Novel Name : Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor

Chapter 2449 It was Lu Ming

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2449 It was Lu Ming....
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“Let’s go!”
Dandan’s expression changed and she roared.
Everyone flew backward at high speed.
you want to leave? don’t even think about it. None of you can leave today!
Mo tianluo’s expression was extremely ferocious. When he found out that these people were Lu Ming’s friends, he had already planned to kill all of them in one fell swoop.
In the evil god World, Lu Ming had caused him to lose face. He hated Lu Ming to the core.
chase after them and kill them! Kill them all! Leave no one alive!
Mo tianluo roared.
The foreign kinds chased after dandan and the others at an amazing speed, especially the three heavenly Emperor powerhouses, who were quickly closing the distance between them and dandan.
Although dandan was at the heavenly Emperor stage, the others were not at the heavenly Emperor stage. Naturally, their speed could not be compared to the foreign heavenly Emperor.
Turning back into her true form, Paopao’s body enlarged, emitting layers of strange light that enveloped everyone, causing their speed to increase explosively.
At the same time, dandan appeared behind the Army and waved her hands. Countless runes filled the air and entered the space. Huge turtle shells appeared in the air and blocked in front of the alien race.
The three foreign celestial emperors caught up first and unleashed terrifying attacks.
Although dandan was strong, her cultivation base was still at the one-star heavenly Emperor realm. On the other hand, there were three of them, and one of them had reached the two-star heavenly Emperor realm.
Those who could cultivate to the heavenly Emperor realm were all peerless geniuses. It was extremely difficult for them to fight above their level. With dandan’s talent, she could only suppress opponents of the same level at most. It was still impossible for her to fight above her level.
He was fighting one against three, so naturally, he was no match for them. The turtle shell he had condensed was constantly shattered.
Dandan retreated as she fought, continuously forming her turtle shell to buy time for bubble and the others.
Everyone streaked across the sky like streaks of light. Soon, they had flown tens of thousands of miles away.
They came to another military camp, where the heavenly realm Army was also attacking the alien races.
Bubbles and the others were overjoyed.
“Everyone, quickly come and help!”
Ouyang Wushuang roared.
There were also heavenly Emperor realm powerhouses in this heaven realm Army. When they saw this scene, they were about to come over and help.
However, experts suddenly flew out of the camp one after another.
“You want to save them? in your dreams! Hold them back!”
Those foreign powerhouses were desperately holding back the heavenly realm Army. The two sides were locked in a fierce battle, and it was difficult for them to split up to help.
hahaha! Stop dreaming if you want others to save you. The strength of my evil god tribe is much stronger than yours. Do you understand? we’ll be on the defensive for this period of time. Don’t think that we’re afraid of you!
Mo tianluo laughed.
At this moment, the three foreign heavenly emperors had broken through dandan’s attacks and were approaching her.
“Don’t think that I’m afraid of you. Kill!”
Dandan was furious. She opened her mouth and spat out a small Pagoda. This small Pagoda emitted a vast pressure.
Heaven Dao soldiers!
Back then on the void God Island, dandan had been given four heaven Dao soldiers. However, with her current cultivation, she could only control one heaven Dao soldier at most.
“It’s the heaven Dao soldiers! Spread out!”
The three foreign heavenly emperors ‘expressions changed, and they scattered.
The heaven Dao soldier trembled and charged forward. The two-star celestial Thearch rushed over and waved his battle axe, clashing heavily with the heaven Dao soldier.
The two-star celestial Thearch of the non-human race was knocked back by a violent tremor, and the small Pagoda was also knocked back.
Once he was a one-star heavenly Emperor, he could control the heaven Dao soldiers and fight against two-star heavenly emperors.
Buzzzzzz! Buzzzzzz!
At this moment, the other two foreign celestial thearchs pounced toward bubbles and the others.
Dandan’s expression changed drastically. Bubble and the others did not have a heavenly Emperor and were no match for a heavenly Emperor. If the heavenly Emperor managed to charge past them, the consequences would be unimaginable.
Dandan gritted her teeth and controlled the heaven Dao soldier to attack the two celestial emperors.
” I’m your opponent!”
That two-star heavenly Emperor sneered and rushed over again, waving his battle axe and killing towards dandan. Dandan had no choice but to control the heavenly Dao soldiers and attack the other party.
With dandan’s cultivation base, even if he controlled the heaven Dao soldier, he could only resist one two-star Celestial Emperor at most. He really couldn’t stop the other two one-star celestial emperors.
“Not good, you guys run, split up and run!”
Dandan roared. Now, it was better if one could escape.
“If you want to leave, don’t even think about leaving!”
A non-human heavenly Emperor sneered. He was extremely fast and caught up to bubbles and the others in the blink of an eye, sending a palm strike out.
An elder roared from within the Army. He had the cultivation of a peak Emperor, and he unleashed his full power as he charged toward the non- human Celestial Emperor.
In addition, more than a dozen experts also attacked the heavenly Emperor.
They were all high level great emperors, the elites of the Army.
The attacks from both sides collided. However, the heavenly Emperor was still a heavenly Emperor. Even a dozen high-tier great sovereigns working together were no match for him.
On the heaven realm’s side, a dozen high-level great emperors were thrown back as they spat out blood.
Especially those with weaker cultivation, their bodies exploded and they died on the spot.
At this moment, the other foreign heavenly Emperor had already approached bubbles, Feng Ling, Long Chen, Ouyang Wushuang, and the others.
“Let’s go all out!”
“Let’s fight it out with him!”
Ouyang Wushuang, Long Chen, and the others used all their strength with red eyes. Even if they were to die, they would die in battle.
At this moment, a purple-gold light flew over from the distance.
Fast, it was too fast!
In the blink of an eye, a purple-gold light flew over. It was a purple-gold spear. It was extremely sharp and stabbed at the foreign heavenly Emperor with terrifying power.
The non-human celestial Thearch’s expression changed as he sensed danger. He roared and attacked with all his might, clashing with the purple-gold spear.
With an earth-shattering explosion, the purple-gold spear burst open. The foreign celestial Thearch’s body trembled violently and he retreated rapidly. He retreated hundreds of miles with one hand and his other hand trembled continuously, bleeding.
“We’re saved!”
Bubbles, Ouyang Wushuang, Long Chen, and Phoenix spirit were overjoyed.
It seemed that a senior from the heaven realm had arrived.
“Who is it?”
The foreign celestial Thearch roared.
“The person who will kill you!”
A cold voice was heard. Then, a purple-gold light flashed and a figure appeared in the void.
“Lu …Lu Ming?”
“Lu Ming, it’s Lu Ming!”
When they saw the figure, Huang Ling, Ouyang Wushuang, and the others were stunned at first. They showed an expression of disbelief, and then they were overjoyed.
It was Lu Ming. They were here and they actually saw Lu Ming.
Wasn’t lu Ming captured and sent to the evil god Realm? Why would he appear here?
They still wanted to capture an important person from the other party and inquire about Lu Ming’s information.
All of this was too unexpected.
In that case, Lu Ming had saved them just now?
When they thought of this, they were even more shocked!
The spear light just now had forced a heavenly Emperor back and injured him.
“Brother Lu Ming!”
Bubbles cried out in surprise.
“Hahaha, Lu Ming, I knewyou would be fine. Hahaha!”
Dandan laughed even more wildly.
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