Novel Name : Reincarnated As a Fox With System

Chapter 858 Distribute The Three Treasures!

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Chapter 858 858: Distribute The Three Treasures!

The burly purple merman vanished into nothingness right after Tang Li Xue beheaded it, leaving only its golden trident behind.
Tang Li Xue sighed in relief as she picked up the golden trident from the ground.
She immediately canceled her [Divine Possession Mode], and Yaya got separated again from her body.
Yaya also felt really tired, so she flew toward Little Loki to take a rest together.
Both Yaya and Little Loki lay down on Lucia's comfortable soft back while Lucia also sat on the ground to rest.
The perfect copy did not bother to immediately return to her human form. She also lazily sat in her fox form while sleepily leaning on Lucia's body.
Tang Li Xue chuckled in amusement when she saw them flock together around Lucia.
But Tang Li Xue also had to admit that it was very comfortable to lean or lay on Lucia's soft and warm body after Lucia evolved to [Golden Winged Wind Riding Bird].
Maybe because of her [Golden-Winged Great Peng] bloodline, even though it was still in the sealed state, but it could still make everyone around Lucia feel safe and comfortable.
Tang Li Xue joined them too by sitting and leaning on Lucia to rest while taking out the three treasures they got after defeating three merman's avatars and checking them one by one using her basic [All Knowing Eyes].
[Ocean God Trident]
[Description: The long-lost trident that symbolizes the true ruler of the North Sea. It was forged from the mysterious golden meteorite ore fallen from the Divine World, an extremely precious ocean heart core, and 73 kinds of precious materials.]
[Effect 1: Increasing the power of all water spells and divine abilities by 200%.]
[Effect 2: Absolute Defense Penetration: Any defense equal to or below 500% of the user's total strength could be obliterated, and any Damage Reduction would be ignored.]
[Effect 3: Target Locking and tracking: It can automatically lock and track its target, making it almost impossible to dodge.]
[Silver Dragon Skin Pearl]
[Description: The treasured armor was made in the form of metal liquid, so it could be worn by any creature. It was created from the true Dragon's scales fallen from Divine World as the main material, then adding another 108 kinds of precious materials. It took 113 years of non-stop hard work from the merman's blacksmiths to complete it.]
[Effect 1: Grant 50% Damage Reduction and 10,000 points of Defense.]
[Effect 2: Absolute Block: Any damage below 5,000 points would be perfectly blocked and nullified.]
[Effect 3: Greatly Increase Strength Stat by 8,000 points + 50% of total strength.]
[Void Lurking Boots]
[Description: These pair of boots were actually a badly damaged divine treasure from the Divine World, but the Merman race spent so many precious materials and efforts to fix it. Unfortunately, its quality still dropped so much lower to its current state.]
[Effect 1: Void Lurking: The ability to turn invisible and undetectable in an instant without any fade delay.]
[Effect 2: Increase Movement Speed by 300% when in Void Lurking state.]
[Effect 3: Void Clone: Create a perfect identical clone with 50% of the user's strength and abilities. Duration: 3 minutes. Cooldown: 24 hours.]
[Effect 4: The user's aura, breath, and presence would always be in a concealed state when wearing these Void Lurking Boots.]
Tang Li Xue gasped in shock when she saw the effects and abilities of these three treasures.
They were actually so powerful!
No wonder Tang Li Xue and her team faced so much difficulty when they fought against the three merman's avatars equipped with these three treasures before!
Previously, Tang Li Xue had already tried to check the powers of these three treasures with her basic [All Knowing Eyes] so she could find a way to defeat the three merman's avatars, but she could not see anything as if there was a thick fog that covering them.
Maybe it was because there were still three merman's avatars that wielding these three treasures at that time, so Tang Li Xue's basic [All Knowing Eyes] could not see through them.
However, these three treasures have become ownerless objects right now, so Tang Li Xue can clearly see their effects and abilities with her basic [All Knowing Eyes].
Tang Li Xue really wanted to equip all of these three treasures on herself, but she immediately realized that Little Loki, Yaya, and Lucia seemed to need them much more than her.
She already had [Sun and Moon Aegis] with three times deadly blow protection to protect herself, so she did not really need the [Silver Dragon Skin Pearl].
She also had [Ethereal Form] plus [Art of Concealment] to hide herself, so she did not need [Void Lurking Boots] too.
