The Curse of 1977 (Book 2)

The Curse of 1977 (Book 2)


: Shawn A. Jenkins

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Chapter 1: Prologue

In These Eyes

In my life, I have learned that the eyes yield many secrets. Some of those secrets are grand and
waiting to be told to the world, while others are ugly and sinful; to be locked away where no one could
ever reach them. Then there are those secrets that some people say are so forbidden, so untouchable,
that even the soul shutters every time it recalls them.

So, where does a woman like me begin? From the beginning, I guess. When I was five, in these eyes, I
saw my father bring home our very first television. When I turned ten, these eyes watched as my
grandmother's coffin was being lowered into the ground. When I was sixteen, these eyes saw my three
sisters get kicked out of the house on the same day. When I was...twenty, my eyes saw another pair of
eyes. They came home one day, and never really left.

Those same eyes followed me. I fell in love with those eyes, until... Up until that night, these eyes saw
something else. In these eyes of mine, I came to the conclusion that everything in my life is trivial, and
nothing else really matters. For in these eyes, the god in the sky showed me something. In these eyes,
he allowed me to see what my life was truly worth. If only the world could truly see what these eyes of
mine got a chance to see then perhaps they would realize just how inconsequential their own sorry
lives really are.

In these eyes of mine, these two, delusional eyes of mine, I watched that man of mine. I watched that
man do something that my eyes will forever hold on to. I cannot close these eyes. No matter how hard I
try, I just cannot shut these eyes of mine. I dare not tempt the fate that awaits me with a salivating

I cannot rest, I cannot sustain myself, I cannot die; these eyes will not allow me to do so. In these eyes
of mine...I have crossed Hell's threshold, and I cannot turn around.


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