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Chapter 1053 Dragon Catcher Squad

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Chapter 1053 - 1053: 1053 Dragon Catcher Squad

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Chapter 1053 Dragon Catcher Squad
From Zhao Tianlong’s words, Lu Yu learned that a royal hunting team had arrived.
This was good news for Lu Yu. He would be able to better understand the situation in the Ten Thousand Dragon Country by coming into contact with the royal hunting team.
“You said the royal capturing team has entered Black Dragon City. Can you take me to their residence? I want to get in touch with them.”
Zhao Tianlong quickly nodded. “No problem. However, generally speaking, the members of the royal hunting team are all overbearing and arrogant. If you come into contact with them and they have a bad temper, you will have to fight them.”
“If you don’t want to get into a conflict with them, be careful when you talk to them.”
“There’s nothing we can do about it. You know, the people of the royal family all think that they’re superior. This is a common phenomenon.”
Lu Yu said nonchalantly, “Don’t worry. I won’t fight with them. If they don’t hold back, I will teach them a lesson. I will beat them until they are convinced, and it won’t anger them.”
“Alright, that’s fine too. I’ll take you there now.”
He took the lead and got into the carriage. Lu Yu followed closely behind.
The carriage began to move toward the center of the Black Dragon City.
After about half an hour, their carriage stopped at the entrance of an inn.
“The royal hunting team has booked this inn. Outsiders are not allowed to enter.”
“However, with my status as the City Lord, it shouldn’t be a problem for me to go in and take a look.”
Zhao Tianlong led the way into the inn.
When the owner saw that the City Lord had come personally, he hurriedly ran over to welcome him.
“City Lord, why are you here?”
He walked over with a flattering smile.
“I brought a friend over to get to know the people from the royal family.”
“Are they still here?”
The owner nodded repeatedly. “Yes, they’re here. They’ve just arrived in the Black Dragon City, and they’re getting ready before setting off.”
Zhao Tianlong nodded slightly. He looked at the empty hall beside him and found a seat.
After sitting down, he continued to look at the owner and said, “Go upstairs and call the captain of this team that the City Lord wants to see him. Be nice, and don’t provoke them.”
The owner quickly nodded. “Don’t worry, I’ll go up and call him now.”
He turned around and walked quickly up the stairs.
Lu Yu sat down beside Zhao Tianlong.
“Wait a moment. He’ll probably be down soon.” Soon, the two of them heard the sound of stairs.
Then, a figure slowly walked down.
The man who walked down was tall and burly. He wore golden armor and looked a little clumsy when he walked.
After he walked down, he looked in Zhao Tianlong’s direction.
“City Lord? Why are you looking for me?”
He slowly walked over, removed his helmet, and looked at Zhao Tianlong.
Zhao Tianlong hurriedly stood up and raised his hand to shake his hand.
However, the captain was still staring at him, not moving. He had no intention of shaking hands with him.
Seeing this, Zhao Tianlong could only helplessly and awkwardly retract his hand.
“Why are you looking for me?”
“You’re fully armed. Are you planning to go out and hunt dragons now?”
“What does it have to do with you?” The captain sneered, completely disregarding this City Lord.
Zhao Tianlong was displeased. He was an existence that was revered by tens of thousands of people. Why was it that in front of him, he was supposed to be as humble as a servant?
However, he did not dare to say or do anything. He could only look at Lu Yu.
“My friend is looking for you.”
“Who are you?” The captain turned to Lu Yu and asked. “Why are you looking for me?”
Lu Yu stood up and looked at him calmly.
“I want to know something about the capital from you.”
“Just for this?”
The captain tilted his head and asked.
“That’s right, it’s for this.”
The captain clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. “You called me down just to ask such a boring question? You’re toying with me!”
“Zhao Tianlong, are you courting death?”
When Zhao Tianlong heard this, he was so frightened that his entire body trembled.
“Captain, I don’t dare. I’m playing around with you!”
Lu Yu stepped forward and stood in front of him imposingly.
“What do you want to do?” The captain looked at Lu Yu.
“I just want to ask you something. If you don’t answer, then forget it. Why must you be this agitated?”
“Are you courting death? Are you making fun of me? Do you want to fight me?”
He shouted in a high-profile tone. For a moment, the other team members upstairs were all alarmed.
The sound of someone stepping on the stairs could be heard for a moment. More than 20 people, fully armed and wearing golden armor, ran down quickly.
They stood behind their captain and were respectful.
“Captain, what happened here? Who is this person?”
“Captain, isn’t this Zhao Tianlong? Are you meeting the City Lord here?”
“Captain, let’s go. Don’t hang out with irrelevant people.”
The team leader stood before Lu Yu and leaned against him, staring into his eyes.
“Are you provoking me? You called me down just to ask a meaningless question!”
“You’re courting death!”
Zhao Tianlong quickly came out to smooth things over. “Don’t be angry. Please don’t be angry. We didn’t mean it that way. We don’t have any ill intentions.”
“Bullshit! You’re clearly wasting my time!”
“Who dares to play our boss? Are you courting death?”
“Stand out; we have to teach you a lesson!”
“It’s you, isn’t it? Brat, you’re really bold. Don’t you know who our captain is?”
Lu Yu looked at the captain and said, “Since you want to fight with me, let’s spar.”
Lu Yu’s calm and composed appearance immediately provoked the captain.
“Alright, since you have the guts to fight me, then let’s fight. Let me teach you a lesson and let you know that I, Hu Zhan, am not to be trifled with!” He raised his fist in front of his body and made a fist stance.
The team members behind him were all cheering for him enthusiastically.
At that moment, the place had become a small boxing ring.
“Come on, let’s fight! Let’s fight. Whoever has the stronger fist will have the right!”
Lu Yu raised his right hand and clenched his fist. “I’ll only use one punch to fight you. Just keep your left hand still.” Lu Yu’s words undoubtedly angered Hu Zhan.
“You bastard! You’re courting death!” He gritted his teeth and roared.
He clenched his fists and rushed toward Lu Yu.
In response, Lu Yu threw a punch at the speed of a meteor.
Hu Zhan was sent flying and smashed heavily into the wall an instant later. A large spiderweb crack appeared on the wall..
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