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: Three Questions

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Chapter 1: 100% Treasure Drop Rate

Chapter 1: 100% Treasure Drop Rate

Seven Star Province, Red Tiger Sect.
"It's ruined…"
Xiao Shi pinched the space between his eyebrows.
He did not expect that after he transmigrated, he would inherit the attribute panel from when he played games in his previous life. Moreover, it was an attribute panel that had already added points.
At that time, because he was drunk, he had carelessly added all his attribute points to the drop rate, causing his strength, physique, agility, spirit, and other conventional attributes to not receive any bonuses.
Now, he had transmigrated to become an outer sect disciple of the Red Tiger Sect.
In terms of cultivation techniques, there was no improvement at all because of his identity as a transmigrator.
His cultivation progress was relatively slow.
This made Xiao Shi feel a little anxious.
The world he was in was a chaotic world where evil spirits wreaked havoc. Experts from all over occupied land as kings, and heroes were divided.
Strength was the foundation of survival in this chaotic world.
Although he was already an outer sect disciple of the Red Tiger Sect and had the protection of the sect to a certain extent, the sect would only give outer sect disciples a year of cultivation time.
After a year, the outer sect disciples would be sent to the Golden Cloud City controlled by the Red Tiger Sect to take on the position of night patroller.
Xiao Shi knew very well that in such a chaotic world, night patrol was a very dangerous position. The death rate and rate of being injured was very high. Without sufficient strength, it was very difficult to take on this position.
There were only three months left until the one-year deadline. He had to seize the last three months and increase his strength as much as possible before the one-year period arrived.
"Old Xiao, are you going to do the mission?"
A familiar voice came from afar. A dark-skinned, ordinary-looking young man with a strong physique walked towards Xiao Shi.
This person's name was Fu Chen. He was also an outer court disciple of the Red Tiger Sect. He had a good relationship with Xiao Shi.
Xiao Shi shook his head and refused. "No thanks."
In addition to their daily cultivation, outer sect disciples like them could also accept some missions.
Although the rewards for many missions were generous and could increase his strength faster, these tasks are often accompanied by danger and crisis.
Xiao Shi felt that it was too dangerous. He only wanted to stay in the sect and increase his strength. He did not want to go out and have fun at all.
"You're just too cautious." Fu Chen shook his head helplessly.
Among the many outer sect disciples, most of them would choose to go out and accept missions. Apart from obtaining rewards for completing the mission, he could also train himself during the mission. Only Xiao Shi did not accept a single mission.
"Old Xiao, you're already at Martial Entry-Level Three. Do you have to be so steady?"
Not far away, another outer sect disciple looked at Xiao Shi, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. Before the outer sect disciples of the Red Tiger Sect became night patrollers, their cultivation was generally between Martial Entry-Level Two and Martial Entry-Level Five.
Xiao Shi was already considered average among these outer sect disciples. There was no problem with completing missions. However, he still did not accept any missions.
"It hasn't been very peaceful outside recently. You have to be careful when you go out." Xiao Shi said earnestly to the two of them.
"Don't worry. This isn't the first time we've carried out a mission. Okay, we'll stop talking now, and leave first." Fu Chen waved at Xiao Shi. He left with another outer sect disciple.
Xiao Shi watched the two of them leave. Although he was already at Martial Entry-Level Three, his cultivation was nothing in this chaotic world.
Especially when he knew that even for those at Martial Entry-Level Five, after assuming the position of night patroller, there was still an extremely high mortality rate. He was even more anxious to improve his strength.
Ordinary people might think that as long as one had a cultivation at the sixth or seventh stage of the Martial Entry-Level, they would have a certain level of self-preservation when they became a night patroller.
However, Xiao Shi wanted to have a cultivation at Martial Entry-Level Eight or even Level Nine to be safe.
It was the same for going out to do missions. In his opinion, if he did not have enough ability to protect himself, he would definitely not take a step out of the sect.
"I don't have much time." Xiao Shi took a deep breath.
The sect would not care about their strength in a year. In any case, once the one-year deadline came, all outer sect disciples had to take on the role of night patroller. At that time, whether they lived or died would depend on their own abilities.
After returning to his room, Xiao Shi immediately began to cultivate. What he cultivated was the Red Tiger Sect's unique cultivation technique, the Red Tiger Technique.
All the Red Tiger Sect disciples focused on cultivating this cultivation technique. There were a total of nine chapters in the Red Tiger Technique. Each chapter corresponded to a Martial Entry-Level.
Xiao Shi had already completed the first three chapters.
The cultivation of this technique was mainly to complement a specific breathing technique and the circulation of the meridians in the body to form a circulatory cycle. Every time he completed a cycle, his body would be slightly strengthened.
Now, Xiao Shi could already perform three cycles. If he could master the fourth cycle, he would be able to step into Martial Entry-Level Four. After three consecutive cycles, Xiao Shi was already drenched in sweat and exhausted, but he still persevered and circulated the fourth cycle.
However, the fourth cycle was not only more difficult to circulate, but the consumption was also more shocking.
Soon, Xiao Shi failed.
"It still won't work." Xiao Shi sighed in his heart.
The cultivation of the Red Tiger Technique often depended on one's aptitude. The better one's aptitude was, the faster one would cultivate.
Xiao Shi's aptitude was only average.
Cultivation progress was relatively slow. He could only work hard to make up for his shortcomings and slowly grind it down with time.
It was summer.
There were many mosquitoes. A few mosquitoes kept buzzing beside Xiao Shi. It was very annoying.
"These annoying mosquitoes."
Xiao Shi raised his hand and slapped it. He slapped a mosquito to the ground. However, just as the mosquito landed on the ground and died, the entire mosquito's corpse exploded.
A green pill with a faint luster appeared in front of Xiao Shi.
"This is … ?"
Xiao Shi was shocked. He carefully picked up the green pill.
[Name: Potential Pill (Peerless)]
[Type: Pill]
[Grade: Martial Entry-Level]
[Introduction: A pill that can increase one's aptitude.]
[Remark: Have you heard of the story of the trash's counterattack?]
I only killed a mosquito and a pill appeared out of thin air?
What was going on!? Xiao Shi was deep in thought. His gaze quickly locked onto the other mosquitoes that were quickly leaving.
A palm quickly slapped over.
The second mosquito's entire body was flattened by him. But in the next moment, the corpse swelled rapidly, then exploded.
A wooden sword appeared and fell to the ground.
[Name: Ordinary Wooden Sword]
[Type: Weapon]
[Grade: Mortal]
[Introduction: An ordinary wooden sword]
[Remark: Don't use it to kill people…]
Xiao Shi's eyes flashed. He suddenly looked at the attribute panel. He skipped the usual attributes. His gaze focused on the most important attribute below.
[Treasure drop rate: 100%]
"I see!" Xiao Shi understood.
With a 100% drop rate, he would definitely drop items every time he killed it! Even if he killed mosquitoes, items would drop. He did not expect that the drop rate would have such a miraculous effect! This was something he had not expected before.
Xiao Shi's eyes burned with passion as his heart surged. He immediately attacked and killed the remaining two mosquitoes.
A calligraphy painting and a teapot appeared in front of him.

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After mistakenly contributing all of his attribute points to the drop rate, Xiao Shi found that every time he killed, he would get an item.Slapping a mosquito to death, drop a pill.Killing an evil spirit, drop a secret book.Slashing a martial artist to death, drop the opponent’s cultivation tips.….When killing, Xiao Shi was shocked… “How did I become invincible?”...

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