Novel Name : The Young Master’s Bride

Chapter 1140: Gu Qingxin-I want you to be in a relationship with me any minute (3)

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Chapter 1140: Gu Qingxin-I want you to be in a relationship with me any minute (3)
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Chu baiqing didn’t know who Ji Chenzhou was. He took him to get his eyes checked, and he just followed the arrangement.
On the way back, Ji Chenzhou remained silent.
“It doesn’t matter if you can’t be cured. This has nothing to do with you!”
Ji Chenzhou didn’t say anything, so Chu baiqing assumed that he couldn’t be cured.
Ji Chenzhou had already sought out many experts, but it was to no avail.
Even though Chu baiqing couldn’t see Ji Chenzhou’s current appearance, Song Ge said that he had lost a lot of weight since the first time they met.
Regarding Ji Chenzhou’s care for his illness, Chu baiqing felt that he would never be able to repay this debt of gratitude …
“What do you mean it has nothing to do with me? Do you really want to draw a line between us? If 1 want you to have a relationship with me, it’s just a matter of minutes. All your documents are here with me. If 1 say we’re going to get married, then we’re going to get married. So, don’t force me!”
Ji Chenzhou gritted his teeth as he spoke. One could tell that he was in a bad mood.
After spending so much time with him, Chu baiqing could already understand his temper.
The car sped up, but Chu baiqing remained silent.
In fact, Ji Chenzhou’s personality was very similar to Gu Jue’s, but he was more patient than Gu Jue.
The car stopped slowly, and Chu baiqing felt the window roll down a little.
He could hear the tender cries of children, as if they were having fun playing something.
It was faint and not clear, but the voice was familiar …
It was little seven …
As expected, Chu baiqing heard a familiar voice. It was Gu Jue’s voice …
Chu baiqing’s body started to tremble, then stiffened. His Gu Jue …
He heard Gu Jue’s voice. It was not from the earphones but he heard it from such a close distance.
No one could understand the shock and pain in their hearts, no one …
He could not see Gu Jue, and if Gu Jue could not see him …
little seven, you have to go up the ladder, don’t climb like this. How many times have I told you, you can’t climb up!
He didn’t sound as irritable as before. Instead, he lectured patiently. His voice wasn’t gentle, but it wasn’t easy.
Little seven must have climbed up from the other side of the ladder and fell down halfway because Chu baiqing heard her say it was painful…
However, it shouldn’t be serious, because he didn’t cry.
Chu baiqing thought that little 9th was probably quiet, sitting there and basking in the sun. He didn’t like to exercise, just like himself.
“Little Jiu, do you want to play with big brother?”
Chu baiqing heard Gu Jue’s voice again. It was clearly much gentler than before.
Based on the clarity of the voice, Chu baiqing could roughly guess where Gu Jue had built the slide ladder.
There was an open space in the small garden, and there was a small path outside the fence. Diagonally across it was another villa, but no one had been living there…
Could it be that Ji Chenzhou had bought that villa? The place they were living in now was just like his house … Diagonally opposite …
Chu baiqing heard a click as Ji Chenzhou lit a cigarette. The faint smell of smoke filled the car.
“Gu Jue, you’re really a good father now that you don’t smoke!”
Ji Chenzhou’s sudden question stunned Chu baiqing.
Gu Jue stopped smoking? He was quite addicted to smoking, and he had quit smoking for the sake of his child …
Thinking of this, Chu baiqing’s lips curved up slightly. Gu Jue was really a good father…
This surprised Chu Bai Qing.
“Chu baiqing, do you really believe that he can only have you? Won’t he accept someone else when you’re not around?”
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