[Ocean God Trident] might be an extremely powerful weapon, but Tang Li Xue had never learned any spear or halberd martial art techniques yet, so her [Sword of Disaster] suited her more at this time.
On the contrary to her, Little Loki, Yaya, and Lucia really needed those three treasures so badly...
Lucia might be very powerful in melee battles, but she only had [Golden Vajra Body] to defend herself. She lacked self-protection ability for fatal attack, so [Silver Dragon Skin Pearl] should be the perfect piece of equipment for her.
Little Loki could no longer hide or cover its terrifying evil aura when it was in its Battle Form.
Tang Li Xue was really afraid that someday Little Loki's true identity as Taotie's cub would be discovered if someone accidentally saw Little Loki in its Battle Form.
However, the [Void Lurking Boots] was definitely the perfect treasure for it since it could cover its terrifying evil aura, breath, and presence.
The last one was Yaya... Yaya was undoubtedly extremely fast, but her offensive skills were clearly lack of lethality.
Even Yaya's strongest skills such as [Cyclone Storm] and [Vacuum Slash] still somewhat lacked in terms of power since both of them still could not break the opponents with thick defense.
Thus the [Ocean God Trident] should be a perfect weapon for Yaya.
If Yaya could wield the [Ocean God Trident] with her extremely high speed, she could deliver fatal attacks to any enemies with thick defense!
Tang Li Xue could still easily keep her distance when she fought against the burly purple merman wielding the [Ocean God Trident], but it would be a nightmare for her if she faced Yaya who wields the [Ocean God Trident] instead.
Tang Li Xue gnashed her pearl-white teeth in heartache, but she still decided to give these three treasures to Yaya, Little Loki, and Lucia in the end.
"Lucia, this [Silver Dragon Skin Pearl] is a perfect treasure for you. Come here, I will help you wear it." Tang Li Xue stood up and said to Lucia.
Lucia happily stood up and approached Tang Li Xue until Little Loki and Yaya who lay on her back sleepily almost fell down because of it.
Both Tang Li Xue and Lucia still did not know how to use the [Silver Dragon Skin Pearl], so they kept tinkering with it for ten minutes or so.
Finally, the [Silver Dragon Skin Pearl] turned into liquid and moved to cover Lucia's body after Lucia injected enough of her vitality energy into the [Silver Dragon Skin Pearl].
The silver metal liquid began to cover Lucia's body, head, wings, and even her claws then solidified into silver armor.
Lucia in silver armor looked really cool and elegant that Tang Li Xue, her perfect copy, Little Loki, and Yaya exclaimed at her in admiration.
"Woah~! You look so much more impressive in that silver armor!" Tang Li Xue praised Lucia while patting her head and neck which were already covered in silver armor.
"KWEAAAK~! (Thank you~!)" Lucia chirped while happily snuggling to Tang Li Xue's chest.
Little Loki and Yaya glared at Lucia unhappily as their hearts were burned in envy and jealousy.
Tang Li Xue laughed at Little Loki and Yaya who were pouting cutely at her.
"Hahahaha~! Don't worry, you two will also have shares!" Tang Li Xue comforted Little Loki and Yaya.
She took the [Void Lurking Boots] and gave it to Little Loki while explaining: "These boots can help you cover your evil aura when you are in your Battle Form. So hopefully, no one would notice your identity as Taotie Cub with its aura, breath, and presence concealment."
Then she finally took out the last treasure, the [Ocean God Trident], and gave it to Yaya while saying: "Yaya, your skills lack some fatal finishing move, so this [Ocean God Trident] can help you make up for that disadvantage. With it, you surely can defeat much stronger enemies from now on."
Both Little Loki and Yaya also happily received the treasures given by Tang Li Xue to them.
The [Ocean God Trident] could shrink and enlarge according to the user's will, so Yaya immediately made the [Ocean God Trident] shrink to her size, and she joyfully played around with it.
Yaya could even control the [Ocean God Trident] with her wind control skill and made it fly swiftly around her.
Meanwhile, Little Loki activated its [Heaven's Devour] and swallowed the [Void Lurking Boots] in one gulp, then fell quickly asleep.
Tang Li Xue did not really mind it since she knew that Little Loki would surely obtain all of [Void Lurking Boots]'s abilities after Little Loki finished digesting them.
After resting for two hours or so, Tang Li Xue let Lucia, Little Loki, and Yaya familiarize themselves with their treasures before she led them out of the armory and headed straight to the pill and elixir room.
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