Novel Name : Return of The 8th Class Mage

Vol. 2 Chapter 29

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Vol. 2 Chapter 29

8th Class Mage 2nd Season Chap 29
‘…Let’s play it safe for now.’
Ian thought this could be a trap, so he barely managed to keep his cool. He needed to observe the situation and gauge whether his actions would bring harm or good.
‘I should act like I had done when going back in time.’
Ian acted like he had not heard Prometheus’s murmurs.
“I have come under Hephaistos’s orders. Will you comply with me changing the chains?”
Ian’s pronunciation of the Superior language was almost natural at his point.
[You seem to be going through tasks.]
Prometheus now began to use the Superior language.
[Let’s see. If Hephaistos has sent you… have you finished two or three now?]
“This is my third.”
[That’s when you get overconfident. You may be certain you will be a ruler.]
“I won’t say it will be easy, but I cannot deny I feel more confident.”
Ian’s tone was between being confident and arrogant.
[You’re interesting.]
Prometheus seemed to like Ian’s attitude as he smirked while speaking.
[Those who come here normally shout at me, saying I’m a traitor and a sinner. Haven’t you heard about me?]
“I have heard you helped the exiles, unlike other rulers.”
“If that is your only crime, I do not wish to denounce you.”
[Well, well.]
Prometheus looked surprised.
[That’s dangerous for someone who is completing tasks to become the next ruler. You haven’t said that anywhere else, right?]
“Is it a problem?”
[Umm? Of course…]
“How can I call you a traitor just because you felt pity for bugs?”
“Tell me your other crimes, and I will decide for myself.]
Ian decided to be cautious, and that meant to act like a Superior in front of Prometheus.
[How about this?]
“Do you have any other crimes?”
[I had felt pity for bugs in Middle Earth and was caught after teaching them a few things.]
Prometheus seemed to be a traitor on two accounts, which explained why he could use the ancient language.
[I taught them how to use fire and communicate by language.]
It was then Ian connected the dots.
‘If Prometheus had come to my world and taught us things…’
That explained many things, such as why a hole connected Ian’s world with the Superior Plane. More than anything else, it explained why Fran Page had used the Superior language as the Power of Language.
“…A Titan ruler who felt pity for those in Middle Earth. You’re quite something else.”
Ian did not let his guard down yet.
“I do not care what you have done in your past life now. Insulting you would just tire me, as you’ll stay here forever.”
[You’re smart.]
“I am only interested whether you’ll remain still when I change chains.”
[Also efficient.]
“Then, just tell me do that…”
Prometheus looked askance like he realized something now.
[How can such a smart and efficient being like you smell like those of the Middle Earth?]
Ian felt more astonished than when he had heard Prometheus speak his world’s language.
[You cannot deceive me like others. I know.]
Prometheus was certain that Ian had come from Middle Earth, and it seemed Ian could not convince him otherwise.
‘What should I do?’
Ian pondered for a moment, but he decided to step forward at this moment. Ian wanted to learn information from a being who had deep relations with Middle Earth, and it would be worth the risk.
‘If something goes seriously wrong, I would change time.’
Ian whispered to Prometheus’s ear.
“How did you know?”
“I told you, you smell.”
Prometheus again used the ancient language.
“You smell of exiles too, which tells me how you came here.”
“What do you mean…”
“It’s a sensation other rulers do not know.”
“They erased it themselves, saying that only bugs would use it.”
Ian now realized that Superiors could not smell.
“Your use of the language…”
“I did it on purpose on account of the smell.”
“Who are you?”
“I want to know. I’ve answered all of your questions.”
Prometheus had a point, as he had answered Ian’s questions faithfully.
“You have only said you’re here to perform a task. So, I should be the one to ask who you are.”
Prometheus was right, from his name, history, and past, as the ‘Ruler of Premonitions,’ one of the great Olympus rulers. Ian began to speak after a moment.
“I am… Ian Page.”
“Ian Page?”
“I have come here from a world that is to be reconstructed to prevent it from happening.”
“I see that we know the same world from the language you speak.”
Since Prometheus met this fate due to favoring Middle Earth, it was time to charge on.
“I now see that your smell is a bit familiar…”
Prometheus continued to speak after a fond glance.
“So, what are you going to do after becoming a ruler? Will you kill them all?”
“That will be the most certain way.”
“Do you think it possible?”
“It will be very difficult, but it is my goal in the far future.”
Prometheus nodded, and he looked livelier.
“You remind me of old times. I remember that in the Middle Earth, someone like you appeared to face the adversities that came flowing in.”
Prometheus stopped for a moment before slowly cursing himself.
“Damn, I’m weak against those like you.”
“Weaklings who persevere in living and protecting others. Damn, I lost so much to this emotion…”
Prometheus then looked at the chains Ian held before speaking again.
“I will keep your secret.”
Ian thought this promise may be trusted.
“Also, this task of changing my chains… The problem is the observer who will come when my current chains are unlocked.”
“Surviving that is your task. It’s going to kill you, but I’m telling you this as a special favor, unlike others.”
Ian sighed inwardly as the chained continued to speak.
“If you’re ready, either take off my chains or run…”
Ian took off Prometheus’s chains before the Gigantes finished speaking.
“I have no time.”
His words were simple as Ian prepared for battle.
“I saw as a premonition that you will die by the Observer’s hand…”
Ian cringed at Prometheus’s belated words.
“Why are you saying that now?”
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