Novel Name : The Young Master’s Bride

Chapter 1229: Is this a warning?(3)

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Chapter 1229: Is this a warning?(3)....
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When Renyi saw Ji Chenzhou’s posture, he was stunned. The scene of him being kissed the last time appeared in his mind.
His strength was not weak, but he was unable to stop Ji Chenzhou’s movements.
The moment his lips were kissed by Ji Chenzhou, na Ren’s entire body froze.
There was no movement at all…
It was as if his body had been struck by lightning.
Ji Chenzhou was very satisfied with na Ren’s immature reaction.
What era was it already? there was still a man who was like a piece of white paper…
He had really found a treasure …
When na Ren finally reacted, he pushed Ji Chenzhou away and raised his hand to give him a slap. However, Ji Chenzhou grabbed him with the back of his hand and directly locked him against the wall.
Naren’s beautiful eyes were filled with anger and embarrassment.
He did like Gu Jue before, but it did not mean that he could accept other men. Especially when he especially hated the man in front of him. He hated him very much…
Ji Chenzhou looked at na Ren’s slightly trembling lips. It was because of his benevolence…
Ji Chenzhou’s body tightly restrained na Ren’s body, and one of his hands was pinching his wrist.
“You little white rabbit, you’re really pure enough. Even master Xiu dared to release someone like you. You’re really big-hearted!”
You can’t use-normal person’s way of thinking to measure Ji Chenzhou’s evil nature. He has never had a bottom line when he does things and speaks!
Na Ren bit his lips and glared at Ji Chenzhou in anger. He was really annoyed to death.
Nain had never hated anyone before, and he hated them so much.
The two were very close to each other, causing a thin layer of sweat to form on na Ren’s forehead. The veins on his neck were also bulging from his anger.
na Ren, that’s a nice name. I’m ji Chenzhou. Remember my name. If you forget it the next time we meet, we’ll have a lot of fun!
Just as Ji Chenzhou’s words left his mouth, na Ren gave his instructions.
In less than a minute …
“As expected of a little rabbit, so fast!”
The corners of Ji Chenzhou’s lips curled into a devilish smile as he looked at the man’s innocent and shy expression.
He actually felt it too. What the hell.
Other than Chu Bai Qing, he had never felt this way towards anyone else. Never
Ren’s dazed eyes looked at Ji Chenzhou. At this moment, he felt as if he was in the clouds and had no strength left.
Ji Chenzhou pinched na Ren’s lower jaw. don’t think about Gu Jue anymore. He belongs to Chu baiqing. 1 won’t allow anyone to ruin his happiness, and 1 won’t allow anyone or anything to affect his mood. Do you understand? ”
He also saw the video of Ren saying that he liked Gu Jue, and Chu baiqing didn’t eat that night.
He cared…
He had once said that even if he were to die, he did not wish for anyone else to appear beside Gu Jue.
He was such a selfish person. He took over Gu Jue. Her desire for him was no less than Gu Jue’s desire for him …
Only then did na Ren realize that this person was not Gu Jue’s gigolo, but someone who liked Chu baiqing…
So what he did to her was a warning?
And he also knew that he was master Xiu’s man. Who was this man?
Naren didn’t touch the intelligence Department anymore, so he didn’t know a lot of things.
His sister and master Xiu both wanted him to be a simple student and live a normal life. This was also what he wanted …
“Just mind your own business! This matter isn’t over yet!”
That Ren was not a pushover.. How could he let Ji Chenzhou off after treating him like that?
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