Novel Name : Awakening The Weakest Talent: Only I Level Up

Chapter 988 Li He

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Chapter 988 988 Li He

Chapter 988 Li He
Before Li He could search far, he felt that something was wrong. He seemed to have sensed a killing intent from his back.
At this moment, his heart began to beat faster, and he was so nervous that he swallowed his saliva.
He realized that since Elena had countless abilities, invisibility should be one of them.
In other words, Elena didn't run away but went into stealth mode. He didn't know when, but she was already behind him.
Li He panicked and quickly turned around, swinging his cudgel at Elena.
Elena's eyes suddenly widened. She didn't expect Li He to sniff her out so quickly, as expected of an experienced veteran.
Without hesitation, Elena raised her right hand to block the attack.
Just as she was about to block the cudgel, her right hand turned into a diamond. The hard surface of her right hand took the fatal blow.
"I've gradually mastered my abilities," said Elena with a smile. "Stop struggling. You're a dead man walking."
Upon hearing this, Li He's expression immediately turned extremely ugly. He did not come here to die at the hands of a girl who had just turned 18!
"Cut the crap. You're the one who's going to die today!"
Li He was furious as he roared, "I can't be bothered to waste time with you. I'm going to end this now!"
The next moment, his muscles expanded rapidly, and his body rose to nearly three meters tall, like a small giant.
The cudgel in his hand also became longer.
Li He had turned into a humongous monster. It looked fierce, and its eyes were filled with aggression as it looked at Elena.
Li He charged at Elena, shaking the ground violently with each step he took.
Seeing this, Elena didn't hesitate and flapped her wings to fly toward Li He's abdomen.
Her entire body quickly turned into hard diamonds.
Her speed made her look like a cannonball as she smashed heavily into Li He's abdomen.
With a muffled sound, Li He was sent flying and landed on the ground, creating a crater.
"So what if you become bigger? You will still die in my hands!"
Li He immediately panicked, even after entering his berserk mode. He, who had been through hundreds of battles on the battlefield, was in danger of dying at the hands of a little girl today.
This angered and irritated him.
"I will not die in your hands. You are not worthy of killing me!"
He stood up and swung his cudgel at Elena.
Elena suddenly rushed up and flew into the air. She raised her hands and shot icicles at Li He.
The icicles hit Li He's body, freezing him and making him stiff.
Li He kept swinging his cudgel, but he couldn't hit Elena, who was in the air.
The two sides continued to be in a stalemate, unable to come to a conclusion.
At this moment, Lu Yu walked over.
The Water Spirit Dragon followed behind, and all the raging flames in its path were extinguished.
"Elena, let's end the battle quickly. The commotion is getting big!"
When Elena heard this, she looked down at Lu Yu and pursed her lips helplessly. Although Li He couldn't do anything to her, she couldn't cause too much damage to him either.
It was obvious that she relied on the powerful talent of her spirit body for battle.
However, she was still a little weaker, so it was difficult for her to close the battle.
"I'm already trying my best, but this bastard's skin is thick, and he's a melee fighter. I can't kill him!"
At this moment, Elena realized how weak she was.
At this moment, the Water Spirit Dragon beside Lu Yu approached toward Li He.
"Let me deal with him, and then we'll leave this place!"
Seeing this, Elena could only nod helplessly. Her damage output was still weak, far from Li He.
Li He was freezing, and his movement speed had become much slower.
Just as he was about to launch another attack...
He suddenly saw a giant dragon crawling towards him at an astonishing speed!
The colossal head of the dragon made him break out in cold sweat, as those sharp teeth and powerful muscles gave him a great sense of oppression.
"Damn it, a dragon? Aren't you afraid of alerting the Demon Blood Lord?"
Li He shouted in panic and quickly turned around to escape.
He had no intention of fighting a mighty dragon.
However, as soon as he turned around, the Water Spirit Dragon swallowed him in one gulp.
Li He was easily killed by the Water Spirit Dragon.
This scene stunned Elena.
Were dragons that powerful? The enemy she had fought for so long was swallowed by it in one bite.
Lu Yu looked at Elena. "Thanks for exhausting the enemy," he said. "Otherwise, the Water Spirit Dragon really wouldn't have been able to swallow the enemy in one go."
"Lu Yu, what should we do next?" Elena asked as she landed beside Lu Yu. "If news of his death spreads back, the Demon Blood Lord will not let us off!"
"Let's leave this place on the Water Spirit Dragon." Lu Yu pondered momentarily before continuing, "Let's leave Central Court City."
"Yeah. If we continue to stay here, we will be caught."
The Empress agreed.
The Water Spirit Dragon lay on the ground, waiting for them to decide.
Lu Yu walked toward Ben and stood in front of him. "Ben, speak. Where is the Demon Blood Lord?"
"Why? Are you going to kill him? I advise you to stop dreaming. You're not his match, even with your dragon."
"You'd better answer me directly," Lu Yu continued. "Where is the Demon Blood Lord? If you don't cooperate, you'll die here in the most painful way!"
"Well," Ben said nervously. "The Demon Blood Lord has built castles around the Grand Court to protect him."
"He usually goes back and forth between a few castles. You can search around the Grand Court, and you will bump into one of his military fortresses."
Lu Yu was skeptical of his answer.
"Just kill him. There's nothing more to ask. This bastard has provided some value."
"All of you... Are you really not afraid of the Demon Blood Lord? His divine might is not something that anyone can withstand."
"You guys should return home. Don't behave atrociously here, as this will only get you killed. Just let me go. I want to return to my family."
Ben looked at Lu Yu pleadingly.
It wasn't easy for him to build such a big family. He definitely couldn't just throw it away.
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