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Chapter 840 Might of the Qianqi Dao Slash (1)

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840 Might of the Qianqi Dao Slash (1)....
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The Martial Emperor’s origin was very different from ordinary origins when he used the four rules of heaven and earth to transform into his origin. His Origin contained four completely different powers at the same time.
The Origin World formed from the origin was also stronger than ordinary Origin Worlds. After the four stone statues appeared, they emitted black light at the same time, forming four huge vortexes.
From these four vortexes, different Martial Emperor figures walked out. These four figures looked exactly the same as the Martial Emperor, but they emitted completely different power fluctuations. They represented four different powers: destruction, life and death, time, and extermination.
Shocking fluctuations spread from these four Martial Emperors. All of them had the strength of the ninth realm of the Martial Dao. Now that they had erupted, they immediately charged at Xiao Shi at an astonishing speed.
The Martial Emperor floating above was not idle either. He crossed his hands and pressed down at the same time, causing the four vortexes to spin at the same time, emitting a powerful suction force, sucking out Xiao Shi’s origin power, causing it to begin to lose.
As it flowed, it was absorbed by the four figures of the Martial Emperor, making them even stronger. It already vaguely threatened Xiao Shi.
Xiao Shi’s gaze turned cold. He knew that he could not keep it under such circumstances. He stretched out his finger and tapped his glabella gently. His glabella opened, revealing an eyeball that was as deep as the starry sky. Once the entire eyeball was revealed, they locked onto the four figures formed by the Martial Emperor and the Martial Emperor’s main body above.
“The Tianwu Continent cannot form a world of origin!”
Xiao Shi’s voice echoed in the world. As soon as he finished speaking, a dazzling light shot out from the Eye of the Emperor Judgment. It directly entered the world. It caused the entire Tianwu Continent to tremble violently. It formed a taboo!
“A taboo?” The Martial Emperor was stunned. He naturally knew that the Eye of the Emperor Judgment could form a taboo. However, such taboos were usually only used on existences below the demigod level.
To a ninth-stage martial artist, such taboos were completely ineffective. However, when Xiao Shi used the Eye of the Emperor Judgment to form a taboo, the Martial Emperor was affected by the taboo.
This made him feel a little different. In the past, the Eye of the Emperor Judgment could only form a taboo within a certain range, just like the demigod land Xiao Shi had entered. Only that area had taboos.
However, the taboo formed by Xiao Shi’s Eye of the Emperor Judgment was spread throughout the entire Tianwu Continent. As long as he stayed in the Tianwu Continent, he would be affected by the taboo of the Eye of the Emperor Judgment.
Many black flames suddenly burned from the Martial Emperor’s body. These flames were because the Martial Emperor had now formed the Origin World and violated the taboo, so he was attacked by the taboo.
The Martial Emperor had thought that with the level of the Eye of the Emperor Judgment, even if he violated the taboo, it would not pose any threat to him. However, the black flames burning on his body were formed by his own origin power.
Not only did it cause his body to suffer an indescribable intense pain, but the origin power carried by the black flames also continuously destroyed his body, and it was already enough to pose a certain threat to him.
However, the Martial Emperor didn’t stop the Origin World because of this. His eyes were filled with ruthlessness. He was prepared to resist the taboo and attack Xiao Shi.
Xiao Shi was also happy to see the Martial Emperor like this. The longer the Martial Emperor maintained the Origin World, the more damage he would suffer. As for the four Martial Emperor figures that walked out of the vortex, Xiao Shi had no intention of fighting them head-on.
These four figures could not even be considered clones. All the damage they suffered would not only instantly recover under the effect of the vortex, they would also form again even if he blew them up. They would fight to the death. Most importantly, Xiao Shi could not injure the Martial Emperor through these four figures. Therefore, facing them head-on was undoubtedly a thankless task.
Xiao Shi simply continued to use the Eye of the Emperor Judgment. Four rays of light shot out from the eyeball on his glabella, shooting at the four figures of the Martial Emperor. However, these four rays of light did not land on them directly. Instead, it shot towards the surroundings of the four figures. This caused the space around the four figures to freeze, causing their figures to instantly stop.
“Hmm?” The Martial Emperor frowned at this strange stillness. He realized that no matter how he operated, the four figures could not recover from their motionless state. They completely stopped in midair and did not move. “What kind of technique is this!?” The Martial Emperor was very surprised.
Xiao Shi’s Eye of the Emperor Judgment was completely different from the one he knew. The Eye of the Emperor Judgment he knew did not have such an ability. Moreover, the Eye of the Emperor Judgment was only a demigod-level treasure. It did not have the ability to affect a ninth-stage martial artist.
After time and space froze with the Eye of the Emperor Judgment, the four figures fell into a motionless state.
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