwise, why would Qian Qian eat so much?
Or did something happen today that tired the child out?
“Qian Qian, I thought you weren’t arranging any work recently? Rest well at home for a while,” Old Master said with heartache.
“Grandfather, I haven’t arranged any work. I’ll just study for the final examination for now.”
“Then why aren’t you at home at all today?”
“I have an appointment with a physical therapy class after giving birth. I’m training.” Shi Qian did not tell the truth. She was afraid that her grandfather would feel sorry for her and worry about her when he found out what she was doing.
“Oh, no wonder.” Old Master did not suspect anything. “Okay, that’s a good thing..”
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